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Saturday, April 4, 2020

It's Spring

Isn't It?
It is...It is...
But the world sure feels strange. I am sorry I haven't 
been here much. You would think during a time when we are 
all suppose to be in our houses I would have plenty of time 
for house projects and blogging. 
But no...I am still delivering food to make ends meet.
So I am out every day taking food to people.
I wish I could be home all the time - oh how I wish but 
this is what I must do.
I have been playing over on Instagram lately.
I don't know why it took me so long to use that platform.
Oh...yeah...I was always at work and had nothing to share.
Anyway...I've been sharing my Easter decorating over there.

I haven't seen my Mom in over a month and won't see here till 
this thing blows over. This means I will miss her 81st birthday
Very very unhappy about that.
She is fine. She is happy at home. 
But she lives across the street from my sister and that
worries me...that my sister and her crew won't keep Mom
For that matter - my sister has many health issues that mean
she needs to stay isolated as much as possible.
I don't trust her to make the right choices.
But I have made suggestions till I am blue in the face.
There is nothing I can do.
So me and the dogs are having a fine time at home.
I am trying to be as safe as possible when out.
Today I must be able to find alcohol somewhere.
I am almost out of hand sanitizer.
I kept on hand to clean my hands constantly when 
in the car before this but I am almost out now.

Stay well...I'll post next week Easter photos here.
In the meantime join me on Instagram.


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Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Happy birthday to Mom!! xoxo!!

Sonia said...

Hi Nita,
It's a crazy time for sure. I've been wanting to get outside and do some planting but the weather has not been nice until late this afternoon. I'm sorry about you not seeing your Mom but that is the safest thing to do. Lost my sweet Mom last November and it's been hard. I haven't been able to find alcohol or hand sanitizer anywhere but Ashbury Pharmacy posted on FB that they are making it and for every one they sell, they are going to give one to the Homeless Alliance to give out. Stay safe and I hope the weather starts to get more moderate. I will look for you on Instagram. :)

Kit said...

Sorry you'll miss her birthday. You should drive by and give her a mini parade. 😊 Nice to see you on IG. I'm there a lot, love the daily community there. Take care. Kit

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