Sunday, September 15, 2013

Open House Sunday

The Library Loft Apartments in Detroit
This apartment is full of salvaged finds. You can read all about it on Curbed.
It'a a great space and there are so many good ideas incorporated that I want to discuss.
First is that sofa. It's got both a vintage and modern vibe.
The loft has exposed duct work but that just adds to the charm.
Notice the suitcase used as storage. Simple shelving displays photos under the flat screen tv.
But the show stopper for the coffee table..notice it?
Three stacked pallets. How simple can you get?
And don't they look great here?
Although this apartment has lots of wood finishes...the pops of cream and turquoise keep it light and fresh.
Notice the chevron fabric panels at the bottom edge of the drapes?
So often times it's hard to find ready made drapes in a long enough length.
Adding a contrast of fabric on the bottom creates custom drapes and makes them the right length.
The use of chevron really takes these up a notch.
Cute garden stool used as side table.
A gallery wall of antlers provides serious interest in the dining area. 
Each living area is well defined even though there are no walls.
 I love the wall shelving unit made of wood planks and pipes. 
I'm not a fan of the zebra picture 
but it does work and is's just not my style at all.
 Even the row of bowling pins adds to decor. So simple and yet the repetition is so interesting.
 I'm a sucker for a wedding cake chandelier.
This one is definitely unexpected in this area but it looks great with the gallery wall and other finishes.
And adds a touch of elegance.
A set of track doors lead to a bedroom...same chevron drapes in this space.
 If you notice... panels were used on many walls in the loft.
They ground the spaces...defining each area making them feel like individual rooms.
The kitchen is also part of the open's edge is defind by a large island 
which includes sink and dishwasher.
 I adore those turquoise vintage chairs at the island.
 The kitchen is very nice but dark. 
The blue chairs are what make it tie in to the rest of the apartment for me.
 Wonderful walk in closet - dressing room.

Could you live in this loft apartment?
I sure could.

I think this place interesting in how it balances feminine and masculine.
Old and new...vintage and modern...steam punk and hollywood regency.
Salvaged and new.

See and read about it here.


Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

I love this. I have long had a fantasy about having an uber-cool loft apartment. This is the ultimate Mod Mix! I love the chandelier too, and the frenchy pieces used throughout. Oh how I wish I was this hip :) But hip people probably don't use smiley faces do they!

Unknown said...

I really love loft style living. We have several of these buildings in downtown Houston and they are just lovely!

Heidi said...

I normally don't like loft spaces or big open floor plans (mainly because I'm a slob and need more hiding places for all my stuff!) but this one is AMAZING! I think I could live here!


Loving this loft apartment, as I live in one too, pretty open like this and large enough. I also love the decor, it's great, elegant and easy at the same token. Gorgeous bedroom! Have a happy Sunday.

vintage girl at heart said...

love love love!
i have always longed to live in an open loft industrial style apartment and this one is scrumptious!
it works!

Connie said...

When do I get the keys, LOL.

Dewena said...

I, too, have long loved the idea of loft living. I think ever since I saw pictures decades ago of Mary Emmerling living in one. Can't help thinking it would be fun to walk to restaurants and shops, country girl that I am in reality. This is a beautiful one; I definitely like the decor here and your tour of it.

Kim @ ReFound Vintage said...

wow, i love this, more than i thought i would for all the dark wood, but i could totally live there. thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

I've always thought it would be fabulous to live in a loft! I LOVE this space but must say I think that the kitchen is too dark also. That walk in die for!

Unknown said...

Todays open house was amazing. I typically don't like loft apartments but I could move right in to this one. Love all the vintage pieces and the way to whole apartment flows so well from one space to another. This was a great choice for your Opend House post.
Give my love to the weenies.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Lovely! I adore the blue chairs in the kitchen!

Cindi Myers said...

I love lofts.
Big open airy white ones.
This one, well...
I shouldn't even comment.
I always seem to be against the majority but the panels and antlers just don't do it for me.
While I like some of the furniture, there are just too many styles going on for me to breathe.
Sorry to be such a crab apple lately but not at all what I'd want for loft decor.
(Although I do love the track door
and kinda like the zebra painting too.)
sorry, xoxo - Cindi

Cindy said...

Yes! I certainly could live there, I love everything about it. The mix of styles almost gives it a style of it's own. Perfection, to my eye!

Laurel Stephens said...

What fabulous spaces full of inspiration. I could look at these room all day; they're just so interesting!