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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Open House Sunday

Shingled Cottage in Dallas
built 1923
I love a house sided in shingles, don't you?
You usually think of them by the ocean in the northeast but they look just as good anywhere.
I love the gray color of this home too.
And the wild landscaping!
The flagstone paths leading up to a rounded stoop is welcoming. 
This cottage is all set for the 4th with the flag hung outside.
Beautiful details inside. The color palette is very soothing.
Original sconces on the walls in here. I love the way there is an arch around the front door.
I wonder if there is a full entry or just a little space there?
I've seen many homes around here with similar fireplaces and they usually don't have mantels.
I think this one has been added and I love the look of it. 
A perfect solution for a not normal fireplace.
Love those built in shelves too on either side of the arched doorway.
Big windows all the way down to the baseboards is a very nice touch.
Diamond paned windows are always so cottagy. Love those.
This dining room is decorated sparingly. I think it might need a rug but little else.
I'd love to have a kitchen this big. 
Although I know it's not big..it's much bigger than my galley kitchen.
The person who lives here must be a serious cook to need two stoves!
Looks like there is a small mudroom beyond.
Hmmm...microwave is in a different area. That is a little strange but you work with what you've got.
Love the breakfast area. Sweet table and chairs. 
Another dining area? This one is part of the large family living area.
Nice solution for a super huge tv. Adore the drapes in this room.
Perfect spot to watch tv at night.
This home is quite large.
It looks small from the front but is over 3,000 square feet which explains this large area with stairs.
Very nice bedroom...it could use a little softening.
Love this tub and the fluffy white towels. Cute curtains too.
Lots of cabinets for storage but it's a bit boring.
Yikes! Even more cabinets on the other side. Perfect his and her's.
Here we go...all set up and ready for the 4th! Very cute.
My Mom would love this room because she is crazy for this type of shutters.
She has them in several rooms of her house and would have them in every room if she could find 
enough of them.
Another bath.
I love the huge windows in this house!
Isn't this the perfect bedroom for grandkids to stay in?
Looks like lots of fun could be had up here. Feels like a bunk house...or rather a medieval bunkhouse.
Nice spot to dine outside...Just imagine this with many pots of flowers.
This home is just pretty all around. I would want a patio right off those french doors...though.
That would be a must have.
Looks like the perfect place to have a Fourth of July picnic to me!
See full listing here

Google Reader is leaving us....if you use it...I have added a BlogLovin gadget on my sidebar.
I've been using bloglovin for awhile and really enjoy it.
If you follow me there...I'll follow you back.
Although, I'll admit...I like to just use my Blogroll to check on what everyone is doing.

Have a great Sunday...I'll be back later with Mod Mix Monday!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Colorful Patios

Bright Pastels used outside.
Aren't they pretty?
A few bright pillows thrown on an otherwise subdued sofa really makes a difference.
That pink rug doesn't hurt either.
This patio is just packed full of color.
Wow! so is this balcony! It's bright but feminine.
Just stick a regular chair outside for the afternoon. This one does nicely in it's 
fucshia and lime.
Just paint that old patio furniture in a happy color.
Ok, can't commit to big color on your patio furniture?
Just put lots of bright flowers about.
Looks like Marilyn enjoyed a pop of color on her patio!
Isn't that set wonderful?
That umbrella is just too much in a good way!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Silverware Caddy

I was contacted by Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts a few weeks ago asking if I'd participate in the
 Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts Cape Discovery Summer Crafting Challenge
They provided me with a $25 gift card to do so.

I was asked to peruse their Spring Children's Craft Catalog and choose a craft to implement.
I was told I could put my own spin on the craft.
Which I did....but it kind of spinned off in a whole other direction.
It turned out not to be a child's craft after all.

 I was to pick one of the 72 crafts.
I chose a jungle inspired planter to duplicate.
You can view all 72 summer crafts for kids here - 

Here's a link to the original craft at Jo-Ann's.

Well, I got to the store and realized that the space I needed a window box in...
I really needed two window boxes and I didn't really want to go over my $25 budget.

So then I spied this smaller wood crate and my brain wheels started turning.
After I found these lovely frenchy hooks in their garden decor... a light bulb went off.
I liked the look of the gray scrolly hooks and thought they would be a nice embellishment for the little crate. 
There were lots of great garden accessories. Many things I'd love to have.
I first thought I'd cut the hook part off and use them only as decoration.
But when those hooks turned out to be way too sturdy to even think about cutting off...I realized 
they would be perfect for holding something.
That is when I knew I was going to make a silverware caddy to use outside.
I bought all the supplies needed and did not go over my $25 limit.
Of course I wanted to do something to the finish of the crate.
I mixed up some vinegar and steel wool stain. Have you tried this? 
It's super easy and works very well. 
Just soak steel wool in apple cider vinegar overnight and then apply to the wood as you would any stain.
This stuff really works...so cover your work area or it will be stained too!
I bought wood beads to make feet for the crate and stained them also.
I let the whole project sit for a few days in which time the stain got dark...dark!
I knew I was going to white wash over the brown stain. 
So was not worried when it turned out darker than I'd hoped.
Here are all my supplies for the little caddy.
Two hooks - one for each side. Two glass containers also bought at Jo-Ann's, wood beads and some 
wired twine. 
I ended up not using the twine on this project but I'm sure I'll use it on something soon.
I applied a very light gray wash. 
Once done...I don't know that I needed to bother with staining it dark first but it did give it a depth 
of color...that I don't think it would have had if I hadn't gone dark first.
Here you can see that I attached the wood balls to the bottom with screws creating feet.
I was stalled for a bit about how to attach the hooks.
There were holes where you would have attached the hooks to a wall but I didn't want screws 
jutting through the inside.
In the end...hot glue was the answer.
I just hot glued them in place and that has worked perfectly.
You could make this same container but use decorative handles instead.
If you want this to have more of a country feel use mason jars for the silverware holders rather than the glass vases.
Here's the finished product. A sweet little silverware caddy.
You could use this for other things...place candles in the glass vases and it's a candle caddy.
Flowers in the vases and it's a chic country floral caddy.
But I was going to use it as a silverware caddy perfect for outside dining.
I whipped up these napkins from fabric I had on hand.
Little fairy roses picked from my garden provide a little color on the table.

I tell you...I've become a big Jo-Ann's fan ever since they sent me fabric to sew up in the spring.
See that project here.

I hadn't been in the store in a long time before doing the fabric review and I was very impressed 
by the wide variety of supplies available and even more so by the upholstery fabric, especially.
I've been telling everyone that asks about finding good outdoor fabrics to go to Jo-Ann's.
I do this at Pier 1 when I have a customer that can't find outdoor cushions they like...
I suggest recovering what they have using fabric they will find at Jo-Ann's.

Now - there is a little more to this challenge.
If I get lots of pins of the image comparing my project with the original inspiration pic....
That one above....I could win a Jo-Ann $100 gift card.
Just pin to Pinterest and use the hashtag #summerofjoann.

If you go to joann.com now by using this link -
You can sign up to be a Preferred Customer and you'll receive a 20% off coupon.
For those that want to pin without the comparison photo...here's another version for you.
So far I'm really enjoying this summer....all five days I've had of it.
I burned my fingers silly hot glueing a lampshade the other night...I'll show that soon.
I made it for the Goodwill lamp I made over...I'll show it too of course.
It used to look like this....
Now it has a new base and is painted.
I'll show it very soon...plus another craft I whipped up.

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