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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

One More Spook
One more spook popped in last night.
Before Trick or Treating last night...I was cleaning up crafting stuff 
and had just enough interfacing left to make one big ghost. 
I wish I'd had more...I would have cut out three.
I'll definitely make more next year. They are so cheap and easy.
(I know it's not very scary in my dining room because I'm redoing my furniture and 
did not decorate in there but wait till next year....that will give me a whole new space to creepify)

I had an email today from
She was inspired by my little ghosts that I trapped and made one of her own
I think he's scarier than mine...
Love that she saw mine and made one of her own.


Trick or Treat

and she waits, yet for another night
Our Trick or Treating was last night as deemed by city officials.
(I hate it when they switch things around like that)
Which means the witch shall be at her window two nights instead of one.

She really scared many that came by tonight.
(I had about 50, which is typical)

Little children would stand in my front yard and just stare.

Several kids said I had the best house.
A few said they loved my decorations.
One or two asked if it was haunted.
One boy said, "You really fixed this place up".

and one lovely darling child said...
"You have the prettiest hair". 

That was directed to me, not the witch.

The witch even gave grown-ups a start. 
Several said they thought a real person sat there staring out.

One more night, she will reign and then back into her black dark tomb for another year.

I shot a video of her...thought you might like to see.
(I know, not the best...but you get the idea of how she looked)

For all that get to have their Halloween on its proper night...enjoy!

I'm invited to a Halloween party...but I might stay home and watch scary movies.

We'll see.

Oh...one more thing...I don't know what is up with the weenies but they never bark during 
Trick or Treating. They act like it is the most normal night of the year. 
My neighbors asked if I had them locked in a room. 
Nope...they were out in the house. Newman occasionally got up in the window to look out.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

This is Halloween

The Witching Hour is Growing Near
It's almost here...
Photos of my outside decorations.
The Witch awaits...
Enter if you dare...
I still have a few things to add...I decorate up till the very last minute.
But the candy is bought and I'm ready for the ghouls.
Hope you are too.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar and a Little Spook
Just a little more Halloween craftiness.
These were my supplies for this candle holder.
A simple candle holder from Michael's, spray adhesive and Martha Stewart glitter.
I filled the glass holder with paper towels and taped up to the edge on the inside 
to keep glitter from getting on the inside.
Then I sprayed the whole thing and let it dry just a minute to let the glue be tacky...not wet.
Then sprinkled with glitter in silver and smoky quartz. 
I alternated colors and rubbed the glitter all around with my hands so that it covered 
every bit of the surface and gives a surprisingly smooth texture.
I printed Edgar out on photo paper from my computer and added striped tissue paper 
around the edge that I crimped into a ruffle as I glued. 
I then put black glitter around the edge of the photo.

The bat trim also came from Michael's. 
They had little packages with several Halloween trims included. 
I also got the cutest little orange pom poms. Not sure what I'll do with those yet. 
Probably will use next year.
Inside I put a led candle.
I got these at Big Lots yesterday. I hadn't seen them before. 
They are larger than the usual tea lights. 
Which is good because they sit up taller and put the light higher up in the candle holder.
And no switch on the bottom, instead there is a sensor that you blow on to turn it off and on.
Amazing...just like a real candle. 
I suppose these would not work well outside but inside they are perfect.
While I was taking photos in the living room of my new candle...
I became aware of a strange presence. A wicked little soul.
An uninvited visitor.
A friendly spirit perhaps....but one that plays tricks just the same.
Oh...he's becoming more visible.
There he is. 
It's the Great Newman!
Perhaps he's not so scary.
I had several people write me and ask about my Halloween wreath.
They asked if I made it.
I sort of did.
I found the center black glitter wreath design last year at Garden Ridge. 
It's flat plastic covered in black glitter.
I just loved everything about it.
But of course, it alone hanging on my door did not show off the design.
So I bought a styrafoam flat wreath form at Michael's. 
I wrapped it in orange satin ribbon and hot glued it in place. 
Then hot glued the black wreath on top of the orange ribbon covered one.
I then attached those on top of a grape vine wreath.
Then outlined that with a garland of orange berries that I'd had for several years.
With some work, you could copy this look by drawing a wreath design on cardboard 
and then cutting it out with an exacto and covering with black paint and black glitter. 
It would be some work...but it could be done. 

I'll show my outside decorations tomorrow.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Goodies Galore

Just Because
source: Country Home
source: Country Home
Source: Good Housekeeping
source: Country Living
source: Country Living
source: Country Living
source: Country Living

Are you sick of Halloween stuff yet? I have to confess, I've just about burned myself out. 
But I said it would be all month and it will be. 
I'll be showing a few more projects I'm doing around here plus my outside decorations.
But thought I'd show some of these favorites for now.