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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Potting Benches Revisited

Potting Benches....I collect them!
Not in my garden but on my Pinterest Board titled....Potting Benches.
I can't get enough of them.
Each one made up of different materials.
And each with it's own personality.
Love this with the mirrored window and candle sconces to either side.
I think old pieces of furniture make better potting benches than tables made to be specifically that.
Really, almost any piece of furniture can become one.
Even an old wall shelving unit. 
Doesn't hurt that it's full of wonderful things.

More rain here today and more tornado watches although none here in the city.
Days of rain...which I don't mind...I like it just don't like the tornadoes that come with it sometimes.

I've been busy working on some projects and I tried to take photos for a tutorial yesterday
but it's too cloudy for me to get good shots. 

But they will be coming soon. 

Several projects....
Like my ottoman...
my new lamp....
a special little decorative item...
a DIY sponsored by Jo-Ann's Fabrics too.

Oh...yeah...and my own potting bench.
I don't have it quite done and truthfully, I don't want to put it outside until the 
weather here settles a bit.

I know eventually it's going to have to live outside year round but 
I'd like to make it through the storm season this year.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mod Mix Monday #103

I love the mix of things in this kitchen. It's very old and new.
Even the way the chandeliers are wired together adds interest.
I love a big antique mirror in a kitchen...so unexpected!
The cabinets are a little too rustic for my taste but I adore all else.

So much stuff I liked in this past week's Mod Mix Monday that I am featuring eight different things I loved.
That's ok, it's my blog and I can if I want to.

Here they are!
Revi of Revisionary Life showed how to create your own faux aged mirrors.
I have to say I'd been thinking about doing this myself. I love the look of aged mirrors but it seems a lot
of work to spot remove the silver from the back of a real mirror.
Why not just paint a piece of glass with mirror paint and age it?
I'm so wanting to try this. 
Revi Revisionary Life also painted this old cupboard shabby white. 
I really love the vignette on the top too.
Angela of Number Fifty-Three painted another lovely dresser. 
This time the perfect shade of blue.
Debbie of Debbie Dabble always has lots of color in her garden but look at her azalea bush!
It's incredible!
Cindy of Cottage Instincts painted this little table in Miss Mustard Seed's Kitchen Scale.
I love the way Cindy styled this with the blue green hydrangeas and blue canning jars and blue books.
By the way...my friend Amy is having a sale of Miss Mustard Seed paint.
Buy it here - Maison Decor.
Since it's in powder form, it is very easy and inexpensive to ship!
Lisa of Helene's Legacy organized her jewelry drawer using vintage china dishes.
I love this idea!
Melissa of Daisy Mae Belle created herself a quick and easy deck to cover an
ugly spot in her yard. She called it redneck but it looks pretty good to me!
Look how adorable this little bedside table is created by The Weathered Door.
It's a vintage suitcase with mid century legs attached.
She styled it great too.

Now on to this week...
Share below.
Remember anything old made over to be new...anything new changed up to look old.
New and old together...
Please include the Mod Mix Monday logo and back link to me.
Use a permalink to your individual post not to your entire blog.

If you link up...I'd appreciate it, if you'd follow me.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Garden Chandeliers

The garden is a perfect spot for the romantic lighting of a chandelier!

The first holiday of the summer is upon us.

Happy Memorial Day!
I'll be sure to go to my neighborhood Arts Festival at least once.

and I'll be spending a lot of the weekend at 

selling lots of outdoor furniture and cushions I expect.

These are some of my favorites.
Much of this is 20% off through Monday.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spring Front Porch

Not Perfect....but it will do for now.
I must say it seems pretty frivolous to be fluffing my porch when many here have lost 
not only their porches but their homes. 
But....I am.

The weather was very nice this afternoon so I got out a few new things I'd bought
for the front porch.

Alas, when I cleaned the porch the other day my outdoor rug literally 
fell apart. I'd had it outside for three years.
It was looking worn on the side nearest the street where it got walked on the most.
I thought I'd turn it around and use the other side that was less worn..but when I did,
it just started splitting all over. It just came apart.

Now I'll be on the hunt for a new one. 
My porch looks bare without it.
I added a new pillow to the mix of pillows on my settee.
It's from Pier 1, of course. I bought it recently on clearance.
A couple of lanterns from Pier 1 too.
Hmmm in these photos they look way bluer than the window paint but in person 
they are very similar or at least I thought they were.
See it needs a rug again to pull the area together. 
Or I'm thinking I need a wicker settee out here instead of the iron one.
I have too much iron going on...I know that...but it will have to do for now.
This is the same space with a rug in place.
Better with a rug I think.
Bought the lanterns just because of the color.
Franklin watched every move I made from the window.
The porch still needs a few more ferns.
I love the view from the porch into my house. It always looks so warm and inviting.
The ivy around the porch is doing really well this spring.

But, at least my front porch looks better with the addition of a few ferns.
But I still need to tweak it.

I have all summer.....
or at least that is what I tell myself.

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