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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Salvaged Kitchen Cabinets

 Yesterday I showed some of my favorite funky chic kitchens.
Today I'm going to go further and show salvaged funky cabinets and other storage solutions in kitchens.
I loved some of the comments from yesterday's post. 
Most of you were inspired. A few couldn't imagine working in a kitchen such as these.
One commenter loved the pretty things displayed above the stove but said
that it was impractical because of the kitchen grease that would accumulate. 
I hadn't even thought about that. 
I have a shelf of pretties above my own stove.
I don't have any problem with them getting grease on them...since I never cook with grease or oil.
I might sauté with a little olive oil or butter or balsamic vinegar but that is rare and it does 
not cause a greasy film on anything in the kitchen. 

So, personally I think it's ok to have pretties in the kitchen.
I adore those cabinets above. 
Just adore it. Notice the small electric stove top?
This would by a tiny kitchen in a tiny cottage.

 The black wire spice rack is the star in this kitchen. 
I was inspired by a rack like this when I came up with my own spice rack.
I actually wanted a little wire spice rack but came up with this instead.
It's the perfect size for the space I had available.
It's very handy to have a spice rack right by the stove.
I know many said it was a mistake when I installed it there.
They said spices should be kept in cool dark place but I use them up pretty quickly
 because they are always in sight. 
So it has not been a problem.
Just look at this row of cabinets and hutches! This makes for delightful kitchen cabinets.
Here industrial shelving does the trick. I'm really a fan of these shelves anyway.
I used to have some of these in my old office with seagrass baskets on them.
They looked pretty awesome.
Anyway...even though all this stuff is exposed in this kitchen...it still looks very nice. 
This kitchen really has shelves. Those there at the right remind me of the old metal bins
you used to see at hardware stores. 
This kitchen is too rustic for my own use but I do think it looks divine.
These shelves look like they'd be super easy to build. 
Love the industrial cottage vibe.
A pretty dresser in the kitchen is a welcome surprise at Maple and Magnolia.
A big sideboard makes for an excellent kitchen cabinet.
 This is kitchen of one of the girls of Vintage White Market.
She added the vintage turquoise cabinet to her kitchen.
Her whole kitchen is an amazing hodgepodge of salvaged items.
It includes a vintage stove and fridge which I love...want...need!
This kitchen is created from antique Indian cabinets placed side by side 
with a counter top built over to unify them. 
very nifty
Look how great a wood pallet looks on the wall for a dish cabinet!
Again...too rustic for my actual use but I really like the way it looks.

Just shows kitchens can really be anything these days. 
I love how bohemian and artistic these kitchens are!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

10 Funky Chic Kitchens

Here are 10 of my favorite funky chic kitchens from my
I'm thinking about kitchens because as soon as I get my dining room painted...
I'm moving on to make a few changes in the kitchen.
I love a vintage kitchen and especially one with quirky details like the following...

Do you like a funky unusual kitchen or one with traditional details?

I love a kitchen that uses pieces of furniture instead of cabinets.

The other day the top drawer under my range top came off the track and fell.
I haven't dealt with it yet.
Its just all slanted.
I'm sure the track is bent from the weight of the pots.
I actually really don't think there is that much heavy stuff in there.
I only have a few pots and they weren't even in when it fell.

So I've got to fix that.
I hate having a range top and these drawers below. I'd much rather have a stove. 

I wish I could just rip the whole thing out and put a stove in now.
I don't want to mess with fixing a drawer that I don't like to begin with.

But its years before I an get a stove...years...so...

I'll be fixing that drawer. 


Monday, February 24, 2014

Mod Mix Monday #141

So I got off work early today and took full advantage of having a few extra hours.
First, let's discuss that image above. 

I love so much about it. It's organized clutter. I've wanted one of those stacking bookshelves forever.
I really don't have a spot for it in my house but I love the way it looks here.
I also love the painted floors. 
I'm totally considering painting my floors but its way down the list of projects.

Aren't the little birdcages quaint mixed with Christmas lights?
Of course I love the paint finish on the bench.

Which brings me to what I did in my spare time today. 

I had a 25% off coupon for Sherwin Williams and I ran over and bought paint to paint my dining room!

I'm painting it the same color as the living room.

