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Monday, July 30, 2012

Mod Mix Monday #61

This room shows that pink does not have to be dainty or sweet.
It's a bold statement in this room.
What makes it work?
White walls, dark wood, small punches of turquoise in combination with the strong pink.

Here's what I liked from last week's Mod Mix Monday.
Angie at Knick of Time Interiors is busy adding little touches to her kitchen like this.
A vintage metal tote holds her ironstone collection on these cute shelves she recently made.
Tricia of The Little Cottage on the Pond showed off her redone kitchen.
It's so light and airy!
Jen of City Farmhouse shared her beautiful dining room.
It's a mix of old, new, thrifted and DIY.
Marilyn of Shabby Redo for You painted this pretty shabby white vanity.
I love this kind of furniture.
Anne of Design Dreams by Anne has been transforming her
kitchen one piece at a time.
Again, white paint makes something dull....into something bright and pretty.

This summer is just speeding by...I can't believe it will be August this week.
My friend Shannon got to FINALLY go home from the hospital.
She is doing much much better but still has a long way to go.
It's just so good to have her back home.

As always I so enjoy seeing what everyone is doing out there when they link up their 
posts each week. 
I love it and yet I'm envious of all the things you get done and the great stuff you make or buy.
But keep em coming and link up below.

Remember anything old made over to be new...anything new changed up to look old.
New and old together...
Please include the Mod Mix Monday logo and back link to me.
Use a permalink to your post, for sure.

If you link up..I'd appreciate it, if you'd follow me.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Open House Sunday

A Buckhead Cottage in Atlanta
built 1938
Homes in Buckhead in Atlanta Georgia range from small cottages to very large mansions.
This cottage is a jewel. It's recently been redone and decorated.
The owners have great taste.
I've never seen ladder back chairs look so good.
What do you think about having a sofa in the dining room?
Works because the table is small.
Nice sunroom. I like the lanterns hanging from the ceiling.
Very pretty kitchen. It's been redone but I like it.
I like the simple lampshade on the ceiling fixture.
I also really love that they left the bathroom original.
larger deck on the back of the house
I really like how this lower patio was created in the backyard.
What a nice place to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vintage Fans

Electric Breezes
A pretty room for a Saturday afternoon. 
I think the thing that really finishes off this room is the small vintage fan.
I love vintage fans, don't you?
They are the perfect addition to a summer time vignette.
mmmm.. a lemon yellow one.
Miss Mustard Seed loves em.
Fan is great in this photo but also notice how those little photos are displayed.
See this one? I had one much like this when I was a kid.
I'm sure it's still at my Mom's and still works.
This one was described as 12 inches high and mine was more like 16 inches high.
It sat on the floor in my bedroom during the summer months
up till we got central heat and air when I was in my early teens.
This fan was old when I came to have it. 
I'm not sure where it first came from but it dated back to the 40's.
Can you believe we had such dangerous items in every day use?
We were always warned to not ever stick our fingers in fans and
told horrifying stories of children who lost fingers doing so.

Remember sitting in front of a fan and going ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
and hearing your voice warble?
That was great fun.
So I had a fan like this in my room. It sat upon the floor.
During the summer, my parents always turned the window units off at night.
Why? oh Why?
I remember being so hot at night...that I thought I was going to die.
I'd raise and lower the sheets fanning them until I'd fall asleep from pure exhaustion.

A couple of times in the middle of the night...I heard twang...thud, thud, thud, twang...yelp!
My little dog Susie (the first of our many dachshunds)
 would get her tail in it while walking through my room at night.
Poor little thing. Thank goodness it never did any permanent damage. 
But this is something I'd never let happen, now.
I was a kid...so my Mom put the fan there and I thought a good enough place for it.
I remember even telling Mom that Susie got her tail in it one night...and she still didn't move it.
We were told not to stick our fingers in it and we didn't.
But she didn't give one thought to the dog's tail.

Thank goodness fans are safe now. But they are just not the same all made of plastic.
There is just nothing like a vintage fan.
Look at this fan turned into a light.
And this one turned into a hanging light.
Aren't those great?

I went thrifting yesterday...no fans to be found.
Actually, I didn't find much of anything.

I did get a great bargain at Hobby Lobby...I'll show soon.

Friday, July 27, 2012

What Dogs Eat

A Friday Spectacular
Today, something very exciting to see.

My dogs pretty much eat a little of everything I do.
Don't freak out...it's stuff like yogurt, carrots, soup, rice etc... 

Today I was eating jello and decided to share with Harvey.
Sally was inside but she didn't want any. Which is really surprising because she will usually eat anything. 
Violet is the picky one but she was outside with Franklin.

Anyway, here's Harvey eating jello.

Do your dogs eat off spoons?
Mine are really good at it. I can even feed them soup and they slurp it right down
without spilling a drop just like little babies.

Franklin and Violet got baths today
Franklin actually got two baths.
I washed Violet and let her go outside to dry. 
Then I washed Franklin and did the same.
Big mistake...he was one big dirt ball in minutes....
so back in the bath he went.
He took it well though.

I'm still working on my potting bench and I put wheels on my new to me kitchen island.

Now I just need some towel bars for the sides. 
I see a trip to Home Depot and Lowe's in my near future.

I also restyled my open kitchen cabinets and made a few other small changes in the kitchen.
I'll show very soon.

Have a Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Let's Cool Off

Of course it's beastly hot here. Oh it's been hotter...so I'm counting my blessings.
Only 101 today. 
I'm working on my hutch turned potting bench...painting it. 
Hope to reveal next week.
I thought I'd post photos today of pretty cooling fountains.
I don't have a fountain in my backyard but so wish I did.
My friend Petra called me Saturday and said she now has a pool in her backyard.
I posted about her yard here.
This is Petra's pretty little backyard.
I feared that the pool would take over.
But it's placed out of range of this photo...to the very back of the yard.
It's a large blow up pool.
I had to immediately go over and see.
She said they were on sale for $39.99 at Ace Hardware and that she and two neighbors
each got one. 
I guess the heat has gone to their heads!
On Sunday she was in and out of it all day pretending she was on vacation.
She had drinks and music and was having a very good time all by herself.

It was like she was at a redneck resort.

The things us single middle aged women do to entertain ourselves!
At least we don't need any approval to do such silly things.
She warned me she didn't think it a good idea for me to get one with all my dogs.
No worries...I wasn't tempted. 
It looks like this - sans kids.
Crazy! Good thing she got it after she was awarded yard of the month.
I teased that we were going to revoke her award.
Anyway...back to my potting bench...
which looks like this...now.
but will look something like this when done.
The walls of my house are even the color of the walls in the photo.
And since my potting bench will sit against the walls of my house...I think this will be nice.
I had been thinking of painting it this shade of blue green but when I found this image...
I knew for sure.

Back to fountains...
All that green coolness surrounding
I did have a wall fountain but filled it with plants last year.
It was doing beautifully but is struggling now in the heat.
This is a bit of it here.
The creeping jenny is now growing way down the sides.
But the flowers are not so pretty.
They'll come back though when this heat subsides.
I'd love to feel the splash of this water.
I bet the dogs would too.
A few years ago I bought the weenies a mister thinking they would enjoy the 
fine mist cooling their little bodies.
Nope...they hated it.
They blinked their little eyes against the mist and ran inside.
They wanted nothing to do with it.
silly dogs
I love the look of this formal garden.
Ok, back to painting for me.

I hope you are staying cool.
Do you know anyone with a redneck resort in their backyard?