Sunday, September 29, 2019

Open House Sunday

Well, the title of this page is deceiving. I have struggled of late to find houses I wanted to share.
So today I am sharing a couple of places on the outside. I have been out and around town a lot lately and these two places really struck a cord with me.
This first one is such a lovely example of mixing modern with traditional.
I love this house! It's kinda all by itself in an iffy part of town - empty lots on either side and run down houses on the rest of the street. But that part of town is changing rapidly and one day it will have neighbors befitting this home. 
 A little closer look.
 This little 1920's apartment complex is so charming. Kind of Melrose place-ish.
 The courtyard comes to life at night. This is close to Paseo so I imagine artists living there.
Probably not, but that's how I pretend it is.
Early in the week I procured this. I have wanted a potting bench or bakers rack for the back deck forever. This one will do nicely. It needs a paint job. That will have to wait till spring, most likely. 
I can't wait to fill it with plants, flowers and accessories.
This photo is from the listing. I found it on Facebook Marketplace.
I have been searching for the perfect bakers rack for at least a year.
This is the perfect one!

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Day Trip

to Guthrie, Oklahoma
 Last weekend I took a little day trip to Guthrie, Oklahoma. This town almost seems as if time has stood still. It was the original Capitol of Oklahoma till 1910. I had always heard the state documents and state seal were stolen in the middle of the night and the move was made. But I just read up on it and apparently an election was held to decide where the capitol should be and Oklahoma City won the election. Although Guthrie was not happy about it. Guthrie is only about 35 minutes north of downtown Oklahoma City but seems a world away. There are many housing developments outside of the town but the downtown of Guthrie and town proper seem to still be in the Victorian age. I had not been there in many years and was surprised to find it much the same. 
There are many Victorian homes in this town and the Victorian downtown still stands.
 This is just one of many amazing Victorian homes in Guthrie.
 But this was my main reason for making the little trip. I'd seen this vintage garden gate on Facebook Marketplace and knew I had to go get it. I have been in desperate need of a new gate. I wanted a wood one but just have not gotten around to building one. I have patched my existing gate many times to get me by and it's on it's last legs. It was never a nice gate to begin with.

I remember the day I bought this house my Mom exclaimed -
"What a nice gate and carport!"
Both things that were just awful. But that's my Mom.
She only sees the good.
The carport has long been gone. Thank goodness. It practically removed itself.
Falling apart a little more after every bad bit of weather.
 Here's the gate setting in it's new home. Now I have to buy poles to install it on and hinges.
Another project. But I got this gate at a good price and I think it's pretty. I will probably paint it and add some metal scroll work to it to make it prettier. The main thing is it's very sturdy and will keep those pesky weenie dogs in their yard!
 Back to Guthrie - Another lovely large home.
I'd love to sit on the porch of this one and have a glass of ice tea.
 Now for some photos of downtown. I went in and out some of the antique stores while there.
 Very unusual architecture. It's Victorian but rustic at the same time.
 Look at the details!
 It was hard to get a good photo of this one. The sun was behind it. This town is a mix of Old West and Victorian sensibilities.

And finally, I had lunch with a friend last Wednesday - Elaine. She gifted me this lovely scarf.
She knows I have a thing for flamingos. It's almost too pretty to wear. I draped it in the living room for a few days as I like to pretend I live in a place by the ocean during the summer and display flamingos and shells. It's still hot here. But I'll be getting the fall stuff out this week.
Today when I was out watering I thought geez it feels as hot as ever! 
Looked at my phone and it said 91 degrees but feels like 98. Well that would explain it. 
It is still hot.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Fall at The Feathered Nest

One day last week when I should have been doing something constructive - I instead went browsing at one of my favorite shopping spots. The Feathered Nest in Warr Acres near Oklahoma City.
 This place never disappoints. Here is their Facebook page.
Lots of pretty fall displays to get you in the mood for cooler weather.
It's still in the 90's here.
 Love that gray cubbie.
 Lots of cream, greige and wood tones in this booth.


I considered buying that little alabaster lamp for my kitchen but in the end left it. It was too yellow.
 I'd never seen this china pattern before. It's Spode. I love that it has dogs on it!
 If I had money to burn this would have come home with me to set a Thanksgiving table!

 That mossy green ribbon really does it for me in this vignette.