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Monday, January 30, 2012

Mod Mix Monday 35

What do you think about this gallery wall of mirrors and art objects in a bath?
I love the way the old mirror is perfectly placed for practical use and as part of the group of art.
This makes for a very interesting bathroom.

As usual...I enjoyed exploring the blogs linked up in last week's party.
Lots of great things there.
Kelli at The Turquoise Piano created this impressive Anthropologie knock off vase
from of all things plastic spoons. Yes, that is right...plastic spoons.
Suesan otherwise known as Frou FruGal made this super cute sweater wreath for
very little money. Hmmmm...I might have to dig through my sweater drawer.
Aimee of It's Overflowing showed off her entire house which included
this great overhaul of her ranch style living room.
Ok, here is Amy's house again of Masion Decor. She bought that fabulous 1930's 
Italian glass opaline chandelier and matching sconces recently and added them
to her dining room. That photo above is a favorite of mine...showing 
those pretty pillows she'd sewn up last summer with the reflection 
of the antique chandelier in the mirror.
The Betsy of Betsy Speert's Blog shared a room she'd done several years ago. 
What do you think of those serene blue fabric upholstered walls complete with button tufting?
Very special indeed.
Jileen of The Overhaul made this darling free printable for anyone that wants
to download and use for Valentine's Day. 
Isn't that nice?

Link up this week's Mod Mixes below.
Remember anything old made over to be new...anything new changed up to look old.
New and old together...
Please include the Mod Mix Monday logo and back link to me.

If you link up..I'd appreciate it if you'd follow me.

I hope this next week is good to you.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Open House Sunday 35

Crown Heights, OKC
built 1936

Hope you are not sick of seeing tudor revival storybook cottage houses.
Too bad if you are because I never get tired of seeing the variations in these homes.
Today's Open House is very late getting up because last night, I had a 
little mishap.
I'd noticed over the past week or so that my office chair was really squeaky and felt 
a little weird. Well last night as I started to do this post, I turned in my squeaky
chair to look at the tv and the whole top of the chair collapsed to one side 
sending me sprawling to the floor. 
Franklin was very surprised as he was in my lap at the time.
He wanted to do it again.

I was not hurt but realized how stupid I was not to realize something was up with the chair.
It is unfixable. I'll need a new chair.

I just couldn't deal with it last night and went to bed.
I'm sitting on a stool now as I type this.

Now, back to the house.
This is a very cute home and only one of a few that have that round porch opening.
It is really odd, isn't it? Super glad mine doesn't have that...but then I probably would not 
have bought it if it had. But the house has lots of other things going for it.
I do love the big window but it looks to me that the original window was taken out and 
a solid piece of glass put in. That is a shame but I've seen this done quite a bit by past home owners that 
didn't keep the historic integrity.
I do not believe that is the original mantel either. It could be but these homes usually have tile fireplaces.
This room is pretty much the same dimension as my own living room but I have a doorway
to the office den in the middle of the left wall which prohibits me putting any furniture on that wall.
In this view it looks to be the same layout as mine. 
Interesting that the dining room table is pushed to one side instead of in the middle of the room.
Makes sense traffic wise but I still like a centered table.
I really need to get some drapes up in my living room and dining room. It makes the windows look so 
much larger.
Quite a bit to love here in the kitchen. 
These are not the original cabinets, of course but they are pretty.
I love the faucet. One of these days...I'll get a new one.
Love the stove in all it's stainless glory.
Oh...I'd love one of those instead of my ugly black one.
And the black and white checked floor looks so much better here than in mine because it's set in a 
diamond pattern. Mine is set checkerboard fashion.
A few open shelves would really benefit this kitchen. 
If I bought this house...I'd take a few doors off immediately, wouldn't you?
A large family room has been built on to the back of this house.
The kitchen window has become a pass through.
breakfast nook
A huge mid century room on the back of the house.
What a great weenie playroom this would be!
That fireplace just screams 50's or 60's. I hated that style when I was a kid.
But I kind of like it now probably only because its retro.
Deer head would of course have to go.
cute small vintage bath
Another that is more modern and plain.
And another...unusual for a house like this to have three.
master, I presume

I'll be back later tonight with Mod Mix Monday.
Update on Franklin....
He and Harvey have become friends. They play a lot together.
Harvey seems happier, now.
And Sally is happier too...because Franklin really loves her.
I don't think anyone but me has ever loved her before and she kind of likes all the attention
he pours on her.

It's good to be loved.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pretty in Pink

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching...I have my mind on pink.
Actually, I never need a holiday to inspire my desire for pink.
Gray, pink and silver...yum, yum, yum.
I'd be very happy with this piece of furniture in my house.
Again, gray and pink
Love the distressed finish on this.

I have a french chest in my living room that I keep thinking I'll paint.
But I keep going back and forth on what color.
Pink? White? or Silver?
That one on the left behind the sofa.
I'm still seriously considering painting the trim on the sofa a very distressed white.
I've been looking for a little larger piece to put in this spot but have yet to find it.
I want to do silver or pink but then I really think it needs to be white to balance 
out the other side of the room.


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Silver Spice Rack

I finally changed all my spices over to matching glass jars.
When I went to search my files to see when I'd first posted about this spice rack
I made from silver casserole servers, I was shocked that I'd done this project back in June.
This is how it looked back then.
I searched all over for glass spice jars and finally settled on salt and pepper shakers 
I bought at Target.
I covered the holes in the top of the shakers with clear packing tape on the inside.
I just cut a square of it to go over the holes.
Much better, don't you think?
I made the labels on my computer, printed, cut them out and covered with 
clear packing tape making them water proof.
This was really a simple project. I would have had it completed long ago if life hadn't 
gotten in the way and if I'd found the bottles sooner.

This project started with the silver serving pieces I found at a thrift store.
A little wood made the shelf I attached in the middle.
The small molding piece is from Michael's Crafts and the small piece of wood that makes the actual shelf came from Lowe's. 
They have tiny pieces of wood...who would have thought?
I used tiny tiny nails and wood glue to attach the molding to the edge of the wood plank.
Then painted all with metallic silver paint and then rubbed on a bit of black paint.
The shelves turned out looking just like the actual servers - like tarnished silver.
I attached the shelf to the server in two different ways.
The bottom shelf I was able to attach using very small screws that went through the fret work of the silver tray and into the shelf.
But the smaller tray...the fretwork was covered where I needed to attach.
So, I drilled two small holes through the shelf and wired it in place.
Both ways worked equally as good.
I love having my spices easily accessible and it's pretty too.

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