Sunday, September 22, 2013

Open House Sunday

Spanish Sunset
 built 1926
Oh...I do love a little spanish cottage. 
You don't see many of them around here but they have lots of them in California which is where this one is.
 There are so many special things about this one, I couldn't resist showing.
 This photo shows lots more details but makes it readily apparent how important professional photos are.
Those first two photos are stunners. 
 I love the big front patio. 
 Here we are back with photos taken at the magical part of the day. Sunset.
 Oh...I love bougainvillea! So wish it would survive here year round.
 Aren't those yellow pillows pretty on the white furniture?
They just make the room!
 Isn't that huge window nice? 
I love how light and bright this house is. 
Here's a news flash. 
I'm painting my walls just about this color.
Sherwin Williams Shoji White
I started painting Saturday morning.
I won't have a day off for awhile so it may be a week or two before it's done but I think I'm going to really like it.
I love those serpentine column details to the door arches.
 I'm doubting that the fireplace is original.
 Very modern furniture in the dining room.
I really think this room would be better with a chandelier.
 Modern furniture in the breakfast nook.
 Very nice galley kitchen.
 No complaints from me here about the kitchen except that it might be a little boring.
 I could cook in this space.
 Love the faucet and subway tile.
 Yes, I could cook on one of these.
 Matching hood over the stove...of course.
 Now this is dreamy....french doors leading from the master to the backyard.
 Bathroom is full of marble, penny and subway tile.
 That tub looks vintage. I wonder if it is?
 Another pretty bathroom.
 The backyard is a little boring Oh..wouldn't it be fun to create a beautiful outdoor area?
 Lovely tile steps
 Here we are back at that magic time of day that makes the house glow warmly.
 Such a pretty California Cottage.

See full listing here.


Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Yes you found another good one! I'm afraid I would have that kitchen crammed with waaayyy too much stuff, but how great are those cabinets. Styling those each season would be so fun. Love all the white and marble tile throughout. Speaking of white, can't wait to see your new paint color! I keep meaning to get to ours but we have had to do damage control in other areas. It never ends does it?!! Unrelated, I can't stop thinking about those tortoise goblets at the Pier. I think I must have them, and they are the inspiration for my Thanksgiving decor this year.

Sonny G said...

wow, that is a stunner.. loved veiwing all the photos.

thanks for showing us this beautiful home.


Debby said...

The first two pictures look like painting. Just beautiful.
I saw a coffee cup this morning with a weinnie on it. It said, "I like little wieners". So funny and it made me think of you are your little doggies.

Anonymous said...

Gulp! Did you see the price? Gosh. It's a lovely, lovely house (though I long to plant some trees in the back yard) but the price makes me so very happy I don't live in California! Gosh.

Dewena said...

No wonder some people collect houses. It's so easy to fall in love with so many styles. I love looking at the exterior pictures of this one, looking in. The light inside must be amazing.

Cindi Myers said...

I LOVE this.
I won't even look at the price, I can only imagine but hey, it IS perfection!
The backyard would have plenty of room for a pool too!
and you are so right about professional photos.
That sunset makes it look magical. Sigh. Beautiful.

Love, Live and Garden! said...

OMG What a SMALL SMALL world!!! I used to pass by this house on my way to work in the mornings. I remember always admiring it as I passed by and wondering who lived there!!!! Thanks for the tour of the inside. I had always wondered what it looked like inside!!! -Nadia :)

Donna, The Decorated House said...

One of my favorite styles of houses, too. That one is so fabulous!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

It looks very Californian to me, like straight out of a tv show!

Cindy said...

That is a darling little house, I could live there! I love the kitchen and the bathrooms, especially the vintage bathtub!