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Friday, September 30, 2011


Sally Ann Sue Rogers Stacy
So hard to get a good photo of Sally. 
She is constantly on the move.
Once she settles down...she'll happily sit in your lap for hours and hours.
But she's one busy dog when she's outside.

Sally's name just seemed to get longer and longer as she's lived with me.
She started out as Sally Ann Stacy
But then I added Sue to it because Sue is my sister's middle name and she is the 
reason Sally lives with me. 
Then I added Rogers to it because there was a very sweet woman 
in the little town where I grew up and her name was Sally Rogers.
She was the maid of honor at my Grandmother's wedding long long ago.
She used to babysit my sister and I sometimes.
At some point I just added the Rogers into Sally's name as tribute to her.

I always say Sally was raised poorly.
She grew up in a trailer park. And that is why sometimes she doesn't know better.
My sister who has some questionable friends, called me one day when she was driving 
back from a weekend trip to someplace several hours away.
She said she'd been with the sweetest pie bald dachshund and the people who had
her did not want her.
She said she was afraid of what might happen to that dog.
I asked why she hadn't thrown her in the car and brought her to me.
She said she was afraid to for I'd told her not to bring home stray dogs...
but I didn't mean unwanted dachshunds!

So I gave her gas money to go back for her two weeks later.
The people that had her were just tired of her. They just did not want her.
Can you imagine?

So late on a Sunday night...my sister brought her to me.
Her eyes were all bugged out and she held her ears back with worry.
She had fleas and worms.
I bathed her immediately and she's never had a flea since.
A visit to the vet got rid of the worms.

Her original name was "Patches". I have never uttered that name.
I called her Sally the minute I saw her because I just thought she looked like a Sally.
And she learned that name in like 15 minutes. 
Like she'd never had another. 

Sally is a night owl.
She is always last to bed at night.
If she is in the bed when we go in there...she gets up and runs around the house.
During that time she eats and tears up things.
She was probably about 9 months old when I got her and very very skinny.
She's almost a chunk now. Well, not really. She could lose a pound or two.
But nothing like Harvey.

She was very nervous here for just a few days and then settled right down.
But the next time my sister came to visit a couple of weeks later, 
Sally looked very frightened. 
She bugged her eyes out again and held her ears back.

I think she was afraid that my sister was going to take her back to the terrible place she used to live.
She did this the next few times my sister came to visit.
Like she just knew this new life was going to end. 
But then she finally came to feel secure and began to be happy to see my sister.
She finally realized I was not going to give her away.

So I said that Sally is a night owl and she is a morning sleepy head too.
The others get up to go outside and she stays in bed.
When I get out of bed...she goes further under the covers hoping not to be bothered.
I usually don't wake her....I let her get up whenever she decides she wants to.
I totally understand because I'm a sleepy head in the morning too.

She is the sighing-est dog I've ever seen. She is constantly sighing.
When she gets all comfortable...she'll let out a big sigh of contentment.
She does this all day long....like hmmmmmmmmmmm......I'm so happy.

Her only bad flaw is that she loves to tear up bed clothes and clothing.
This is exasperating.
Like chew big holes in them.
I've lost so many comforters to her. 
The quilt currently on the bed looks like swiss cheese.

On any given day I never know what color her poop will be.

I'm pretty good at keeping things up and away from her but if I slip in anyway,
I'll soon find blue or red poop.

Like over the past month...I've been distracted.
I found blue poop and wondered what thing of mine she'd eaten.
Sure enough...I found one of my dresses on the floor of the closet with big holes in it.

I've pulled panty hose out of her butt. 
It's really terrible. Very dangerous.
And I try so hard to keep it from happening.

Thank goodness somehow we've avoided any intestinal blockage so far.

As with all my dogs Sally has her own song.

Her's is 
Sally Wally Doodle All the Day

Oh that little spotted dog she isn't, isn't any good
Isn't, isn't very good 
Isn't isn't any good

That little spotted dog she isn't, isn't any good
Sally Wally Doodle all the Day

Sing, Sally Wally Doodle all the Day
 Sally Wally Doodle all the Day

That little spotted dog she isn't, isn't any good
Isn't, isn't very good 
Isn't isn't any good
That little spotted dog she isn't, isn't any good
Sing, Sally Wally Doodle all the Day

I don't know that she likes her song very much.
All my other dogs, I sang their songs to them as little tiny puppies.

