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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Let's Make a Lamp!

Cloudy day here...the perfect day to make a little lamp 
for the kitchen counter.
I said the other day that I've been looking for a tiny
lamp for awhile to go with the other two tiny lamps
on my kitchen counter. I don't have under cabinet lighting and 
need the extra lighting there. 
I needed one more little lamp to place in a corner 
on the other side of the sink.
I could not find a tiny lamp anywhere but found this 
Christmas candle at Joann's for $3.99 and knew I could make it work.
 Here's my lamp parts. 
I bought that little ironstone creamer a couple of years ago 
and knew it was just the thing today for the base.
I will miss it on the kitchen shelf but hey...an excuse to find another!
 Just in case I decide I don't want to use this creamer as a lamp 
in the future I decided to attach the candle with double stick tape
instead of using a permanent method such as glue.
I have used this incredible heavy duty double stick tape on several projects
and it is a game changer!
 I made a trellis for my climbing rose with it. 
Sticks to bricks! 
But does not harm bricks!
See that post here.
 I also used it to secure the mailbox on my house.
I had hung this box but it would move and fall off
if the postman wasn't careful. And of course he
wasn't careful. A few pieces of this tape on the back
side and it's stuck tight. Never moves. And again it does
not damage the bricks. I could take it off if I wanted.
The trellis and the mailbox have been up since August
and doing great.
You can order this tape here.  
I am in no way affiliated with that company I just think it's a great product. 
So back to the lamp. 
The candle was not as tall as I'd like so I stuck a small cap from
a hairspray can to the bottom of it. 
I ended up removing the felt from the bottom. 
Tape did not want to stick to the felt.
Then a couple pieces of the tape on the bottom of the lid.
And stuck it inside the creamer.
 There you go!
 Stuck tight!
And finished lamp.
 Easiest project I've done... maybe ever.
Now I want to turn everything into lamps.
I know you can buy a lamp kit and make things into lamps.
I've done that before but this was even easier than that.
Of course this little candle only does a 7 watt bulb but
that's enough for my countertop.

Monday, January 13, 2020

It's My Life!

 You know how at the end of the year you feel like 
everything will be changed in the New Year?
Anything is possible. 
All the things you couldn't get done...
You'll some how be able to do everything in 2020.
Then come the middle of January the cruel realization 
comes in...that this is it. 
Things go the way they always go.
I did get my Xmas down and a little winter decor up. Very little.
I'm looking forward to Valentines stuff and especially Easter stuff.
Next weekend I think Mom and I are going to hit the Home and Garden Show
at the Fairgrounds. 
I love thinking about Spring.
 I bought this little snowy fox several years ago.
It reminded me of Franklin. 
I bought it shortly after he'd had back surgery. 
I tell Franklin he's my little fox.
 I've been trying to get a good photo of him but 
he doesn't like his photo taken.
Snapped this one real quick earlier today. But he was sleepy.
He is fully recuperated from when he had 
three exploding discs in his back. That was back in 2015.
I wish he'd take it easy. I'm scared to death he'll hurt himself again.
His latest thing he likes to do is run and jump up on the bathtub 
and hoist himself over into it.
I've found him sitting in the bathtub a lot 
over the past couple of weeks.
A very silly boy.
I'll be looking for him and pull back the shower curtain and 
there he is! Crazy pup.
 The other day I decided I needed a small lamp to go on 
my kitchen counter under the upper cabinets. 
I don't have under cabinet lighting but instead 
I have two small lamps under there and they make me very happy. 
You can see a bit of one behind that image above. 
I realized the other day I need one more to fully light my counters.
Well, you used to be able to find these
mini lamps everywhere. 
But now I can't find them anywhere at all.
All the ones I am finding use regular bulbs 
and are just a little too tall.

I have been all over town and can't find a little lamp.
Then I was at JoAnn's yesterday seeing if they might 
have something when I saw these Christmas candles and thought - 
"Hey that will work!" 
Regularly $9.99 but on clearance for $3.99.
I am going to use something around the house to turn it into a lamp.
Perhaps a sugar bowl, flower pot, gravy boat? Not sure what will be the base yet
but am pretty sure it will turn out nice. I'll post when I do.

And then...I found this stove online when 
 was looking up Vintage Look Stoves.
The brand is Hollman and it's available through Home Depot.
Priced under $3,000 for a 30 inch gas. 
I might need a 36 which would be more. 
Anyway...I want to upgrade my kitchen so badly and 
this would give me the french vintage look I crave at half the price. 

Mom recently said she wanted to help me fix up my kitchen. 
That would be money wise.
But I think she means new floor. Which is badly in need. 
Definitely not a complete overhaul.

But when I think of what I want redone in there it's 
stove, dishwasher, counters, sink, faucet, and backsplash

Way more than just a floor. 

So I think just do the floor but if I just do the floor it will have to be changed again 
when I eventually get the stove of my dreams. 
That is my rational for thinking I need a new stove now. 

I hope you are accomplishing more than I am in this New Year.

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