Monday, March 2, 2015

Mod Mix Monday #182

Wow! That is one Big Mod Pink Chair!
Isn't she pretty? Love Love Love her!
Wish her were mine.

For all who have inquired Violet is still doing well.
No seizures since getting on phenobarbitol. She only takes it once a day.
It makes her a little sleepy at night but other than that...she acts fine.
I'm hoping this is the answer.

Now let's party!
These were my favorites from last week's Mod Mix Monday party.
 Joan of Scavenger Chic made this pillow using old letter's of her Mother's.
What a great way to preserve family mementos.
Christine of Little Brags made over her entry. It reminds me of a ski lodge.
I'd say it's Winter Time Chic.
Darrielle of DD's Cottage created another masterpiece. I adore this piece of furniture!
This little desk is from Darrielle too at DD's Cottage
I know I would have passed right over this desk in it's before stage.
But it's cute as can be painted green.
Paula of Locksley Lane re-upholstered this little settee.
Isn't it precious?

Please join in this week's Mod Mix Monday!

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Open House Sunday

Sweet Little Cottage in Atlanta
 built in 1949
This little house as all kinds of curb appeal.
 I love the way the driveway attaches to the front walkway and curves around to the front steps.
 very pretty front door.
 There is a tiny front entry

 The living room is bright. Freestanding cabinets mimic built ins on either side of the fireplace.
 love all the windows
 I really like the dining room with the mix of farm table and green chairs.
Love the bright floral curtains too and the chandelier.

 The kitchen is a simple galley one.
 But its got nice finishes.
It looks out over the deck
 Oh...this attic bedroom is very sweet. What about that pom pom fringed bed skirt?
It is pretty pretty pretty.
 A simple bath
 another bedroom
Oh...I liked that window shade, don't you?
 lovely little girl's room

 and the back deck
 This deck has great potential. It just needs lots of plants and accessories.

See full listing here

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pink and Gold

I'm obsessing about everything pink and gold lately...are you?
check those pom pom fringed pillows!
At work I'm always trying to lead people towards buy a Chesterfield 
when they are considering a leather sofa.
Unfortunately, most of the time...they go for a big squishy sofa over the tufted Chesterfield.
Personally, I like the way a Chesterfield sits. I think the stiffness of it is a plus.
But most people don't like the feel of it. That one above is amazing in silver.
gold touches and pink wallpaper
Mirrored furniture with pink is always good...but adds some gold and its really special.
Just a pink throw adds something special to this room.
I love how this piece appears to be dipped in gold.
Little bits of pink and gold jazz up this room.

Just my thoughts on pink and gold.

Update on Violet...she had a good day today.
She woke up acting like her old self.

Two days on medication.
I'm being very careful about what I feed her just in case that is part of the problem.

If all days could be like today...we'd be golden.
She was feeling very good.

Thanks to all of you that have written expressing your concern about her health.
I've also appreciated all of your suggestions.

Some of you I've tried to write but you are "no reply" in the I'm afraid
I am of late too when I comment on other's blogs.

I hate how when you change it automatically changes back to "no reply" after a little.

Very frustrating. 

We had snow here today but not very much.
Suppose to snow again tomorrow.
I'm hoping it will be a light snow again.

Spring will be here soon...I can't wait.

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