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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Open House Sunday 14

Colorful Cottage
Another home in Morningside neighborhood of Atlanta
Tree house bedroom

 Then I found this unusual one in Oklahoma City
Nice little mid century ranch on the outside....but inside....
It's all glammed out.
I can't help myself, I love those barstools. Oh and the big clam shell on the island.
Like sleeping in a cloud...I would imagine. I love the lamps on either side of the bed.
Do not like the big black candlesticks. Not sure what I think about the antler chandelier in this room.
Kind of love this bathroom. It's such a crazy mix. Mostly its sparkly, which I like.
Love this very much.
Horns appear to be a theme in this home.
Great loungy patio furniture.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

MVL Giveaway

The Spanish Mona Lisa
Portrait of a Lady
Julio Romero de Torres
I recently discovered this painting done sometime between 1925 and 1930 by a Spanish 
painter by the name of Julio Romero de Torres. Isn't she beautiful?
You can see her in person right now because she's in an exposition in San Diego.
I think she is prettier than the REAL Mona Lisa by FAR.
But don't you think Julio must have been influenced by the daVinci one?
The Mona Lisa
Leonardo da Vinci
I have to say I never really saw what was so appealing about the Mona Lisa. 
Yes, she is iconic...but she isn't very pretty.

But to each his own.
Everyone has their own idea of what art is.
And today I'm offering you the opportunity to create your own art.
offers many options for printing art and photos on all sorts of things including canvas.

I'd love to do a super big print of the weenies on this stuff. 
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So here is the scoop

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Design Challenge

Help is on the way!
This is Debra's living room at
She recently asked all her readers to chime in on whether she should paint most of her furniture in 
her living room or not. She got tons of response and advice on what she should do.
Most of which she took. The results were a room she totally fell in love with again.

Now she probably would have done all these changes anyway....but it pushed her
to do them with everyone's encouragement and validation.

So this has inspired her to start a new feature called...
I know I'll probably be taking advantage of this service.
The idea is you send her a photo of some problem you have in your home.
Or something you are thinking about redoing and don't know
quite what to do. We will then all talk about it and give our advice as to what we'd do 
with the room or piece of furniture or whatever it might be.

Sounds like fun?...no? 
Sounds like the potential to hear some things you might not want to hear...perhaps?
Sounds like it might give you the push you need to try something new.
Also sounds like it could enable you to create something great you'd never thought of all on your own.
This is another project that Debra just finished where she painted a table and chairs she'd had and
asked everyone if she should paint them or not.
We all said YES. And look how nice this vignette looks. 
It so looks like Debra's style.

Anyway....I'm looking forward to all the interesting projects to comment on at
Thanks everyone for your nice comments yesterday about Harvey and me rescuing the little terriers.
We were pooped after all the dust settled. We went to bed finally about 10 am.
But every time we got up...Harvey went to the baby gate that blocks the entrance to the
dining room and living room.
He'd bark and sniff and look for the terriers. 
Finally, I had to just let him go in there and have a look and
a smell and then he was satisfied that they were gone.

The other day I posted photos of this kitchen.
The response was huge. Everyone loved it.
I got a comment yesterday from Sharon of
telling me that this kitchen is from a home in her native South Africa.
This is another great shot from the same home.
You can view lots more photos of this home and the kitchen photos much larger at
Lots of pretty greige.