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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pink Sofas

Pinky Swear
Sorry, no pictures of the dining room yet.
I'm working to get it all done for the home tour next week. 
I may show parts of it soon but we've had no sun here so haven't been able to take photos.
So instead, I thought I'd share photos of pink sofas today.
Yum, I love this mod pink sofa mixed with a modern toile wallpaper.
That sofa looks like a big hunk of strawberry taffy.
What about that pillow? Really love everything about this photo.
My own sofa is pink.
That was the one thing I knew for sure. I wanted a pink sofa.
I consider pink a neutral. Almost any color looks wonderfully paired with it.
I don't think its a risky choice at all.
See how good that sofa looks with a black dog?
Here's Violet sitting on my pink sofa. 
I went looking for a good shot of my sofa and discovered I don't have any.
Well, here's a little of it from Christmas. 
I never show a long shot of it because then you see the ugly brown dining room furniture behind it.
But that is a thing of the past so expect lots of photos in the future of my own pink sofa.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A New Direction

More Spring in My Yard
More Daffodils popping up.
My neighbor's huge pot of pansies and violas.
My little "White" Red Bud Tree.
This tree makes the perfect Easter tree but spring came early 
and Easter is late this year, 
so I guess it will have leaves on it before I hang eggs all over it.
Usually, it has blooms and eggs.
Of course I am still thinking about dining rooms a lot. Look at that collection of seltzer bottles!
I headed out this morning in search of the perfect fabric for my chairs.
I shopped a couple of places and didn't find anything that really made my heart sing.
I was thinking I'd do neutral.
Something similar to these. 
I really like it when the chairs are a different color than the table but my chairs are the same color.
So that made me feel like the chairs needed to stand out some how.
(built 1938)
I came across this house online the other day. You know how I love a tudor.
Hope you aren't sick of them. I am interested in them because they are similar to my house.
I really like this fireplace. Love the little pom poms on the window shades too.
Interesting how this home is decorated in a mix of neutrals, pink and black.
What do you think of this room? I love the black chairs mixed with the white. 
I like the black cabinet but in my opinion it needs to come down on the wall a bit. 
It's too high up. I like these window shades too.
So I searched for fabric this morning and then came home for a little bit. 
I was going to go back out and thought..
"I might as well look online for fabric to get a better idea of what I want."
And then a plan struck me, a marvelous, wonderful plan. 
All of a sudden, I knew what I was going to do. 
I found the perfect fabric online at Fabric.com.
Instead of going back out to search all over the city, I just ordered online.
Ta Da! Done!
I'm going to do something unexpected. 
I can't just do what everyone else does...now can I? 
What is the fun in that?
I do hope the fabric comes quickly. I'm excited about it now.
And this is the fabric I ordered! 
No...not really. 
But it is cute and now I'm wondering why I didn't order a yard to make a pillow or something.
Yes, I need some of this. But this is not what I am covering my chairs in.
Wait till you see! I think it's going to be divine and very Nita-ish! 

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Cloudy, rainy day here. I needed a little color pick me up.
I was going to show a few things around my house but its been cloudy since Saturday 
and I haven't been able to take any good photos.
So these will have to do.
I'm out shopping for fabric today for my dining room chairs.
I have no idea what I'm going to go with. 
I'm hoping something just hits me when I see it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Outdoor Bed

Remember This?
Last week I posted this picture which was from the home tour I did of this house.
See the whole tour here.

I thought that bed was a dream and something so hard to find to incorporate into your garden.
But then....

The new Pottery Barn catalog came on Saturday and look what's in it!
Wow! An outdoor canopy bed is now available for the masses.
Now, the masses don't include me. I can't afford Pottery Barn because I work for myself.
But I'm sure there are lots of people out there that can. Plenty of my friends can.

has really stepped it up.

I used to not be into Pottery Barn but I have to say lately they've had things more to my liking.

Things have definitely gotten lighter and brighter at Pottery Barn.
I don't like dark colors and I think that is why it didn't appeal to me very much before.
These metal stools are fantastic and not too expensive.
I want this giant shell. To hell with my no shells unless I live by the beach rule.
I talked about bar carts last Friday (here) and look at this one that PB has.
Very nice.
Actually, I think this would make a very cute bar.
It's on sale for $149.
I'll still keep searching thrift stores for mine though.
I could really go for this potting bench. Here it's being used as a bar/potting bench.
I totally have a spot where this garden gate wall thing would work on the back of my house.
Well while I'm at it, this whole group would work nicely on my deck.
I'd use this daybed outside...but look at the mirror hung on the stack of suitcases.
That is inspired! I absolutely love that.
Very pretty chandelier. If I didn't have all vintage chandis...I'd be so tempted by this one.
I can't help myself....I love this floral huge umbrella.
How happy is that?
These door panels would add instant architecture to any room. 
I'd paint these chippy white or perhaps distressed turquoise.
Ok, this is just a summer dream. 
What a fantastic setup for watching a movie under the stars.

Thanks for humoring my little fantasy shopping trip.