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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

French Doors

Today, Mom and I are going shopping for french doors.
My sliders in the breakfast nook have been in bad shape for quite awhile.
The sliders are Pella brand which is suppose to be very good
but they haven't held up so well. 

It's actually a good thing...because I wanted french doors anyway.
But....I also want to turn the back bedroom window into another set of french doors
so that I'd have access to the backyard from two sets of french doors in the house.

Wouldn't that be grand? 
I'm wondering how expensive it would be to have someone rip out my window and brick 
and put french doors in.

Anyone know if this is an expensive job?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Romantic Rooms

Pretty romantic rooms for a dreary day.
It's raining here....finally.
We've needed rain so badly.
So good to hear it coming down outside.

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and that always gets me in the mood for lots of pink.
Here's some pretty rooms taken from my Pinterest files.

We've got some really pretty Valentine things at Pier 1.

A nice rose wreath
cute garden flag
felt heart garland

This is my favorite thing we have. 
I'm tempted to get myself but I'm making my decorations.

little glitter owl ornaments
and a big glitter owl

Sally came home yesterday from the vet.
She is just fine...and super cheerful.
Staying at the vet didn't seem to damage her emotionally.

Rosie is a little better today. 
We took her again to the vet yesterday because 
she still wasn't eating.

She has had us very worried.

I thought Sally's illness was because of stress but the fact that 
Rosie came down with the same thing makes me think something got all 
stirred up in my backyard with the sewer line replacement and they must have eaten 
something they shouldn't have...so add $800 in vet bills on to the $4,000 sewer line cost.

I'm just hoping the others don't get sick too.
So far they all act fine.
Sally and Rosie are the biggest culprits for eating things they shouldn't.
So I'm guessing that is why they got sick.

Makes you wonder how any dog ever survived in the wild.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Mod Mix Monday #86

Winter White
elegant, shabby, junky, vintage

Not much modern in this photo...maybe the star in the window.
I just thought it was a pretty room and loved the jonquils sprouting in the metal container on the 
coffee table.

My next door neighbor's daffodils are up and blooming.
No sign of mine as of yet.
Seems awfully early to be seeing daffodils...and yet...there they are.

Again this is late...again I missed doing a Sunday Open House.
Still having a hard time managing...everything.
Mom is doing way better....she'll be going home soon.
Maybe in another week.
Sally got sick....and then Rosie did too.
So we spent the last two days at the vet.

Both had serious vomiting and diarrhea.
I thought Sally's was from stress but not sure what caused Rosie's.
Sally was dehydrated and had to spend the weekend at the vet.
Rosie got fluids and came home. 

Mom fell out of bed last night.
She says Marcus pushed her out.
I have to say he looked pretty guilty when I went in and found her on the floor.
She says he's pushed her out before.

She was ok...but had a knot on her head where she hit the nightstand.

She says that I'll be glad when they are all gone because it's too much drama.
Kind of has been a lot of drama of late. 

I am so ready for some boring days.

Let's look at some pretty stuff....here are my favorites from Mod Mix Monday last week.
Olive of Olive Out showed off her new kitchen island. 
It's made from a vintage window. I really love it...wish it were mine.
Andrea of Opulent Cottage showed off her new little vintage green scale.
Restoration Redoux painted this yummy turquoise little dresser.
Oh...I could give this piece a happy home. It's so pretty!
The Junk in Our Trunks showed off their latest painted piece.
I love the color on this one mixed with the wood stained drawer. 
Those painted knobs just make this.
Angela at Number Fifty-Three made a cute little book paper heart garland to bring 
a little Valentine's into her vignette.

I'll have some Valentine decor up this week myself. 
Running late on that too....oh...I'm getting tired of being behind on everything.
But that is just the way things are right now.

I bet there will be lots of Valentine's stuff on this party next week.

Share your Mod Mixes for this week below.
Remember anything old made over to be new...anything new changed up to look old.
New and old together...
Please include the Mod Mix Monday logo and back link to me.
Use a permalink to your post, for sure.

If you link up...I'd appreciate it, if you'd follow me.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Easter is Early This Year

At Pier 1 - Now!
I told you we had some cute stuff in for Easter at Pier 1!
I don't normally think of brites as being Easter but they sure work here.
Orange, fuschia, yellow and lime green for Easter...throw a little red and turquoise in there too.
Love the bunches of carrots. Pier 1 has carried those for quite a few years.
I have some I bought several years ago.
Look at how great this bunch of carrots looks combined with a green cabbage rose!
I'm crazy for those new napkins and placemats.
Layers upon layers is what makes it so good.
The birdnest tops off the place settings.
Always lots of faux fruit available.
cute little salt and pepper shakers
I'm really into these little S & P bunnies with their carrot.

Easter is early this year....March 31.

I know we've Valentine's and St. Patty's to get through first...but all of this is so pretty
and I wanted you to see it now before it's all gone.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Winter Mantel

Sweet Tweet!
I have discovered the joys of after Christmas shopping. I must say...I've never done it much before.
I'm always too busy working to have time to shop the After Christmas Sales.
But this year...since I'm working a lot in Pier 1...
I can't seem to resist those can't pass them up bargains.
Hence...my little winter mantel scape shown here today.
It all started with those sweet little fat birds.
They were cute at full price but I didn't need them.
At 75% off plus my discount....they just had to come home with me.
Same for the little bird's nest. 
I don't decorate for Christmas in a natural way....no real branches and stuff in my Christmas decor.
So it's fun to break out the natural stuff for January.
I had the bits of greenery bought at Michaels before Xmas cause they were just too pretty to not get.
I added some of my mercury glass and...
twigs I brought in from the yard.
I splattered some white paint on them and snowy glitter...and they became the perfect thing 
for my little fat birds to rest upon.

But of course...now I'm thinking of Valentine Decor so this will change up soon.

Speaking of bargains....

I bought these the other day at 90% off
They were less than $1 each!
I bought 8. They will turn up on my Thanksgiving table next year.

But I have to say it was not much fun buying pumpkins when the store was full of 
glorious Easter stuff.

But I'll be glad I got them next fall.

Mainly, I bought candles at 90% off.
That is fun....because you can burn them without an inkling of guilt.

So...Mom went back to the surgeon today and she got a passing grade.
She is doing fine. She had fluid around her lungs and that had to be drained off but 
that is a pretty common thing...according to the doctor.

But after going to the Heart Hospital, having the little procedure and running around a little.
(We made a quick stop at Ross)

She was very worn out and ready to get back in bed.
She didn't feel so hot.

Her recovery continues.....
pretty good considering the surgery was only three weeks ago.

She has agreed to stay with me awhile longer.
She thought she wanted to go home very soon but today convinced her she needs to take it easy 
for another two weeks at least.

The surgeon said really 8 weeks before she'd feel decent enough to be on her own.

That's ok. 

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