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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Open House Sunday!!!!!

built 1939

Well.....it's been a long time....hasn't it?
I never meant to be gone so long but your know life gets very busy these days.
I'll catch you up with what I've been doing in other posts. 
Not that it's fascinating. It's not.
I've been working as an Interior Designer for a couple of furniture stores. 
I'm still designing...but for the moment not affiliated with any store.
Let's get on to this week's house.

That house above used to belong to my cousin.
She and her husband sold it back last fall because they wanted a mid century house 
near the lake.
And they got that.
Now they spend every afternoon at the lake after work. 
This house is in the historic Cleveland neighborhood in OKC.
My cousin, her name is Stacy didn't like the house. 
I always knew it had great potential. 

I wish I had photos of the inside from when she lived there. 
It was a great house just not her kind of house. 

Here is the before on the outside -
As you can see it has lots of room for improvement.
It was an old house without much character.

Now it's cute. The outside is not what I would have done to it but you have to admit it's an improvement and probably was not to expensive to do. 
Since this was a flip, I'm sure they were trying to not go crazy with the budget.

 Inside it's staged to perfection. All set for a nice millennial couple.
I can't remember what the original fireplace looked like. 
This one is a little minimalist for my taste but but I think the original one was nothing
special so I really have no objections.
 Mom and I went by to see this house last weekend. The realtor was young in his 20's and an older gentleman (Biden's age) came through the door while we were there and yelled
"Who staged this thing! I need their name!"
I thought it very funny. The man was dressed in overalls. He did not look like a person
that would even know what staging was.
I hope the realtor gave him the info.
I thought it hysterical. Mom didn't hear it.
Mom can't hear anything. She is practically deaf without her hearing aids and she 
has lost both of them at present. 
Probably the dog ate them again.
I do love how modern and colorful everything is in this staging.
 There used to be a large arched door way here. I do love those. 
I have that in my house but I'll admit this being wide open is 
nice in this house. Very nice.

 This room is just to the left as you come in the front door.
A little study. Originally all knotty pine. 
So much better painted all white.
Stacy's husband liked the wood color so they never painted it.
You know how men are - they like to be surrounded by wood so 
they can pretend they live in a cabin.

Cute little corner fireplace.
Now let's get to the jewel of this home - 
 Used to be nothing special about this kitchen but look at it now!
 See the cabinets past the Fridge?
The top part is a pantry but the bottom part contains front loading washer and dryer.
The hook ups for these were always in the kitchen.
But what an amazing way to make them look great.
You just assume that's all storage. You'd never think there was a washer and dryer hiding in there.
Kind a love that!
 The green of the cabinets is darker in person. 
But the whole space is really lovely. 
Very much so.
 Upstairs a sliding barn door to the bathroom.
I am way over these sliding doors. Very tired of them but I admit this one
looks nice here but I think I would have just gone for a regular door although this 
does go with the decorating vibe of this home.
 It's a small bathroom but high in style.
Are you sick of subway tile? I should be but I still like it a lot.
 Master is large and overlooks the quaint neighborhood.
Of course every Millennial couple has to have a teepee in their kid's room.
There is a third bedroom too but it was not staged.

See the full listing here.

I hope to reconnect with all of my friends whose blogs I so enjoy reading.
I'm still very happy in my little cottage.
Not much has changed around here because I've been too busy working but I'll 
be sharing things soon.