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Friday, May 13, 2011

Tissue Paper Flowers - The Tutorial

How To Make Tissue Paper Flowers
I've tried to load this post for a couple of days but Blogger was not cooperating.
Finally, today I was able to log in and create a post. 
Very frustrating not being able to post for several days. Did anyone else have this problem?
Supplies needed: Tissue paper, scissors, wire cutters, wire and fishing line.
I decided I needed another big flower to add to my wall bouquet.
So I used one package of tissue which was nine sheets. 
The packages I bought the other day had more sheets. 
Ideally, I'd use 12 sheets for a large flower but this package was only nine and it worked out fine.
Start by accordian folding all.
Twist wire around center of folded tissue.
Twist the wire so that it makes a loop. I used the loop to tie the fishing line to later for hanging.
You don't have to do this...you could just feed the fishing line through the wire but making a loop
makes it easier to attach because it's kind of hard to find the wire after the flower is all fluffed.
You can leave the ends straight and it will make a very nice flower or you can trim the ends 
into a curve or point. 
Pull each layer up one at a time. In order to make the flower or pom pom round...pull half the petals up and then turn over and pull the other layers down. So that you get a rounded pom.
Carefully pull up. Don't pull from the tips or the paper will tear.
It is a bit of a challenge to not tear these...just take it slow and pull carefully.
 The flower quickly begins to take shape.
This one I added to the wall bouquet.
I made a few more leaves too.
These are made exactly the same way as the flower but I only used 5 pieces of tissue and 
twisted the wire towards the end rather than in the middle.
I trimmed the tissue into points.
Then pulled the layers up. Leaf done.
Then I made smaller flowers. I first made one with 12 layers but that proved to be too many layers
on the smaller flowers. It was too hard to work with. Nine layers worked better.
Same process just smaller.
The flowers on the wall are all attached to one little nail. 
I just used varying lengths of fishing line. 
The big flowers hung and then as I went some of the smaller flowers just tucked in. 
All the leaves are just tucked in. So this will not hold up to a strong wind.
But there are no strong winds in my dining room.
A few flowers hung from the chandelier make it look like a party is going on all the time.
I like that. I like my house to look like a party might happen at any moment. 
The great thing about these tissue paper flowers is they add a lot of color and pizzazz for little money.
A package of tissue is 99 cents. You can make one big one from a pack or several small ones.
All the flowers in my dining room cost me about $10.

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Amy Chalmers said...

Hi Nita! Great tutorial, I love them hanging from the chandy! Hey your hands are so pretty!! Mine are so rugged. I remember Dave telling me I had great potato picking hands. (Gee thanks Dave) but he is right. lol.
Yes blogger was off for all. They deleted my last post..did they yours? I know they did others too.

birdie blue said...

utter gorgeousness, nita.

have an excellent weekend.

An Urban Cottage said...

Very festive. I think you should make a comforter for your bed out of them. Or a coat! That would be great!

Cindi Myers said...

So Pretty!!!
Love, Love, Love them!
I love that your home looks like a party about to happen!
How Happy!
I think I will decorate with them when (Prince) Harry and I get married! Ha! Ha!
Seriously though, I've been trying to stay off the Internet while on vacation and then when I broke down to cruise my favorite blogs...Blogger was down! I felt like it was a sign for me to get back outside and work some more in the yard! LOL!
Anyway, glad to see Blogger (and YOU) are back!
XOXO - Cindi

Ricki Treleaven said...

Yep...I am so *not* feeling any Blogger love right now. They stole two published posts from me and my new button that took me two hours to complete. *sadface*

I appreciate the tutorial. The wall hanging is perfect. This is yet another great, low-cost idea for a house full of girls! :D

Ricki Jill

PS I loved your fountain, too, in case you lost that post and comments like I lose mine!

Debra @ Life in a 320 square foot home said...

This is so pretty! I need some FLOWERS!!! Is spring coming yet???? At least it will feel like it is when I make these :)

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of them hanging on the wall! Xoxoxo

Teresa said...

fabulous.....just "pin" this on my Pinterest site....and it have already been re-pinned by others.
I think I will be making these in red, white and blue for the 4th of July float we are making.

Bring Pretty Back said...

Nita~ THANK YOU so much for the tutorial!!! I am making these for my dining room TOMORROW! I am so excited to make them I can't stand it!
I know! Blogger wasn't working for me either and it was killin' me!
Have a pretty day!

sheri said...

Love the fluffy flowers hanging from the chandy!

Thanks for the tutorial....I'm definitely going to give it a try.

Bring Pretty Back said...

Nita, OH Newman! Our Coco wanted to "get involved" with the bird as well!
Hubby thought to hang the basket in the tree. haha! Also ~ Oklahoma City is my favorite city in the world! Love everything about it, my husband has done some construction there . He built condo's called Central Avenue Villas kind of by Brick Town and I was in my glory to go visit him there. He also fell and had to stay in St. Anthony's for a week as well.
You are so lucky to live there! I would move there in a minute.
Have a pretty day and thank you for your comment.

Upscale Downhome said...

Beautiful flowers! It looks like a fun project to do with my nieces this summer. My boys won't have much do with flowers. :)

very merry vintage style said...

