Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Kitchen Talk

Pretty things in the kitchen
 I'm obsessed with Kitchen stuff.
I go to sleep at night dreaming about 
how I want to redo my kitchen.  
I moved into my house almost 15 years ago.
When I moved in the kitchen was painted red and 
the backsplash was black and white tile.
I quickly painted the walls a cream color and later
covered the black tiles with white vinyl cut to fit.
That immediately made me like my kitchen. 
I hated those black tiles.
I quickly learned those black laminate counter tops would
dictate my decorating choices in here.
As far as laminate goes they could be much worse.
They look like dark soap stone.
But I soon realized nothing looked good on them except
white and silver and a little wood.
I have embraced them and enjoy having little vignettes.
A tray under a group of objects immediately elevates those items.
It makes for a much more pleasing arrangement.
 A few weeks ago I shared how I made a lamp for this room.
I love having little lamps on my counter top since I don't
have under cabinet lighting.
I was having a hard time finding small lamps so I made one.
But a couple of weeks ago I found this one at Hobby Lobby.
 It looked like this when I bought.
Of course I had to make it was too drab like that.
A little chalk paint and sanding and I had 
the perfect little lamp.
Now I am thinking I might need one more.
 These dark counters drive me mad. 
I wipe them down and instantly there are little white flecks
of this and that on them. 
They show everything.
So recently my Mom sold some land and she said
that money was going to go towards fixing up my house
and her's. She has been getting a lot of things done 
at her house. 
She told me to make a list.
Of course this has to be a reasonable list.
We can't go crazy.
I have areas on the brick outside that need to be repointed.
(new mortar put in)
That was priority one. Then the garage desperately needs
new garage doors and some other repairs.
But the floor in my kitchen is a disaster.
It's falling apart. It's a linoleum stick down tile
and it's just cracking up in little and small chunks.
So I will be getting a new floor.
Mom knows I have never liked these dark counters
and every time we are in open houses with white marble or 
quartz counters...I ooooh and ahhhhh.
So she said..."Plan on getting new counters too."
But if I get new counters...I want a new sink while doing it.
And a new faucet of course.
And new counter means I must have a new backsplash.
If I do floors - I eventually want a freestanding stove.
So that means changing the cabinets which would change the 
floor. So it would be a good idea to get a new stove now.
But I don't want a $700 stove. I want a $3,500 stove
or I'd rather not bother.
Remember this one?
 I also want new cabinet doors and to add moldings up to the ceiling.
A new dishwasher (cause the current one is black).
I could just cover the door with something till it eventually quits working.  
Anyway...I have no problem with letting my Mom get me a 
new floor and maybe a new counter top but the rest is just too
But all the little things arranged on the counter make me happy.
Perhaps all the big things will eventually happen a little at a time.
I usually don't like things in my house with sayings on them cause
I don't like anyone telling me what to do...especially a sign
in my house. 
But this little platter spoke to me because I so 
believe it's the simple things that make a life meaningful
and happy.

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Sonia said...

Love your kitchen accessories! How exciting to hear of your plans this year for your kitchen and yard. Seems there is always things to be done to our older homes. I've got a few bigger projects to do this year too. This weekend will finally warm up here! Can't wait!

CeCe said...

Make sure you DO put flooring everywhere you want it. You will be sorry if you really want a free standing stove. Get a dented one from the Sears dent store if you have to. You can always get the really expensive one down the road! Paint the outside of your dishwasher with chalk paint and put molding on it. You can do one thing at a time but getting the new sink if you change the counter tops is important. Ikea has very reasonable farm sinks!

Brenda Pruitt said...

I just redid my apartment countertops yesterday. The second time I've used GianiGranite products. This time I went for the $179.99 marble kit with epoxy. Except I didn't do the marble veining. The kitchen is small and I just wanted it bright and white. You might check out their products. The one I bought is the most expensive. The others I believe are all under $100. Cheap way to redo a kitchen.

Brenda Pruitt said...

By the way I just tried to subscribe to your blog but it said the page was missing. I get yours on Bloglovin though.

Julie B. said...

Sounds like you have some fun plans for your kitchen... and i love your countertop items! Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Turn About... Hope to see you each week!

Our Hopeful Home said...

I am SO with you on this! A few years ago I painted our kitchen cabinets white and then of course we needed a new refrigerator and then new bar stools and then . . . . you get the idea:) New floors and counters sound AMAZING! I'd be over the moon:) Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen

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