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Monday, January 31, 2011

Huge Finial

Do You Recognize this?

This was my big $4 find at a thrift store back in December.
This is what it looked like when I bought it.
I knew it could be something fabulous.
A Big, Huge, Crazy, Nicknack.
It's almost three feet tall.
The electrical did work in this lamp and I put off making this transformation because 
I hesitated to take out the wiring just in case I did want to use it as a lamp.
But finally, I decided to just go for it. 
The moment I saw it, I knew it would make a great, huge, chippy, white finial.
I covered the hole left in the top that was left after removing the socket and wire with a small
wood finial that I bought at Michael's.
I did not glue it in place because as one reader suggested back when I first posted it -
it might make a really cool Christmas tree stand. 
I agree, I have a skinny pink aluminum tree that might fit in the hole.
Although I have not tried it yet.
Or I might put some great big huge tissue paper flowers coming out of it on really long stems.
Anyway...I wanted to keep my options open.

This lamp was made of plaster and had a few chips in it but after being painted I can't even find
them any more. 

Sorry, Steve (An Urban Cottage)...I know you voted for painting it a great color, adding a barrel shade and keeping it as a lamp.
I know this would have been fabulous....but I carried it around my house and just could not imagine it
fitting in with my decor...so I went with chippy white. 

in other news....

Today is my Blogiversary!

As of today, I've been doing this for a year.
To celebrate I had a CSN Stores Giveaway.
and the winner is #27

I'll be emailing you your code so you can go shopping at CSN!!!!

It's been a great year of blogging, due entirely to all the unbelievably talented, nice and thoughtful 
people I've met through this.

and finally....

We are awaiting a blizzard here in Oklahoma City that is due to hit tonight about 10 pm.
We are suppose to get ice first...which is the worst part.
Last time we had an ice storm...I lost trees.
I don't want to lose any more trees.

This is the first big snow of the year for us. We've only had some minor dustings up till now.
It was 75 degrees here on Saturday.
A friend and I were out running around and decided we were dressed way to warmly and now 
it's going to be like 10 degrees.

Do you have snow on it's way to you? 
I guess its hitting lots of places. 
I feel terrible for all of you that have already been hit this year several times.

I hit the grocery store yesterday and am ready to buckle down.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Dining Room Envy

I heart this dining room.
This is the dining room of Britt of 
She hand painted the walls herself.
Aren't they scrumptious?
Her dining room furniture is similar to mine or rather as mine will be.
I love the wainscoting in this room.
But really love the pattern on the walls.
She was inspired by expensive wallpaper and decided to blow the pattern up
and freehand paint it.
I think it's so much better than wallpaper.
Decorated for Christmas.
The rest of her house is just as fabulous.
She's working on redoing her kitchen now.

I love the color scheme of this home.
Please go by and see all her other wonderful projects and say hello.

I'm still taking entries for the CSN Stores Gift Certificate Giveaway.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Vanities

More Beauty

Seems like a long time since I've shown things around my own home.
I'm working on several projects and will show soon.

My Mom has an antique vanity she wants to give me. 
It's white and from the 1920's. 
It was my Grandmother's. 

I'll be bringing it into my home probably sometime this spring or summer. 
I used it when I was in college in my bedroom at home.
The bedroom I was rarely in because I was away at college.

Yes, my Mom built me a brand new room my freshman year of college in hopes I'd move back home.
This with my Dad saying THAT was not going to happen. 
And it didn't, I moved on to the first of many apartments.
But I did enjoy the room when I'd come home to visit.

It had periwinkle wallpaper with tiny little pink flowers (I still love that wallpaper) and
white ruffled curtains and lots of white furniture.

I liked the vanity then, but I wanted something more french but now I'm thrilled to have it again soon.

I already have a vanity in my now bedroom.
It is birdseye maple and I'm thinking I need a change.
I would paint it but would never paint over birdseye maple.

So I guess I might sell it. I don't know...but I have some time to decide.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


A Place for Making Pretty
And this one was recently created by my friend Amy at
as part of her master bedroom redo.
I've been using my antique jelly cupboard as a sort of dressing table in the hall.

see more of it here

Still taking entries for the CSN Stores Gift Certificate Giveaway.