So pretty! These will come in handy--I do a lot of displays at work for cases and special events and of course there's never much of a budget! PS--your little tray behind your sofa holds some pretties--that blue glass and crysta piece look beautiful!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Nita, your home, your color choices, EVERYTHING SAYS SPRING!!!! I so wish I had time for these fun things, but summer vacation is coming for us teachers in about 4 weeks....YIPPEEEEE!

Love to you, Anita

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

Thanks for sharing this. I've bookmarked it for reference. The flowers are so pretty and you took some gorgeous photos!

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

These are so pretty! I have made pom-poms before, but yours looks so much better! Love your wall arrangement.

Lindy said...

Just came over to see what you were up to. I am never disappointed. Love your pom-poms and I love them on the wall. Cool idea!

Unknown said...

Cute! I haven't made these in quite awhile. I may need some above the bed in my guest room! Blogger has been CRAZY! I about never got my post to load. And forget leaving comments. Looks like it's all good now though.

Karen said...

Love your pom poms and flowers on the wall. It looks so pretty.

Comeca Jones said...

Blogger deleted several of my comments I had 19 yesterday now 14:( Oh well I didnt dare attempt to do a post so...Those are the cutest I love the colors you chose as well.

Lynne Moncrieff said...

Happy Pink Saturday
Such fabulous flowers. Thank you for sharing this tutorial.

Modern Country Lady said...

Hi Nita,
Yup, I did not even dare to post anything because the whole of blogland was complaining and there were error messages everywhere.
What a lovely tutorial ! I just adore this post, it's like being at yourr place and chatting to you , having a cup of tea.The flowers and also the colours are gorgeous.
Thanks for this lovely post and have a fabuolus weekend, and love to your doggies.

JoAnn S. said...

yep blogger was UNavailable when I tried to post.
your flowers are lovely, I have some crepe paper and I am going to try and make some and see what happens, thanks for the tutorial!!!
like the other lady, I would love to come have tea with you too

D.E. said...

First time visitor oh and I love your blog. Your project is so pretty. Thanks for the comment on my blog! :) Blessings, DE

The enchanted home said...

You make this look so easy..they are just sooo beautiful. What a great idea for a party. I am sending this link to my friend who is planning a shower for her daughter (she is having a baby girl) she could do these in pale pink..they would be stunning for her baby shower!! Just gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Nita, you make this lok SOOOOOOOOO eacy! 13 fingers here! Love what you have created with them.

Happy PS weekend ~

5 day GIVEAWAY, pop over

Brenda Pruitt said...

They're so beautiful and look so real!

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Those are fantastic! I'm chairing prom next year, and so need a couple of really blingy, good decorating ideas to fill space and create a color story. Want to come to Dallas and help me, LOL?!!
Thanks, Nita!
xo, Andrea

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Love the flowers Nita and thanks so much for the tutorial! The wall flowers are just gorgeous and I love the chandelier all decorated and pretty for an impromptu party! :)

Kathy said...

These are so much fun, what a great job!

Susan said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I'd been looking for a tutorial on making fabulous paper flowers and voila, here you are!!! These are so much fun and I love your wall bouquet!

Kelly @ Run With Glitter said...

I love this and I would love it if you shared it on the Glitter link party this week! http://runwithglitter.blogspot.com/2011/05/running-with-glitter-9-link-party.html

It's a Wannabe Decorator's Life said...

You are just too creative!!! I love that you used them on the wall like that! I have to show this to my daughter! Awesome job!

A Few Pennies said...

You have way to much talent. Those are beautiful!

very merry vintage style said...

Thanks for linking up to my Share the Love link party! I think you could be a wedding stylist!

Amanda said...

Thank you so much for posting this! This is definitely going to be my next project :)

Mary said...

Hi Nita, I wanted to thank you for sharing your masterpiece on Masterpiece Monday at Boogieboard Cottage! I love the colors you used for the pompoms.I featured it this week on my top favs and how you arranged them! Hope you're having a great week, Mary :O)

Christie said...

Hey Nita! This is so
beautiful!! have flagged it so I can try this! The cluster on the wall is the BEST! Hope you are well! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

Nina said...

I absolutely love the wall flower idea. You've inspired me to try this out in my house. I've already done the big ones for my daughter's room (and her 1st bday party) and they turned out great. You can see them grouped in the corner of her room on my blog here, http://diyprojectsbynina.blogspot.com/2011/03/my-pom-pom-corner-grouping.html

Thanks for the inspiration!!! I love it.

Debra@CommonGround said...

These are gorgeous, Nita. They look like peonies!! thanks for the how-to, and thanks for linking up!! xoxo Debra

Beth said...

wow! I know how to make tissue ball flowers, but mine have never looked this amazing. Very beautiful, the look lovely in your dining room:)!


Unknown said...

cool tutorial!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

I remember making these tissue flowers as a kid and I still think they are pretty as ever!

Okie Chic said...

Soo cute they make me smile!! I love all the colors you used so cheery.

Waseem said...

i like all the flowers.. it's makes me happy.

Mangalore said...

Nice pictures.

Unknown said...
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