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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trisha Brink Design

Fantastical Imaginative Cottage
Home of Trisha Brink
I hesitate to even show this cottage for fear my own home look bland in comparison. Even though I am painting my front door periwinkle. Last coat of paint to go on today. At least I hope it's the last coat of paint. We are on coat 4.

I was on Flickr the other day and happened upon a group of photos that led me to this blog of the very creative Trisha Brink. 

This was the photo that stopped me dead in my tracks.
The mix of dark wood with the aqua. Why didn't I think of that? I'm in the middle of painting my own dark wood sideboard white. If I had seen this photo first...I probably would not have.

She has since this photo was taken restyled this area adding new lamp shades from Target.
I think I like version 1 best. But I love this too. I would enjoy swapping them out - flowers in the spring/summer and the egg plant ones in the fall winter. Which do you like best?
Again, two versions of the same area.
Love those lamps. See that quilt on the sofa? I have that quilt or HAD that quilt. It succumbed to the very bad Sally. She has a thing for eating quilts that are on the bed. A quilt only lasts about 6 months with her around. She chews holes in them. You end up sleeping under a quilt that is like swiss cheese. I've given up on having nice bed linens on the bed while sleeping. My nice quilts have to be put up every time we go to bed because she will eat them. She used to do it to sheets too but seems to have given that up. Gosh I hope. It's very weird. She is very weird. She is sitting in my lap as I type this. Her favorite place to be....so I can't get too mad at her.
Trisha's darling vintage kitchen. Absolutely love those cabinets.

Ok, I'm off to put the final coat (I hope) of paint on my front door. Big reveal coming soon. I had to buy a whole gallon of Martha Stewart's Bluebird to paint the front door. They said they couldn't mix in a small quantity. I love the color. So a lot of things might be getting painted that color around here.

Be sure to go by Trisha's Blog

Monday, August 30, 2010

Secrets from a Stylist

Emily Henderson - Design Star Winner
New Show
Did you watch last night on HGTV? 
I haven't said anything about this season's Design Star because I thought it was so bad it wasn't worth talking about. Of course I watched each episode but was unimpressed by each and every one. I thought no one was standing out as a huge talent. Well, somehow...the panel of judges managed to choose the right person. And I have to say Emily did rise to the occasion in her last two challenges, giving us beautiful rooms. 

So last night I tuned in to her new show "Secrets from a Stylist" not really expecting much and was very pleasantly surprised. I think one of the reasons she won is because she is so natural on air. She's very casual and cute and charming in a very unaffected way. And her show was fantastic! I watched it twice. She redid the new home of her friend Ian Brennan who is one of the co-creators of "Glee".

He'd just bought a 1920's cottage in the Hollywood Hills and she "styled" if for him. I have to say that I think this must have been so much work because she figured out what his personal style was and then incorporated three different types of decorating into his living room. She set it up with one style and then another style and finally a mix of styles. So much work...showing the room in all three versions. I have to say I was partial to style number one with just a few changes. I loved some of the 60's stuff she brought in. I could have done without the moroccan influences she went with. I am so over moroccan...how about anyone else?

Here's his little cottage...
I was hooked as soon as I saw it was a vintage cottage they were redoing.

And here is what his living room was like before Emily redid it.

the after

before - strange little room

after - darling guest room

I love this bed tucked into the niche.
Pretty dressing table using a trunk and old mirror.

before - master bedroom

after - pretty yet masculine

before - office

After - office/den
She actually tucked his desk into a closet in the room because he said he rarely sat at a desk but instead used his laptop sitting on a sofa.

See more over at 

Did you watch last night? I'm enjoying "The Antonio Treatment" too from last year's winner, Antonio Ballatore. But I really loved Emily's show. You can keep updated on all Emily is doing by reading her blog here.... 
the cute - Emily Henderson

I'm very excited to see HGTV doing more design orientated shows again. I am sick of back to back House Hunters. I'd really kind of given up on HGTV till these latest new round of design shows. 

I'm having a nice quiet Monday. For the first time in weeks there is no loud noises going on outside my home. Thank goodness...now maybe I can get back to my regular life....as exciting as that is.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Junk? I think not.

Pretty Dressing Table from Junk
This pretty dressing table made from junk appeared in Country Home a couple of years ago. I thought Country Home was the best it had ever been the last two years it was in production. I miss it. Nice that they still have a website. 

I love how elegant this vanity is made from an old metal door chained to the wall with a vintage mirror.
From the same guest house. Love this bed made of old doors that have been upholstered. I'm dying for a wingback chair similar to the one pictured. I love that butterfly back. 
source all: Country Home
Look at these bedside lights. Inspirational to be sure. I've been wanting to hang small chandeliers on either side of my bed for ages. It would solve the problem of Newman scooting the lamp over every time he gets on the night table to look out the window. 