This will be a test...because I used Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint in Shoji White for the living room.
It took two full gallons. I thought it would take one.

I wasn't that impressed with Emerald. I did't think it was worth the extra $20.

I mean it was nice but not any nicer than other paints I've used. 

So today I bought the HGTV paint at Sherwin Williams.
With the coupon, it cost me $32. The other would have cost me $52.

The girl at the store acted like I was making a huge mistake.
But I've read reviews of both paints online and they really seem to be pretty evenly loved and hated.

Their Super Paint seems to have the best reviews but I wanted to try the cheapest.
Yep, I thought I'd give the cheap a try.

I painted a swatch on the wall and looks to me like it's going to be just fine. 
Smelled just about the same and looked the same. 

I'll let you know how it goes. I plan on painting Thursday.

I also started sanding the cabinet in the living room. 
I hoped to get a coat of paint on it but ran out of time after sanding.
This cabinet. I want it to have a really chippy finish. Hope to work on it more tomorrow.

Now on to my favorites from last week....
 Tin cans never looked so good. 
Natalie of Sette Design added some growing flowers and a little aqua tulle.
Suddenly...tin cans are chic....shabby chic!
 Ok, can you believe this? That's a refrigerator! 
Victoria of Trois Petite Filles painted her fridge and added wood embellishments.
This makes me want to paint my own fridge. 
Actually, I've been thinking about painting the handles forever.
This might get me going on that project. 
Back to this fridge...now it looks like a shabby antique armoire. Tres Chic!
 Penny of Penny's Vintage Home wanted to display a bunch of her vintage tablecloths.
She used them as chair covers! I love vintage tablecloths. I have a few myself that I haven't had out in ages.
This really makes me want to get them out and use them.
 Sarah at Church Street Designs showed how to dress like Downton Abbey.
Oh...this is just my thing. I'd love to do this!
Jamie of So Much Better with Age shared how she got high end vanities 
with marble tops for less!
Her bathrooms are dreamy. 
And then there is this...

just lots of pretty
Angela of Cottage Magpie has been busy reorganizing things at her house.
Here she added a display of flea market and thrift store art to the wall above her sewing station.
She even recommends a book to read to help you get motivated and clean the clutter out of your life.
I think I am going to order this book.

Now I'm really inspired!
How about you?

Share your Mod Mix's in this week's party below.

Remember anything old made over to be new...anything new changed up to look old.
New and old together...
Please include the Mod Mix Monday logo and back link to me.
Use a permalink to your individual post not to your entire blog.

If you link up...I'd appreciate it, if you'd follow me.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Open House Sunday

Yellow Bungalow
built 1920
A happy bright yellow bungalow in the Virginia Highlands Neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia.
I love the windows on this one.
Diamond panes everywhere.
A nice big front porch on welcomes.
Step into a bright large living room.
I don't know what is up with all those rug samples in the foreground.
Very distracting. You'd think they would have picked them up for these listing photos.
Other than that...I really like the decor of this cottage.
a collection of vintage paintings graces the mantel.
Lots of windows. Love the window seat.
I'd make that plant scoot over so I could sit down.
 Notice the tree trunk table? 
I really like all the french doors to the dining room.
I've seen bungalows before that have french doors leading to the dining room.
I think they are so pretty but don't know what purpose they serve.
Antler candlesticks....shall we count the trends we've seen in the house already?
1. flea market paintings
2. globes
3. antlers
4. tree trunk table
 Of course I'd prefer this kitchen in white. As it is, it would definitely benefit from stainless appliances.
I don't usually care about stainless appliances but they would make a difference in this kitchen.

This side of the kitchen is a bit odd. Yes, this kitchen needs some help.
Bedroom has a modern masculine vibe.

A little bathroom that will do. Notice the little mirror over the little sink?

I really like this room. It has a very mid century feel.
The table by the bed is an odd choice but I love the nook full of art.
Very pleasant bath. Love a claw foot tub, don't you?
Love the exposed brick.
The backyard looks a little wild but I like it. I love the brick wall back there and the fountain or pound.
I wonder if there are koi in it?
A brick patio provides a nice place to have dinner outside. 
Bungalows are always cheerful homes, don't you think?

Especially one painted sunny yellow!

see the full listing here

I hope you are having a Super Sunday!