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Saturday, April 4, 2020

It's Spring

Isn't It?
It is...It is...
But the world sure feels strange. I am sorry I haven't 
been here much. You would think during a time when we are 
all suppose to be in our houses I would have plenty of time 
for house projects and blogging. 
But no...I am still delivering food to make ends meet.
So I am out every day taking food to people.
I wish I could be home all the time - oh how I wish but 
this is what I must do.
I have been playing over on Instagram lately.
I don't know why it took me so long to use that platform.
Oh...yeah...I was always at work and had nothing to share.
Anyway...I've been sharing my Easter decorating over there.

I haven't seen my Mom in over a month and won't see here till 
this thing blows over. This means I will miss her 81st birthday
Very very unhappy about that.
She is fine. She is happy at home. 
But she lives across the street from my sister and that
worries me...that my sister and her crew won't keep Mom
For that matter - my sister has many health issues that mean
she needs to stay isolated as much as possible.
I don't trust her to make the right choices.
But I have made suggestions till I am blue in the face.
There is nothing I can do.
So me and the dogs are having a fine time at home.
I am trying to be as safe as possible when out.
Today I must be able to find alcohol somewhere.
I am almost out of hand sanitizer.
I kept on hand to clean my hands constantly when 
in the car before this but I am almost out now.

Stay well...I'll post next week Easter photos here.
In the meantime join me on Instagram.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Kitchen Talk

Pretty things in the kitchen
 I'm obsessed with Kitchen stuff.
I go to sleep at night dreaming about 
how I want to redo my kitchen.  
I moved into my house almost 15 years ago.
When I moved in the kitchen was painted red and 
the backsplash was black and white tile.
I quickly painted the walls a cream color and later
covered the black tiles with white vinyl cut to fit.
That immediately made me like my kitchen. 
I hated those black tiles.
I quickly learned those black laminate counter tops would
dictate my decorating choices in here.
As far as laminate goes they could be much worse.
They look like dark soap stone.
But I soon realized nothing looked good on them except
white and silver and a little wood.
I have embraced them and enjoy having little vignettes.
A tray under a group of objects immediately elevates those items.
It makes for a much more pleasing arrangement.
 A few weeks ago I shared how I made a lamp for this room.
I love having little lamps on my counter top since I don't
have under cabinet lighting.
I was having a hard time finding small lamps so I made one.
But a couple of weeks ago I found this one at Hobby Lobby.
 It looked like this when I bought.
Of course I had to make it over...it was too drab like that.
A little chalk paint and sanding and I had 
the perfect little lamp.
Now I am thinking I might need one more.
 These dark counters drive me mad. 
I wipe them down and instantly there are little white flecks
of this and that on them. 
They show everything.
So recently my Mom sold some land and she said
that money was going to go towards fixing up my house
and her's. She has been getting a lot of things done 
at her house. 
She told me to make a list.
Of course this has to be a reasonable list.
We can't go crazy.
I have areas on the brick outside that need to be repointed.
(new mortar put in)
That was priority one. Then the garage desperately needs
new garage doors and some other repairs.
But the floor in my kitchen is a disaster.
It's falling apart. It's a linoleum stick down tile
and it's just cracking up in little and small chunks.
So I will be getting a new floor.
Mom knows I have never liked these dark counters
and every time we are in open houses with white marble or 
quartz counters...I ooooh and ahhhhh.
So she said..."Plan on getting new counters too."
But if I get new counters...I want a new sink while doing it.
And a new faucet of course.
And new counter means I must have a new backsplash.
If I do floors - I eventually want a freestanding stove.
So that means changing the cabinets which would change the 
floor. So it would be a good idea to get a new stove now.
But I don't want a $700 stove. I want a $3,500 stove
or I'd rather not bother.
Remember this one?
 I also want new cabinet doors and to add moldings up to the ceiling.
A new dishwasher (cause the current one is black).
I could just cover the door with something till it eventually quits working.  
Anyway...I have no problem with letting my Mom get me a 
new floor and maybe a new counter top but the rest is just too
But all the little things arranged on the counter make me happy.
Perhaps all the big things will eventually happen a little at a time.
I usually don't like things in my house with sayings on them cause
I don't like anyone telling me what to do...especially a sign
in my house. 
But this little platter spoke to me because I so 
believe it's the simple things that make a life meaningful
and happy.

