Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall Garden

I had a fun day on Thursday. My friend Jill and I headed out to shop a little in the afternoon.
First stop was Wilshire Garden Market.
This little garden store always has special things for each season.
We were greeted at the front door by all those wonderful faux pumpkins.

That's a very pretty fall pillow. I can just imagine it in my bench on the front porch.
I especially liked this display of small mercury glass votives on a silver tray.
Oh...I'll be copying this idea in my house for sure!
I love the lamps they carry at the market. These stone baluster lamps are indoor/outdoor. 
The pumpkin pillows would add fall to a garden room.
Here we are with a larger version of the indoor/outdoor lamps.
I really like their chunky shape.
Notice the lamps above in this display?
Sweet little urns create the bases.
These would really look nice on a kitchen counter.
Fun birdcage outdoor pillow.
I found these little gnome house fronts delightful.
Just prop one in front of your favorite tree and it's an instant gnome home. 
Gnome home planter. 
There are lots of fountain pots at the store.
This is a new one.
Love the color combination. That turquoise on top was really vibrant. 
Outside the bougainvillea is doing well. I asked how they wintered it and was told they 
bring it inside into the back storage room near a window.
Outside there were real pumpkins scattered among the pots.
Pretty little fairy house nestled in a pot.
Isn't the plumbago pretty planted in the blue pots?
I adore plumbago! I have two large ones in the corners of my deck.
Anyone have a suggestion as to how I over winter it?

Well, I could have hung out all day at this store but after we did this.
It was on to The Feathered Nest. 

If you live in the Oklahoma City area be sure to run by Wilshire Garden Market. 
See their website - here.
You'll be glad you did. 

Personally, I could hang out on their patio all day.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful store! I love the lamps and the pillows are perfect for fall.

Babs said...

Thanks for taking us shopping. I'd be in BIG trouble if I lived close to that market. Love the lamps and the mercury glass vignette.

Sonia said...

I love Wilshire Garden Market! I just visited there about a week ago and purchased the miniature ghosts and Halloween accessories for my fairy garden. Such a gorgeous store and yes the patio is wonderful! What a great shopping day with a trip to the Feathered Nest too!
Miss Bloomers

Adam Hazlett said...

I love that Gnome house with the lights...those look like Christmas lights stuck through the hole...why such a hefty price?!? What is the fairy house made of?
That would look cool all lit up. Wonderful place!

Anonymous said...

It all looks so beautiful and perfect for a real fall season! I hope to see great things like this when I go shopping for fall this weekend in hot Austin, TX, lol.

Cindy said...

That looks like a very fun place to visit! It's nice to see what is available in other places, such as Ok City.

Cindi Myers said...

I LOVE going places like that!
Every summer me and my sister go to a couple of places but this year with the wacky weather, we never went.
I love those fountains!
and I really NEED one more cool birdbath!

Dewena said...

Isn't it amazing how inspirational a shop like this is? Even if I can't buy much, I always feel inspired to go home and try something new. I would have gone for the mercury glass votives. I see them on blogs and covet them. And any of their pots! Well, their pillows. Their stone baluster lamps....

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I love those mercury glasses!