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Friday, March 30, 2012

Sparkling Kitchens

When it comes to kitchens, I just can't get enough sparkle.
Glass, white tile, lots of silver and crystal.
I struggled with my own kitchen decor till I gave up color and just went
with white, black and silver.
The more stainless or silver touches, the better in my opinion.
Someday I'll have a stainless hood over my stove.
or perhaps a white and stainless oven too.
That island is pretty amazing.
I've shown this kitchen before.
The chandelier and metal top on the island just make this kitchen.
I've shown this one too before..really love all the silver in it.
That wallpaper is pretty great too.
Big stainless stove and hood...fabulous.
I'd be happy with this small version.
I never tire of the sparkle factor.

So I'm adding some more sparkle to my own kitchen.
A little stainless to be exact.

I just need to accessorize perfectly and then I'll show.

I never tire of a white kitchen.
I've always loved them and I love them now even more than ever.

You know when I bought this house one of the things I disliked the most
about it was the black faux soapstone formica countertops.

Once I gave up on color in the kitchen and just went with white, black and silver -
 it made all the difference. I really like them now.

I used to think that if I could afford to change some things in my kitchen that the black countertops
would be the first thing to go. 
Now they will be one of the last things I'll change.

Do you have things in your house you hated at first but now have grown 
to like or even love?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


and Missing

I'm wishing I had a space like this outside.
I need outdoor furniture and I need it cheap.
I've been watching Craigslist and the other night 
found a complete iron set - sofa, chairs and table for $50!
All it needed were some great cushions.
I was so excited...alas it was sold when I contacted them.
I'll keep trying.
But isn't that space ultra beautiful above?

I'm currently working on a little update to the kitchen.
You know me...if it involves an update it involves something inexpensive 
and done in a way not usually done.

I think it's going to turn out nice and I'll share as soon as I finish.

My kitchen has transformed in small baby steps.
Maybe someday it will be all I want it to be.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mod Mix Monday #43

Oh...I'd like to sleep in this room.
Hot pink and white with unexpected rattan benches.

Another Mod Mix Monday upon us.
Here are my favorites from last week.
Betsy of Betsy Speert's Blog shared her tropical bar.
Her little cottage is like stepping back in time to the Florida of the 30's or 40's.
Love it.
Robin "the" Decorating Tennis Girl showed off her back deck.
She has the most precious little cottage and her back deck is just perfect.
This pic so makes me wish my own back deck was covered.
Start at Home showed off her table redo.
I'm crazy for any table painted white and shabbied up.
This table just makes the room.
Cindy of Oakview Cottage finished up her fireplace makeover.
She refaced it and had a new mantel made for it.
Looks like it's been there always, doesn't it?
That is a good redo. One that looks like it was always in the house.
Perfect for her cottage.
Rani of La Maison Jolie shared these very french placemats she made.
Very chic especially in this setting.
Theresa of Momma T's Place redid a hutch which completes her dining room.
This room is so fresh and vintage...very Mod Vintage!

On to this week's mixes...

Remember anything old made over to be new...anything new changed up to look old.
New and old together...
Please include the Mod Mix Monday logo and back link to me.

If you link up..I'd appreciate it if you'd follow me.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Open House Sunday

Sunny Cottage in California
built 1925
You know how I love little vintage cottages.
This one has a spanish flair and exists in Los Angeles.
love the vegetation
stucco, iron work, vintage light....a welcoming threshold
windows and doors painted in blue
Amazingly tall windows for a small cottage.
I love the view of the banana trees.
Looks to me like they tore off the original tile and did a cement treatment on the fireplace.
That's a shame.
Still, look at the windows in this house!
Mr. Panther needs to go.
The view into the master
and into the dining room
Simple and pretty and I'm crazy for that chandelier.
This room thrilled me most.
The stove and all that white marble mixed with white subway tile.
I just want to run my hands over all of it.
Pretty vintage repro bath
Love the Peter Pan poster used on the wall in here.
Would love to do laundry with a view of the pool and all that marble.
This area could be ultra fabulous with a little styling.
pool for lounging
a lovely fountain on a gravel side yard

T'would be nice to live in sunny California.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


For No Other Reason
Than It's Spring!
I adore that image above.
The hodge podge wallpaper and periwinkle blue velvet sofa.
Plus it looks relaxed and comfy.
My wisteria is bursting out in leaves...no blooms of yet but soon...
But this one is amazing.
Oh, to have a spot like this to read a good book or just take a nap.
Hope you have a pretty Saturday.