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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Open House Sunday

Follow the Yellow Door!
 built 1929 
in the Morningside addition of Atlanta
This old tudor has been modernized with bright color choices.
 Look how fun and inviting the front door is to this place - complete with gray and yellow awning.
 You step into the sun porch.
 I love how they mixed traditional with bright pops of color along with neutrals to create 
a modern and fun but still tasteful home.
 The yellow and gray color scheme continues into the front living room.
 Just enough yellow to make it a happy place.
 The yellow continues into the dining with the rug but the rest of the room goes cool blue.
 Love the art propped on the chair rail.
 I love that they did a nice classic kitchen in this home instead of something very modern.
  The sitting room off the kitchen has pops of orange.
 A single man friend of mine recently bought an orange sofa without consulting me. 
Everyone told him he'd made a mistake.
He loved it and just bought cause he liked it but then was regretting the decision because everyone told him he should have bought neutral.
I told him not to worry, we'd make that orange sofa work in his apartment.
We'd add neutrals around it and it would be amazing. Which it is.
I think this orange sofa is perfect in this room.
Love the bright paintings on the wall in the stairway.
 Notice the brightly colored fish in the aquarium? They fit right in with the color scheme of this home.
  Tranquil bedroom with bits of color.
 A pretty little bath.
 The outdoor space has nice details too. Notice how the garage is surrounded by lots of 
potted containers? 
That makes the driveway appear to be an extension of the patio instead of just a 
place to park your car. 

See the full listing here.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Keith's Garden

 Today, as promised a tour of my co-worker and friend Keith's wonderful garden including his 
new pea gravel patio.
His house is a sweet little tudor in one of OKC's Historic neighborhoods.
 He freely admits that he neglects his front yard because for him it's so much more fun to make 
the backyard beautiful. 
He has intention to do something more to the front but it has not been a priority.
His front flower bed is full of cactus...which is very low care.
That's a banana tree to the side of the front patio.
 Keith says he ignores his front yard but the front porch includes this amazing planter.
I think it all looks very nice...perhaps not as fully realized as the back...but still beautiful.
this planter full of a nice variety of plants
 Now, we step out his back door and one of the first pots is planted in hostas.
I am so doing this! I have not had much luck with hostas in the ground but a potted one...
I bet I can handle.
There are many planters here and there around the backyard.
 This photo came out blurry but it was a nice composition so I included.
 His yard includes a large variety of types of planters and many kinds of plants.
 In the center of the yard is the new round pea gravel patio. 
A flagstone path beyond leads to the furthest part of the yard.
 Bits of glass art dot the landscape.
 This gravel patio was created by spraying the yard with round up and then putting
down black landscape cloth. Then a few inches of pea gravel are shoveled on top.
The view to the back of the house.
The pergola was added onto the house by Keith.
 The back corner of the yard is watched over by this Buddha.
 A happy fellow.
 This rusty rooster is big. He stands about four feet tall.
 Here we have a few succulents in a planter.
 This is a giant panda. Keith found it at a Restaurant supply place.
He came from an old Chinese restaurant. He's big - like 5 feet tall.
He hides among the smoke bush.
 more of the pea gravel patio
 This yard his so full of plants! This is the far corner of the back of the house.
 A bubbly fountain sits right outside the dining room window.
I hope you enjoyed the tour of Keith's yard. 
I'm kind of amazed by all the plants in it. He just keeps adding and adding to it.
Very inspiring. 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Open House Sunday

 built 1935
This lovely colonial style home sits right on the park in Edgemere Park.
My neighborhood in Oklahoma City.
I noticed big changes going on at this home a couple of years ago.
They changed the trim color on the home and it made such a huge impact.
 This is how the house looked for years. The house looked very bland painted this color.
Although I have to say I liked the more mature landscape in this old version.
 Here we are as it appears today.
Love the big planters on either side of the front steps. 
 The details on this house are very nice.
 Inside, it's rather masculine in its decor. Lots of dark gray walls.
I would like this for a den but for my main living area...it's too dark for my liking but still it makes
for a striking room.

I like the fireplace stacked with wood. It's not practical but looks cool.
I'm sure the white marble subway tile for the fireplace surround is a renovation.
It's pretty but was probably brick originally.
 Nothing to complain about here. It's a gorgeous kitchen.
Love the way the stove is set between cabinets.
I'd be happy in this kitchen.
The industrial look continues in the dining room.
Several trends here. It looks great. Too masculine for my taste but I bet this house sells super quick.
Lovely side porch. I would have never done the ceiling in the dark color
but it's very striking.
Very tranquil bedroom. I'd love to have an upholstered bed but not practical when you
sleep with four dogs. So it's not in the cards for me.
Lots of marble tile in the bath.

 A bit austere. I could warm it up.
There is a gray laundry room too!
More of one of the bathrooms.

 Very nice back patio. Lots of potential in this backyard. I'd have fun filling it with plants.
That's a cool outdoor fireplace! Fits right in with the industrial touches around the home.

 See? Wide open space. Love the patio. I'd put lots of pots. Pots of boxwoods, I think.
This is the view out the front door. See? Right on the park.
It's a great place to live!
see full listing here