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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mod Mix Monday #178

Whew! Are you partied out yet? Seems over the past month it's just one party after another.
We've still got one more to go....New Year's Eve.
I'm going to a co-workers house to celebrate. 
I LOVE my new co-workers! 
I always love the people I work with but I have lots in common with this new group.
It's been a long time since I got to work with a bunch of other creative types and 
I like it!
I once worked with five other graphic designers a long time ago and oh....we had fun together.
So it's nice to be around people that get it that it's important for things to be pretty.

I wrote last about my Christmas Eve. It was a busy but enjoyable day.
By the way...my face did eventually peel from the jalapeno peppers on my hands.
As one reader pointed out...it's cheaper than a professional peel!
true, so true

Christmas Day was full of food and family.
We all met at my friend Shannon's house. 
We had a day of snacks and Christmas Dinner around 6.
We took it slow...watched Christmas movies, visited and I might have had margaritas.
But Mom did not know.

I don't know about you...but I'm ready to get back on track with house projects 
and ignore holidays for awhile.

There were many good things in last weeks Mod Mix...here we go!
 I am way jealous over this one. Diana or Adirondack Girl at Heart found these pale blue ice skates 
at a garage sale for $1. The blue shovel for 50 cents! She put them together with a vintage sled
she'd also thrifted awhile ago for just the best Holiday Vignette. I love it so!
Nancy of Nancy's Daily Dish sets a might amazing table for any time of year...but this is an especially pretty Christmas table. I really love the way she decked out her chandelier.  
Vickie of Ranger 911 added this super cute sign to her kitchen for Christmas/ 
I adore this little village Vickie (Ranger 911) set up inside a terrarium.
Darrielle of DD's Cottage shared her house all done up for Christmas.
So much good Christmas to see at her house. I love her buffet all decked out.
 And of course Darrielle has another wonderful makeover that I'm including this week.
If you think the outside looks good....you must....see....
 the inside!
Isn't that special! 
 Do you have special Christmas dishes? I think they are a must.
That said...somehow I DON'T have special Christmas dishes. 
I do not know how this has happened. 
I better get on that.
I've never seen that pattern before shown above.
I love the way the table is a mix of things and isn't it festive!
Pam of Everyday Living created this gorgeous table.
 There were so many lovely images from Mary Alice's Christmas Tour over at 
Chateau Chic...I had a hard time deciding which image to show.
This is another....Chateau Chic
What better way to end than with that furry little bunny from Christine at Little Brags.
Love the decor too! 

Please join in this week's Mod Mix Monday!

Remember anything old made over to be new...anything new changed up to look old.
New and old together...
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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

 I hope all of you make precious memories this Christmas.
This is not my best "looking" Christmas but sometimes you have to let your desire
for the perfect holiday go and just enjoy the moment.
 I bought a new tree this year...off Ebay and after buying; read in the details that it could
take as long as 15 days to arrive...and it did.

By the time I got the tree...my schedule was full of work and parties and no time for decorating.
So this year...I just have a tree up with lights and no ornaments and until about two hours ago...
my mantel had pumpkins and fall leaves on it!
I did finally a little before midnight on Christmas Eve quickly create a simple Winter Scene.

But it's ok....
Cause today was a great day. My life long friend, Pam came to visit with her husband and son from Memphis.
I only get to see them once or twice a year. We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant and then
spent the afternoon running around doing last minute shopping
which included both Target and a large super market.

And it was a great day ending in seeing a few Christmas lights around town as we raced back
to my house so that they could get on to their family celebration
and I could get over to a friend's house.
It was so fun for me to be out shopping with my friends on Christmas Eve.
I rarely get to shop with anyone. I usually shop alone. So it was really a treat.
Laughing and remembering the past good times we've all had together.

After saying good bye...
My friend Petra and I threw together a dinner of snacks, cheese and wine.
Her boyfriend was also in attendance.
Very spontaneous and yet just right.
While there I made

Cranberry Salsa 
using a recipe from a friend at work
it's similar to the one linked above but I used a little different ingredients.
see below

Fresh Cranberries
Green Onions
lime juice
fresh jalapenos 
and a little sugar.

I made it at Petra's cause I don't have a food processor.

Then I came home and wrapped presents while listening to my favorite 
Christmas CDs.
I haven't had time to do that at all till this night.

After that  - I went to wash my face and burnt the crap out of my skin and eyes
for although I'd washed my hands several times since making the salsa...
there was still plenty of jalapeno on my hands to burn myself.

It really hurt! Skin burning...eyes burning and every time I went to rinse using my hands
it just seemed to put more jalapeno on me.

I now have coconut oil spread all over my face and am hoping those jalapenos don't 
cause my skin to peel!


Dogs are all sleeping around me as I type this and even though
the tree is not decorated and the mantel is thrown together and the Christmas pillows never
got put out...it will still be a Christmas to remember.

I hope your's is too.

Nita and Pam
Christmas 2014

Monday, December 22, 2014

Mod Mix Monday #177

I adore the paint finish on the walls in this obviously old house.
The simplicity of the tree is refreshing. 
Speaking of a simple tree....mine is very simple. 
Right now it only has lights on it and that may be as far as it gets this year.
Or I might decorate it on Christmas Eve...since that might be the first chance I have to finish.
 Mary of Orphans with Makeup painted a buffet I admire very much.
But I love the way she styled this shot too. A perfect mix of natural and vintage.
Victoria at Trois Petites Filles painted a fabulous dresser and made it even more fabulous!
 Nicki of Tshirt and Jeans shared her Holiday decorations and I'm in love with 
this strand of shiny brite ornaments drooped across a map.
Su at Butterfly and Bungalow created the loveliest of Christmas decor in her home this year.
I'd like to sit for hours in that room above. It's so calm and dear.  
I'm in love with Mallori's dining room of Vintage Finds.
Love the brick wall with the rustic bits of white furniture and can we talk about those lamps?
I'm really loving those lamps. I've been wanting to do different lamps on my buffet and perhaps
I need something like these. 
 Jamie at So Much Better with Age gave us a tour of her home all 
done up for Christmas. There were many vignettes I loved but this 
tree built out of urns was a fave. 
Her living room is such a serenely decorated room too with everything in neutrals and white.
Darrielle of DD's Cottage and Design did another magical transformation.
You must see the before...it was hideous! 
I think that photo of the little boxwood wreath against the painted blue rustic surface 
is just about perfect. 

 Jody of Southern Seazons created the perfect spot to enjoy this joyful season on her front porch. 
I was so inspired by this...I went hunting or my own plaid blanket for my porch.
 Pamela of Pennsylvania French shared her fireplace.
It is very french, isn't it?
Just look at Cathy's super cute mantel over at Vintage Paint and More!
 Ok, now we all know where the Sugar Plum Fairy lives at Christmas. 
She lives at Penny's Vintage Home. This is just a whirlwind of sweet Christmas confection.
Cecilia of My Thrift store Addiction has a wonderful tour of her home all 
decked for Christmas. Of course I love this silver serving dish loaded with vintage ornaments.

Please join in this week's Mod Mix Monday!

Remember anything old made over to be new...anything new changed up to look old.
New and old together...
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