Hope you are having a great weekend. The rest of my carport is coming down today. I'll feel like I have more real estate once that is done. No more dark cave behind the house.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pandora's Parlor and my Phone Nook

Sometimes wishes do come true.
Remember back in June when I did a post all about how I wished my little cottage had a phone nook? 
Like this but I would put a phone in mine.

Well look what I have now...

I just have to install it.

A couple of weeks ago, the artist and lovely Diane of Pandora's Parlor contacted me through email to tell me how much she liked my blog. She had found me when researching arts & crafts tile fireplaces. She's putting an authentic arts & crafts fireplace into her cottage. 

Diane said she had two phone nooks and that she didn't know why she'd purchased two, seeing as she only needed one. She said she'd love to send me the other if I wanted it. And within a week, it was at my home!

We've had some great email conversations. We found we like lots of the same stuff. She listened when I was tormented by paint for the outside of my house. Remember when I was in paint hell and begging everyone for their thoughts? 

She has the cutest garage studio. And this past weekend was busy putting stain glass windows into the main cottage. She's been purchasing antique doors and windows to put in her little cottage for years and now she and her husband are doing it. Her cottage is already cute but it will be amazing when she finishes.

This is her darling garage and studio. See the work benches in front...they are busy, busy working on their next project. Soon her cottage will be just as cute as her garage.

and here's a glimpse inside

This is all in the studio/garage. I can't wait to see what she does with the main cottage.

Please go by her blog to view more. 

She has a wonderful store by the same name full of antiques and curiosities.

I'd love to make a trip to California to load up on stuff from her shop to use for Halloween.

So, because of Diane, I have another project to add to my long list of projects. But I did say I wanted a phone nook and now I have one...I just have to install it. Which really shouldn't be too bad. She said it came from a old apartment building from the 20's or 30's. Just perfect. 

And even more perfect because it came from a new friend. 

Thanks so much Diane!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grey Gardens

Where do you think you are living
...Grey Gardens?
It's out of control here....

With all that has been going on outside the house and the dogs being trapped in the house all day while so much was going on the outside and then Newman hurting himself.
Our routine is shot.

The dogs have had a lapse on being house broken.
Not Violet of course. She is perfect.
But three plus weeks of not being able to go out whenever they wanted or needed to and me being distracted by Newman not feeling good. Well...there has been a lapse. Bad dogs....very bad dogs.

The good news....Newman all of a sudden started feeling much better Monday night. On Tuesday afternoon, he was back wanting to play and be with the rest of the gang. It was out of hand....they were playing, with me yelling at them to stop because I was afraid someone would get hurt....uh...Newman.

They were racing through the house and knocking things over and grabbing the mail as it came in the mail slot and ripping it up before I could get it. Then Harvey was flipping the food bowl and food was going everywhere. There was food all over the bathroom floor because I'd put it in there for Newman to eat when he wanted to hide in the bathroom during his convalescence.

Oh...and they've been catching and eating locusts like crazy. Violet has eaten four, now. Newman two. Because you know he has not felt well...and that limited his hunting capabilities.

At night the buzzing of locusts has been so loud its been unbelievable. Like little high pitched chainsaws going and going and going, piercing your brain. That noise has been driving me crazy.

My yard is looking terrible...things are dying because even with daily watering the three weeks of 100 plus degree weather is just burning up my bushes and grass.

The place is just a mess and I've been too busy to stop and just organize and clean house. I found myself yelling at the weenies.

"Where do you think you are living....
Grey Gardens?"
Harvey, thinking about it
He, he...no Momma.....
Newman is feeling better....thank goodness....so I'll let them slide. I can forgive all.

But today's chaos and me feeling out of control and living with wild animals got me to thinking about Grey Gardens and I looked it up. Of course I was all into it awhile ago when it was on HBO but I wanted to see what it is like today. Perhaps as inspiration that I can get this place back in line.
Grey Gardens as it was in the 1970's.
Grey Gardens as it was when it was first built.
Grey Gardens....today.
I found this interesting video of the house with the current owner. It's delightful to hear Little Edie's reaction to the new owner when she said she wanted to buy it.
The Grey Gardens garden playhouse. My garage could easily look like this. I've got the blue trim...just need to plant loads of hostas and a flowering vine. My brother in law...the one that I almost electrocuted three weeks ago (I think I told you about that) is coming back this weekend to finish pulling down the carport. 

Everyone is asking to see the after paint photos of the house. They are coming soon. I'm just trying to get the dogs in control, the landscape in control, put all back in place outside and get back to a place of sanity. You'd love the outfit I wore today... panty hose over my shorts with a lovely scarf pinned to my head. I think it's important to look your best even when just around the house.

I'll be back on track soon....so will the weenies...well...one can only hope.