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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Sweet Valentine

 Yesterday I posted some photos of my 
Valentine decor in the living room.
I think the dogs started barking wanting to eat
and that's what distracted me.
So today a few more photos.
This is a lean year for me so I did not buy anything new.
(seems all the years are lean - I should be used to it)
 But just cause I couldn't spend a dime doesn't mean
I can't add some romance for Valentine's Day.

tissue paper garland
 I've always loved this little heart.
It only comes out for the holiday. 
 Made this wreath last week of tissue paper flowers
and left over green stems from some silk flowers
bent into a heart shape.

Much better photo than the one I posted the other day.
I always have to move the chair out of the
way to get a good shot.
 Here is the Valentine's Mantel. 
I do love pink!

 Most years I buy myself a living flower for Valentine's Day.
The last few years it's been an orchid.
Sometimes it's been daffodils to transplant in the yard.
I noticed today that those daffodils are making their appearance.
I hope your Valentine is full of loveliness.
If not from others than do it for yourself.

As RuPaul says -
purchase here

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Be Mine, Oh Valentine

We haven't had much sun around here 
of late but I managed to take a few 
photos of Valentines decor around the house the 
other day while the sun was out.
 I don't know how I did it but I forgot
to take a photo of the fireplace as a whole 
with it's decor. I just took photos of bits and pieces.
I'll try to take one later in the week.
Decked out the chandi with heart ornaments.
I shared on instagram this heart wreath I made last week. 
It's just tissue paper flowers on a wire form.
I painted that cabinet back in the fall and am really loving
the color. Now it flows with everything
else in the room...except I had left the existing top color.
I thought maybe I could live with it.
But I do not like it. It's almost black and too shiny.
So it's going to have to be painted. 
I love the piece except for the top....so I've got to change it.
I am going to paint it to look like wood. 

 I really love this room in the sunshine...well any time.
Still looking for the perfect table to go behind the sofa.
That little white one was a temporary fix.
And now it's been in that spot over 10 years.
Problem is anything that goes there has to be 
no higher than 30 inches and 14 deep and about 40 wide.
I have not looked very seriously until I'd say the last 6 months.
One day I'll find the perfect thing. 
And oh...what I need to concentrate on is painting all
the woodwork in this room. 
I started trying to take the paint off because it was flaking off 
and it turned into the biggest mess. 
A big thing for me to tackle this year.
I shared this on instagram a few weeks ago. 
The basket of flowers on my front door all set
for Valentines.

I do love Valentine decor. But soon it will be time for Easter stuff.
My most favorite!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Let's Make a Lamp!

Cloudy day here...the perfect day to make a little lamp 
for the kitchen counter.
I said the other day that I've been looking for a tiny
lamp for awhile to go with the other two tiny lamps
on my kitchen counter. I don't have under cabinet lighting and 
need the extra lighting there. 
I needed one more little lamp to place in a corner 
on the other side of the sink.
I could not find a tiny lamp anywhere but found this 
Christmas candle at Joann's for $3.99 and knew I could make it work.
 Here's my lamp parts. 
I bought that little ironstone creamer a couple of years ago 
and knew it was just the thing today for the base.
I will miss it on the kitchen shelf but hey...an excuse to find another!
 Just in case I decide I don't want to use this creamer as a lamp 
in the future I decided to attach the candle with double stick tape
instead of using a permanent method such as glue.
I have used this incredible heavy duty double stick tape on several projects
and it is a game changer!
 I made a trellis for my climbing rose with it. 
Sticks to bricks! 
But does not harm bricks!
See that post here.
 I also used it to secure the mailbox on my house.
I had hung this box but it would move and fall off
if the postman wasn't careful. And of course he
wasn't careful. A few pieces of this tape on the back
side and it's stuck tight. Never moves. And again it does
not damage the bricks. I could take it off if I wanted.
The trellis and the mailbox have been up since August
and doing great.
You can order this tape here.  
I am in no way affiliated with that company I just think it's a great product. 
So back to the lamp. 
The candle was not as tall as I'd like so I stuck a small cap from
a hairspray can to the bottom of it. 
I ended up removing the felt from the bottom. 
Tape did not want to stick to the felt.
Then a couple pieces of the tape on the bottom of the lid.
And stuck it inside the creamer.
 There you go!
 Stuck tight!
And finished lamp.
 Easiest project I've done... maybe ever.
Now I want to turn everything into lamps.
I know you can buy a lamp kit and make things into lamps.
I've done that before but this was even easier than that.
Of course this little candle only does a 7 watt bulb but
that's enough for my countertop.