Newman would drop everything when he heard me start to sing his song
and turn to listen to me sing it. 
He knew it well and liked to hear me sing it to him.

Sally loves Harvey and Harvey loves Sally.
Violet tries to ignore Sally.
She just does not care for her. 

She never has...she looks the other way when Sally comes up to her.
She moves if Sally lays down beside her.

Fortunately, Sally seems unfazed by this and goes about her merry way.

I do wish I'd had her as a tiny puppy but I don't think she could love me any more
than she does. 

I used to get so tickled at Newman because he was always planning his escape into 
the big wide world. But Sally would never run away in a million years, she's seen
the big wide world and it wasn't kind to her.
She's happy right here.

One time all four dogs got out.
Harvey never left the yard and Sally immediately followed me back into the yard.
Violet went off to find a man and Newman....well Newman went off on an adventure.

Sometimes I open the gate and try to encourage her to go through it.
She shakes her head....no way....I'm not going out there.

I think she knows a good thing when she's got it.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Lots of photos of Harvey
He is easier to photograph than Violet.
Such a sweet boy
I love each of his spots
little fat feet
funny face
He never does anything bad
except eat too much
Two spotted dogs...

Harvey is doing better these days, I think. 
He seems less lost. I know he must still miss Newman because he was his big brother and 
they played, ate and slept together all day long.

Sally and he are good together but its not the same. 

I'll have photos of Sally tomorrow.
She is nearly impossible to get good photos of.

But I tried.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


She's 100%
Thanks to all of you that asked how Violet is doing.
She is just fine.
Back 100% after scaring me last Friday.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mod Mix Monday 17

A Happy Mix
These colors make me happy.
I use them in my own home all the time.
But that wallpaper mixed with the very serious chairs in circus colors is just too darn pretty.

Yes, it's time for another Mod Mix Monday.

Let's review my favorites from last week...
Gloria at A Little Paint made a bold choice when it came to painting
this vintage table. 
I love the shape of this table and would have bought it myself.
She really made it modern in the way she painted it.
Design Par Deux took a small tired french chair and made
it so pretty and fresh by painting it and adding new upholstery.
Stacy at Conspicuous Style created the look of high dollar drapes
by adding the trim herself.
Chania from Razmataz transformed her kitchen island with old doors, 
barn wood and paint.

Now let's see what you have this week.

I want to see anything new mixed with something old.
Antique and Modern side by side.
Something old made to be new or something new made to look old. 
Vintage and Modern going hand and hand.

Please link to your project post not to your entire blog.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Open House Sunday 20

An American Colonial
filled with Swedish Antiques
You had me at poodles...
stark but warm
yummy pink walls
serene dining
great kitchen
this is the hallway...I could live in this hall.
is this the child's room? lucky child
lush grey velvet
i like those shades
fit for a queen

Violet is way better today. 
A remarkable recovery. 
I always forget that she shuts down when she doesn't feel good.
Scared me...but I believe she is going to be just fine.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I'm still loving them...
This is brilliant! 
An old floor lamp turned into a planter pedestal.
The colors and textures are amazing!
This silvery green with the vintage silver is 
an elegant combination.
Planted between stepping stones.
They look good in so many types of containers.
A succulent fountain...sublime.

In other news....I have a mouse infestation. 
Violet caught one last week. 
So far I've trapped six of them. Yuck....

They are so cute...I hate to kill them. 
But I cannot live with mice in the house. 

I knew something was going on over a month ago but just didn't deal with it.

I hope to get it under control soon.

Violet had to go to the vet yesterday, her back was bothering her and it scared me.
She is doing better today. 

Some friends of mine have asked if I will ever do dachshunds again after 
my recent troubles. 
I will, I love them too much. I'll just have to deal with the heart break. 
None of my mother's or my sister's have had any back problems.
Knock on wood. 

Violet should be fine with a little rest.