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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Open House Sunday

California Beach Cottage
in Manhattan Beach
built 1955
See full listing here

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Broken Hearted

 This post has taken me two weeks to write. My Mom's boy...Marcus died suddenly two weeks ago.
He was the full brother to my Harvey. My Mom adored him and he adored my Mom.
If you've read this blog for a long time you know one of my own died suddenly a few years ago 
and it just about did me in.

I loved Marcus. But he was everything to my Mom and for him to be healthy one day and dead the next....well...It was soooo hard.
We lost our Daisy back in January and that hurt but she was 14 and her health had been slipping the past 6 months so we were prepared.

I'm going to tell you about Marcus's illness so that you can be on the look out for something like this in your own dog.
I don't know that we could have saved him if we'd known sooner.
Probably not but ironically Daisy had the same illness caused by a different source 
and we were able to save her 6 years ago.
Here is Marcus at my house after my Mom's open heart surgery.
My Mom recuperated in a twin bed with seven weenie dogs!
That was crazy!
We attributed the weenie dogs to her quick recovery.

In this photo you can see Violet, Marcus...Rosie, Daisy and in the corner....Harvey.

Back to what happened....
Marcus did not look sick. The day he died...he looked just like he did in that photo.

My Mom had been busy running my sister's dog, Boomer back and forth to the vet.
We had found out that he had diabetes and she had to take him to the vet every day for about a 
week and a half to check his blood sugar levels.

During this time...Marcus was his usual happy, loud, bossy self. 
But one day all of a sudden he was not as active as usual...that morning he didn't want to eat.
Mom took him to the vet that afternoon. She feared he had a tooth ache or something.

He walked to the car as usual...barked on the ride to the vet...walked into the vet...wagging 
his tail. 
The vet didn't think there was anything wrong with him but Mom insisted saying he wasn't eating.
Then he looked at his mouth. His gums were white..the pads of his feet were white.
This meant he was extremely anemic. 

We had this once with Daisy...same thing...she was fine one day and super sick the next.
Mom took her in and found out that she was about an hour away from dying.
The vet gave her steroids, a blood transfusion and anti-biotics and just hoped for the best.
That time it was an auto immune disease caused by a tick born disease.

We'd never seen a tick on Daisy. Daisy stayed at the vet for a week but came home and after
some time had a complete recovery. 
But my Mom had to take her in every 6 months just to make sure she was ok.
We were lucky with Daisy. Very lucky that she recuperated.

Mom always checked Daisy's gums to make sure they were pink from that day forward.
But...it never occurred to Mom to check Marcus' gums.
Mostly cause he did not act sick until that day that she took him to the vet.

The vet said he was VERY sick...he gave him steroids but did not want to give him a blood transfusion till he knew for sure what was wrong with him.

This was on a Monday afternoon. 
My Mom called me at work and it scared me to hear the fear in her voice.
The vet said he'd have test results on Tuesday and for Mom to bring Marcus in for treatment on Wednesday morning, first thing.

Test results came back Tuesday morning and it showed that it was not a tick disease 
(which would have been best case scenario)
It was not bone cancer (which would have been worse case)
but it was an auto-immune disease and his blood vessels were being destroyed.

I saw the vet that day...I took Violet in for a check up.
He said...that we'd probably do a blood transfusion in the morning. 
He was very concerned...but had hope.
I told him I spoke to my Mom...so had he and she was worried cause Marcus ate and 
went outside but he was very sluggish and breathing rapidly.
The vet said that was caused by the steroids.

I called Mom and comforted her and she said she couldn't wait for morning to take him in.

We should have taken him right then...Mom knew things were not right. 

That night at 9:30 my Mom called me and said Marcus had just died next to her in the bed!
She was crying and crying...it was just terrible.

She said he'd eaten and walked out to the bathroom. 
She'd put him in bed and a few minutes later he was gone.

My Mom was just beside herself in grief. Why hadn't she taken him in even though 
she was suppose to wait?
Why had she not noticed his gums being pale?
Had she missed his not being well in the past month?
She had only been telling me the week before about how she had to get on to him for being too
rough with her other dog. So obviously he was feeling himself just a week before.
The vet said he could not believe he acted so normal and was so sick.

I went to see my Mom and helped her the next day.
We ended up having him cremated. We've buried all the others in the past but it's been
raining here almost every day and it didn't seem possible to prepare a hole for him in time.

A very very hard time. 
I told Mom now I understand why some people just say "enough" and don't
do another dog.

In the end they break your heart. 

Now my Mom still has Rosie and a couple of months ago she adopted a new Daisy
who she calls Daisy Too.
Rosie has been out of sorts since our first Daisy died and then with Marcus gone too so 
soon after...she was not herself at all.

