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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I'm Back!!!!

We're Back
That's my boy...Franklin. He's a big part of the reason I've been gone so long.
I never meant to stop blogging...but somehow a few weeks turned into months.
Back on Labor Day weekend my little Franklin ruptured three discs in his back.
It was a terrible weekend. I didn't know he'd hurt himself.
It started with him limping a little on Saturday morning.
Saturday night when I got home from work...he couldn't walk at all and was in 
lots of pain. 
I rushed him to an all night vet where he stayed till Tuesday morning when I
was able to take him to a surgeon.
By then he couldn't feel his back legs any more.
He was paralyzed from mid back down.
The surgeon said there was a 40/60 chance he'd be able to walk again.
Even with those odds...I decided to try the surgery.
It was a rough go that first week.
He was still totally paralyzed but not in a lot of pain.
He had to be kept still in a pen for 8 weeks.
He was mad at me...he looked at me like..."Why had I done this to him?"
We made many trips back and forth to the vet and the surgeon.
He had a terrible bladder infection that made him even more miserable.
This video is one of the first times Franklin was out in the yard after the surgery.
This would be the first week after surgery.
He couldn't walk and couldn't wag his tail. 
About a week after the surgery he moved the tip of his tail for just a second.
That was monumental! Mom and I had him at the emergency vet once 
again because I was so worried about his ongoing bladder infection.
They had taken him to the back to try to get a urine sample and when he was brought 
back out to me...he moved the tip of his tail just slightly.
Mom and I both saw it and ww started yelling...
"He moved his tail! He moved his tail!"
We were crying and laughing and jumping up and down.

Everyone looked at us like we were nuts but it was our first glimpse that he might regain some movement.

The surgeon told me it could take 6 months...and that is about what it has taken.
Sorry these videos are all sideways. I don't know why I filmed them that way.
They looked fine on my phone but look stupid here.
But you get the idea.
This is Franklin in the backyard last week.

I'm so proud of how well he has done.
Sorry, my voice is so irritating on this video and sorry that the video is sideways.
I'll try to shoot a better one this week - turned the correct way.

I feel very lucky that Franklin has made such a great recovery.
He walks a little funny now but nothing slows him down these days.
He's a very happy boy again.

I've found now that I'm working full time as an interior designer...
it's really hard to get projects done around my house.
I did get french doors put in the breakfast nook off the kitchen.
About a week after Franklin was back home and recuperating in the breakfast nook in
a kennel...the back slider door fell off!
I had to live for about 8 weeks with no door while I waited to have one made and installed.
I had plastic sheeting up to keep out the weather. I lucked out as we had a very mild
fall and not much rain.
Mom would come many afternoons and check on Franklin during the first 8 weeks of his

I'm so happy to be back with all of you and will be posting again on a regular schedule.

We'll talk again soon!