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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Million Dollar Decorators

Let's Review
I'm sorry...I've been lax and have not given you weekly updates 
on Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators.
This was last week.
Yes, other things happened but this is all I remember 
or care to remember.

On to this week....
Mary helped Nathan decorate for an Indian themed party.
Nathan decided when he went to India that it was a waste of time 
to feel bad for how impoverished 
the people of India are because as a whole they 
seemed happier than his Beverly Hills' friends.
Mary said Nathan should wear a turbin to the Indian Party.
This party was shot by Elle Decor announcing his Indian stuff 
for sale on One King's Lane.
Nathan and Mary love each other. 
He calls her Mam and she makes him wear stupid hats.
I said Mary was the Evil Queen last time...
but I've changed my mind.
I think she just has a harsh delivery. 
I think she actually finds humor in everything but the way she 
says things it comes across as mean.
Rumor is that the character of Karen on Will and Grace was based on her.
I can see that.
This woman, the wife of the Max Factor heir is wicked hateful....
I'm pretty sure she is a vampiress. 
But they are working on her beach house and vampires usually don't live at the beach. 
Too much sun.
She is incredibly mean to our Kathryn.
This is Kathryn shocked by what is coming out of her client's mouth.
I have to say this whole exchange reminded me of myself and my last boss.
But this is Kathryn Freaking Ireland....you Max Factor heiress/wife blood sucking freak! 
I'm sure if this weren't a tv show, Kathryn would have walked out ages ago.
This client is so disrespectful.
Jeffrey and Ross have a meeting about a restaurant design...
"Well, it's not bright yellow" says Ross about a bar stool the client wants.
(I understand you, Ross....a pop of color is everything and can make or break a project)
This guy, their client, has just questioned paying three times 
more for bar stools that are yellow.
He's shocked by the cost but probably more shocked to realize 
that he is attracted to Ross and therefore must be gay. 
I bet they get the yellow bar stools.
And this guy is probably not gay....Ross is just irresistible to all.
Martyn decorated Daisy Fuentes's apartment. 
So far nothing he has done on the show looks 
anything like the work we see from him in magazines. 
He must be saving the good stuff for his real clients not his show clients.
This episode he actually says the words..."lacquered goat skin".
That apparently is what Daisy's coffee table is made of. 
Really? How is that even possible? 
And if it is possible...why oh why?
Jeffrey and Ross take a bath.
Go away Jeffrey...

I want to be alone with Ross.

There also was some decorating....

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Old Silver Trays

Thrift Store Goodness
I bought these silver plated casserole trays a few weeks ago at a local thrift store.
I love the detail of the legs on this one.
I had several ideas of different things I could do with them. 
So many actually, that I'm on the look out for more.
I bought a little wood at Lowe's and tiny wood trim at Michael's and came up with this.
I made a tiny shelf out of the wood and painted it silver with a little black glaze. 
It totally looks like metal now.
I attached the little shelves to the fretwork of the frame with tiny screws.
 I hung them using picture frame wire. I kind of have a thing for picture frame wire. 
I like the look of it all twisted around the legs.
I've never had a spice rack my whole adult life.
I'm always digging through the shelves trying to find the spice I need.
I won't have that problem any more. 
Only problem with this is I need pretty bottles for all my spices.
So now I'll be on the look out for them. I like the Archer Farms (Target) bottle.
But some how I only have one spice in that kind of bottle. 
Anyone have any suggestions where I can get some really great spice bottles?

My new spice rack would really be pretty with all matching bottles and labels.
I wanted to wait to show till I'd done that...but who knows how long it will take me to 
acquire them. 
So you'll just have to imagine what it will look like with pretty bottles all in a row.

I filled glass salt and pepper shakers with all my spices and put them in the spice rack.
So much better.
You can see the entire post here.

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