Today when I talked to Mom though she said that Rosie for the first time had gone over and 
snuggled next to Daisy Too to sleep.

That is a big step.

Mom is doing better. 
I know too well the pain of the sudden loss of a dog and I would have done
anything to take that pain away.

We are trying to focus on the ten wonderful years Mom had with Marcus 
and not question how things might have been different.

My vet felt terrible and questioned his own decision in having us wait a day to bring him in.

I'm telling this story so that you all will know to keep an eye on your dog's gums.
If they are pale, rush them to the vet.

I don't know that we could have saved him if we'd noticed sooner.
Perhaps, not. 

Dogs can't tell you when they don't feel good.
I saw his body. Looking at him...he looked perfectly healthy.
You would never have thought anything was wrong with him.

A friend of mine's Mom had a similar thing happen with one of her dogs.
They weren't able to save her and she died at the vet.

Anyway...for now my Mom says she is going to focus all her love on the two girls and
one day when they are gone she will get a boy puppy.
Marcus was her special boy and he cannot be replaced but she hopes one day
she will know that sort of love again.
He was obsessed with her. 
It's very hard to lose someone that loves you that much...I know cause I experienced it 
when I lost my Newman.

Anyway..this is why I haven't posted much of late.
And of course I'm always at work. Hard to do projects these days.

Sorry for the long read...but I know you understand.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mod Mix Monday #191

Isn't this a pretty bathroom? 
I love that cabinet, the mirror, the big metal sink bowl and faucet. 
And I think that vintage modern sconce keeps the whole thing from being too sweet.
Notice the shelves are packed with colorful ever so used stuff?
Somehow even that jumble of stuff looks good.
I'd totally embrace this cabinet in my own bathroom.

Sorry, I've been a bit out of touch of late. I'll explain this week.
So...I'm only now sharing my favorites from Mod Mix Monday of two weeks ago....
Shall we start?
 Kris of Junk Chic Cottage made over her dining room chairs by adding ruffles to the seats.
Aren't they precious?
 Just look at this pretty white on white dining room!
 Tabatha of Chic by Tab painted a little dresser with Miss Mustard Seed's Milkpaint in Kitchen Scale.
I have some of this paint here at the house and really need to put it to work.
She took a ugly dresser and turned it into a jewel.
 Cecelia of My Thrift Store Addiction visited a wonderful little store
and this was the first thing she spotted.
A cute way to display photos and sheet music used as placemats.
Terrific idea!
 Mary of Orphans with Makeup outdid herself with is antique buffet done in a spring green.
She styled it with herbs in little aged pots. 
Love it so!
 Su of Butterfly and Bungalow shared her potting shed / craft studio.
I so wish I had this sort of space. She has made the most of a tiny spot.
Patti of Old Things New shared photos from a Southern Garden Tour. 
Lots of inspiration here. I love that porch space.
 Patti (Old Things New) also paid tribute to Snoopy Girl a member of their family that they 
had to say good bye to recently. 
Look at that smiling beautiful face! You can just tell Snoopy Girl was a remarkable dog!

Please join in this week's Mod Mix Monday!
Remember anything old made over to be new...anything new changed up to look old.
New and old together...
Please include the Mod Mix Monday logo and back link to me.
Use a permalink to your individual post not to your entire blog.

If you link up...I'd appreciate it, if you'd follow me.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Open House Sunday

Tip Top Tudor
in Atlanta
built 1928
I love how this little tudor sits up high on it's foundation.
 Do you like that? I do.
 Extra special doorway
 Normally, I'd want to paint that fireplace white but it looks pretty darn nice in brown with these blue walls.
 Love that front door.
 I like the cute little window seats on either side of the fireplace.
 The curtains are very lacking in this room.They are too short and too skimpy.
 I love this view through the doorway.
Cute little dining room with a very casual table. Very Casual, indeed!
 If I lived here...I'd paint the kitchen cabinets white and change out the counter top and add a back splash.
 Love this big built in.
 Yes, paint those cabinets. I wonder what the original 1928 looked like?
I'm sure I would have liked that better.
 Wouldn't take much to make this kitchen great, though.

 Pretty serene master
 The wall of glass tiles is pretty...but I never would have done this in this home.
I would have wanted the original bathroom or if it had to be redone...I would have redone to look vintage.
But no one would say this isn't a nice bath.

 Love the original brass and glass door knobs.
 I love the headboard in this room complete with lanterns hanging.
Another modern bathroom. Do not like this one at all!
 sweet baby's room
 I kind of like the counter top in this bath...although again...I'd rather it had been done in a more classic style.
Family room built on the back would be a perfect dog room.
 small flagstone patio and what looks to be a very nice yard
I could work with this!

See the full listing here.