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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pretties on a Saturday

Silk Pillows
China in a Birdcage
(stating the obvious)
Blue Glass
Stack of Turquoise

Summer is winding down...
Labor Day being the last official holiday of the summer and all.

I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day.
I'll mostly be laboring on this Labor Day Weekend.

That's the retail life

for me.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Blue Walls

Happy Walls...Happy Room...Happy Life?
Isn't this the happiest of rooms? I adore it...
It even makes the cat happy.
See him smiling there?
I still keep going back and forth on whether I should paint my living room blue or white.
I am positive I want it white and then I see rooms like these and I'm positive I want it blue.
I have Sunday off...I already have blue paint...maybe I should just do it.
I can always change it later. 
Only problem is...my ceiling is blue so if I paint the walls blue...the ceiling is going to have to go white.
That will be a pain to change back if I wish. 
But still....

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Yard of the Month - Aug 2013

in Edgemere Park, Oklahoma City
Here the month of August is almost gone and I'm just now posting the yard of the month.
This tudor house was built in 1930.
I've long admired this home. It sits on a large corner lot.
The present owners have lived there since 2008 and they've updated the look of the house since moving in. 
They have also redone all the landscape themselves.
This is how the home looked when they bought it in 2008.
As you can see they painted the casement windows and trim in a dark gray.
A new roof in a slate pattern and color was also added a couple of years ago.

The new color palette is much more sophisticated.
Looks to me that they've stained the concrete path to the front door.
I'm surprised by this as I didn't think you were allowed to stain concrete in a historic neighborhood.
The color does look nice with the home...but I have to admit...I kind of love the color
of just regular old concrete especially after it's aged on it's own. 
I prefer it.
A lovely mix of bushes and flowers line the walkway leading up to the front stoop.
That's the neighbor's house there to the left. It sits close to the property line because 
there is no driveway on that side...instead this house's garage is accessed in the back.
Here at the front door you can get a really good look at the weeping mortar that makes this house so unusual. 
The weeping mortar on this house was done very well and I think it really adds character.
I love it that the house still retains it's original porch light.
Those casement windows are to die for!
Very pretty details to this house. Here you can see the new slate look shingles.
A perfect choice for this home.
The front porch is small and uncovered...the only negative to this house.
It is always nice to have a covered porch but I like the feel of this front stoop.
It feels very urban.
The curbing is very pretty around the front beds.
A weeping mortar fence goes down the left side of the property.
A small cupid watches over the garden.
I got stung by a bumble bee while taking this shot.
I walked right into a crepe myrtle and I guess right into the bee.
It was one of those big fuzzy ones.
He stung my shoulder and it really hurt.
For a moment I feared it was a Killer Bee...but was relieved when a swarm of his friends 
didn't join in and try to sting me to death.

I'd never been stung by a bee before. 
I once was stung by a wasp when I was a child but never a bee.

Those big fuzzy ones usually, don't get angry very easily...at least in my experience.
But this one sure did...although I've never walked right into one before either.
After that I decided it was time to go...and back down the path I went.

This is one of my favorite houses in the neighborhood.
I'd live here in a heart beat...if someone told me I HAD to move out of my house
and into another.

But most likely...I will always live in the house I'm in now.

Do you like this house and yard?
How do you feel about weeping mortar?

I used to think I didn't like it but I LOVE it on this house.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Mod Mix Monday #116

I love everything about this entry way. 
Starting with that wonderful wood door, the chest, rug and the group of green vases.
Love the color on the walls too. Yes, this seems pretty perfect to me.

Just love the feeling of this entry...and makes me want to rethink my whole house.
But then...every time I find a gorgeous photo on Pinterest or a blog it makes me want to 
rethink my whole house.

That's the good and bad of all the inspiration we see here every day.
It makes us want to change things all the time.

Without further ado...my favorites from last week's Mod Mix Monday.
Ann of Tarnished Royalty added a strand of pearls to a vintage clock.
Doesn't it make it special?
Interior Salvage took a $4 thrift store chair and turned it into the chair above!
Isn't it the best? I love every single thing about it. 
Danielle of Finding Pennies has transformed her house with paint. 
It now boasts this pretty blue front door and matching shutters. 
I love the color she chose.
Mimi of Mimi's Vintage Charm painted this table with it's pretty legs and now 
it's a knock out!
Love the shape of this table.
Cathey of Cathey with an E found an old pallet and turned it into a headboard.
I love how she added silhouettes of birds on a wire to it. 
She can remove the birds any time and change the look.
Pretty Tweet!

Share your new mixes below.
Remember anything old made over to be new...anything new changed up to look old.
New and old together...
Please include the Mod Mix Monday logo and back link to me.
Use a permalink to your individual post not to your entire blog.

If you link up...I'd appreciate it, if you'd follow me.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Open House Sunday

Malibu Beach House
I'm sure this home is older but the listing doesn't give it's age.
Julia of 
shared this listing last week. It was the home of the writer and creator of "Young and the Restless"
See it and other homes at "Hooked on Houses" - here

You may have already seen this house at Julia's link but I want to talk about how it's decorated today.
The street view is very understated. Charming gate leads to the property beyond.
How about this for your backyard!
Green lawn space too though.
 I adore the way this home is decorated!
It's so fresh and NOT beachy themed.
I don't think I see a shell in sight.
 I'm not sure if that is back to back sofas or one sofa with two fronts on both sides.
Have you ever seen anything like that?
The black drapes are an unusual choice but they balance out the dark space of the fireplace.
 What a wonderful giant starburst mirror! It's just the right size. 
Aren't all the chairs fun? Red chinoiserie and red stripe cushions!
Unexpected and yet classic and fun!
 Very classic pieces in this house like that china cabinet. It's painted for a light touch.
 Love the white painted floors. The dutch style doors are so cottagey!
 More stripes in the built in banquet in the breakfast nook. Notice the turquoise floors?
Capiz chandelier is just right here. Oh...there are shells in this room.
How great do those surf boards look through the windows?
 Really like this table and the bamboo stools too.
I really love the style of the banquet with it's little turned legs.
 The kitchen is a great mix of vintage and new.
White marble countertops is upscale for a beach house...but then...this is Malibu.
Notice the nautical style ceiling lights.
Turquoise floors in the kitchen too.
 The view into the living room. Really love those painted floors.
 Casually elegant bedroom and sitting area.
Notice the mirrored chest? Love it.
 More chinoiserie - those screens! 
 The simple bedroom - what no view?
The black countertops don't seem to fit...this bathroom could use a little update.
 Simple child's room. I like the little lights above the beds.
Isn't this a great way to do a vessel sink? We've all seen furniture used as 
This one is so ingenious in that the drop leaf becomes the backsplash!
Very inventive! Love it's color and if that is the floor we see in the corner...I love that too.
 Now here is a pretty beach bedroom. Pale pink on the walls is just right.
 More big striped cushions. This room looks like a summer camp. 
Love the toss pillows on the bamboo sofa.
 Look at this bathroom mirror! Beach themed but not expected.
 Another pretty bedroom.
 And this is the backyard! 
 I'm surprised to see grass by the ocean.

 Pretty turquoise decking.
 The blue of the pool and the blue of the deck flow right into the blue of the ocean. 
What a view!

 This home is so charming! A cottage farmhouse plunked down by the sea.
Isn't it precious?
Could you live here? I sure could.
And for just a little over 16 million it can be your's.
See full listing here.