Monday, April 21, 2014

Mod Mix Monday #149

Super late getting this up...I know.
I had a nice Easter although a little strange.
We went to a Chinese Buffet! 
It was delicious...although not the typical Easter fare.
Last night I just fell asleep and didn't get this sorry about that.
Here are my favorites from last week's Mod Mix Monday!
 Patti of Old Things New shared photos of her daughter's adorable vintage apartment.
 Melanie of Lost and Found painted up a very cute dresser.
 Christine of Little Brags let us see her very own Easter Bunny. 
He lives at her house year round. Isn't she lucky?
 Darrielle of DD's Cottage painted up an old french mirror. It's divine now!
 Notice how pretty all is in the reflection! 
 I love Butterfly and Bungalow's kitchen so every time she shares it, I pretty much show it.
Look at the eggs they colored for easter and the pretty roses from her garden. 
But what always gets me is her frig!
Pennsylvania French painted this art deco vanity, named her Tansy and gave her a back story.
I love the story she came up with. You'll enjoy it too.
Donna of An Anglo in Quebec placed grocery store flowers all about her home to add a bit of early spring. 
I'm partial to this pot of hydrangeas. This shot looks straight out of a magazine...doesn't it?

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New and old together...
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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Thinking Easter

 via I adore Easter.
It's full of all my favorite colors.

I didn't decorate this year....I just had too much going on.
I did buy a little bunny the other day at Hobby Lobby on sale.
She'll be pretty added to my things for next year.

You can see what I did last year on this post.

And here too.

Since starting the new job...I've met so many nice and interesting people...
I've decided I'm going to start sharing their stories here.

We'll start with the 65 year old man that came in the other day to purchase two twin beds.
He and his new wife were adopting two teenage boys.

He met his new wife on Facebook a little over a year ago. 
Seems they knew a lot of people that knew each other. 
They had both lost their spouses to illness a few years before
and decided after visiting on Facebook to meet up.

They met at a Denny's and that first date lasted four hours.

After marrying his new wife, he learned that she had two great nephews whose parents were
involved in drugs and in prison. 

The two boys had been in different foster homes since they were little, now 15 and 18
they were coming to live with him.

He said in his previous life...he had two grown. 
The boys have already come and stayed many weekends with him and he was so excited to 
have them come live permanently. 

He HAD to have the twin beds by the weekend for their new room at his house.

He left telling me about all the activities he had planned for them and how he'd already
arranged for one of them to have a car to drive. 

He was so excited to have these boys in his life and filled with hope to bring happiness 
to them. The two boys grew up apart. This will be the first time they've gotten to see
each other every day and live in the same house since they were like 5 and 8.

The least I could do was help him find the right beds.

Oh...I love the stories of the people I help each day. 

More to come....

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Drop It or Swap It

 I've got a new sponsor over there on my left hand sidebar.
Check it out this week...

Ann of Tarnished Royalty started up a new party.
Each Wednesday you can link up anything in your house, wardrobe, garden, etc...that you've
decided you don't want any more. Link it up and see if someone wants to swap
you something for it.
Sounds like fun...doesn't it?

Here are some of the things that were listed in last week's party.

I'm diggin those shoes, myself.

So I had two days off this week.
Day one...I slept. That is it. That is all I did.
Oh...fed and watered and let the dogs out but other than that....
I moved from the bed to the sofa.
I watched TV I'd missed but dozed through most of it. 
It was the first day of nothing I'd had in about two months.

I don't now how you women do it that have kids to take care of and husbands to feed.
I just have to every once in a while have a day where I do nothing but sleep.

Good news is...I'm not depressed. 
Sleep is my drug if I'm depressed. I just go to bed and hope that all will be better when I awake.

This time I was just bone tired. 

Today I'm better and trying to get things done around here.
Plan was to paint the dining

Well, that didn't happen. Did anyone really think it would?

I hoped I would...but I was just too tired.

I don't know what I'm doing for Easter. I might be doing nothing.
Which makes me sad...but sometimes that is the way things go.

I haven't talked much about the weenies lately.
They have been very understanding of my new work schedule...
they were happy to sleep all day with me yesterday.

Franklin is getting sweeter and sweeter. He's two now...and that is when they start
to settle down and really be dogs.
He's still full of fun...but paying more attention to me.
Kissing me more...which is always good.

I found a new food for Violet and she's doing really well on it.
She has terrible allergies. 
Right now I'm feeding her Wellness Dog food...grain free.

She didn't sneeze once yesterday. 
And she's good today too. 

She seems to be allergic to grain and chicken. 

Wish I'd known this when it all started happening.
I spent at least $1,000 trying to figure out what was wrong with her.

Only to discover she got immediately better when I switched her food
which was done really by accident.

If you have a dog sneezing a lot and coughing and her nose is all snotty, get them checked at the vet
but if the vet is perplexed....try going grain free and chicken free. 
Poor Violet suffered for six months before I knew to do this.

Hope you are having a Happy Wednesday!

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