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Friday, January 30, 2015

the bouqs!

The Sweetest Rose
 I was recently contacted by
the Bouqs.com
asking if I'd take a dozen fresh roses in exchange for blogging about the experience.
Well, yes to that!

I was given a store credit and told to pick my bouquet.
I picked the one called "Killer".
A gorgeous magenta pink long stem rose.

I've added a sponsorship button on my right margin that you can click on and 
if you buy...I earn a little money. (that's nice)

So when you order....
You schedule online when you'd like the flowers to deliver. 
I believe I did this on a Friday night and told them for next Wednesday.
On Monday, I got an email telling me they were on the way.

Wednesday morning they arrived via Fed Ex.

They were super fresh and came with very long stems.
I cut them to fit my small hobnail vase.

As life goes...I was unable to photograph them on Wednesday and 
Thursday too was a loss but today, Friday I snapped some photos.

Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day and these photos are not as clear as I would like.
These hot pink roses would be just the thing to send someone for Valentine's Day.
Actually, they are just the thing to send yourself for Valentine's Day!

I was very pleased with the quality and freshness of the roses....as you can see...
this is day three and they show no signs of fading.

They were just what I needed with my morning tea on my day off.

I highly recommend ordering from theBouqs.com

If you go to their site, let me know what you think of all the choices.
You too can sign up to be an affiliate. 

Are you in the mood for Valentine's Day. 
I am!

Oh...I forgot to mention...tomorrow...January 31st is my 5 year Anniversary for blogging!
Very hard to believe.

Check out my latest post about these roses.
They have lasted over a week and still look wonderful!
Read here

Thanks for always being there!

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Living in Grand Budapest Style

So I mentioned here that I went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel for the second time last week.
That movie is so beautifully art directed...
I'd love to redecorate my whole house Grand Budapest Style.
Last week I ordered The Grand Budapest poster off Ebay.
I have no idea where it will end up in my house but I'll find the perfect spot.

Here are a few things I found on Etsy and Ebay inspired by the movie.
A sweet little sign announcing an allegiance.
Pencils with some of the great lines from the movie. 
I think I need these for work.
Definitely a coffee cup from Mendl's would make my morning tea even better.

My iphone would look nice all dressed up as a bakery goodie from Mendl's.
Russian nesting dolls of all the characters from the movie are delightful.
And who doesn't like an official ashtray from a hotel?
I collect Skirvin Hotel stuff from our own illustrious grand hotel here in OKC.
This Skirvin ashtray is tempting me, currently.
This actual prop from the movie recently sold on Ebay.
A sweet t-shirt
Another good line from the movie is commemorated on this poster.
And this necklace.
I think I must have it.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Open House Sunday

Pink Adobe
Or actually Pink Stucco....this wonderful Spanish Colonial once belonged to 
Clark Gable and Carole Lombard.
It was built in 1925 in Palm Springs.
Isn't it a romantic place?
I love the row of blue pots full of pink flowers.
 The grounds are so beautifully manicured.
This is how old Hollywood lived.
Inside you can just imagine Clark and Carole feeling very comfortable in this place.
It's masculine and feminine.
I love the spanish tile details throughout. I love everything about this room
except the tv over the fireplace. And that sectional is a bit unfortunate.
The cross timbers are amazing in the room.
Look at the bush that lights up outdoors. If you look at the first photo in this grouping...you'll see it's 
actually a metal sculpture in the garden. 
Love the big arched doorways. I know where you can get those chairs with and without arms.
The kitchen is very rustic...isn't it? I'm afraid I'd just have to paint those cabinets but I love
the fun tile.
I can just imagine Clark's hat hanging by the back door on the wall, can't you?
Here's a great room to relax in for the movie buff.
Another great fireplace.
One of several nice big beds to sleep in. 
 More Spanish tile.
I doubt this tile is original.
 That's a rustic bed for sure.
Of course there is a billiard room. 
 I'd pick this bedroom if staying here.
More tile! 
Let's look at the garden once again...see that metal tree? That is the one we 
saw all lit up from inside.

All of this can be your's see the full listing here.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Thank You

 Thank you so much to all of you who wrote with words of encouragement after my last post
about us losing dear Daisy.

Daisy was Violet's full sister but she lived with my Mom.
So I'm doing ok...I loved her but she didn't live here and was not part of my every day.

I also feel that a big part of my frustration of late...is I'm not finding time to be creative.

I vowed to find the time....but this week my days off were filled up again.
First with Daisy's funeral.
We buried her at my Mom's 
(Mom dug for two days, day three I was able to come help and finish)
and then on Friday Mom and I decided we needed a day of fun.

We went to see...

I'd already seen it but Mom hadn't. 
I loved it even more this second time. 

But poor Mom...she had in her head that we were seeing The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
and she kept waiting for Judy Dench and Maggie Smith to show up.

It added to her confusion because they showed a preview for the Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
just before the movie.

Before the movie...we shopped at the new Von Maur.
That was really a treat. We hit the sale racks and declared it a great day!
Oh...my I love that store!

Oh...best thing about Von Maur?...the Ladie's Lounge!
It was sooooo pretty!

I got emails from a couple of companies this week asking if I'd try out their products
in exchange for blog posts and that made me feel needed.

My spirits are lifted due in no small part to all of the super nice emails and comments 
I received from all of you.

Thanks so much!