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Monday, March 31, 2014

Mod Mix Monday #146

Love this color palette in the above photo. 
Bright pastels mixed with more serene pastels and lots of white.
I have a thing for those tulip tables. 
So fresh mixed with the more traditional chairs.
Adore that light fixture in red and the painting too!

This week we are starting off my favorite picks with my favorite pieces of furniture.
Buffets! Especially this style of buffet.
If you've painted a buffet similar to this and link it up...most likely it will end up in my
favorites because I never tire of these things!
The Weathered Door adds a surprise of green inside! 
Green and gray are not a 
combination I'd think of and don't they look great?
 Some What Quirky Designs painted this buffet in a combination of white and coco.
Love the way the coco paint highlights all the details.
DD's Cottage and Design painted an old buffet in French Enamel Blue by Miss Mustard Seed
Very nice and chippy....just a wonderful piece.
Purple Hues and Me whipped up this super cute runner with ribbon flowers and shares how to make it! 
Maison de Pax showed how to white wash wood.
This effect really opens up a paneled room. 
Plus it's a nice effect for the cedar doors she is using. 
Finding Silver Pennies did a new effect on the inside of this desk.
What a wonderful surprise to open the gray desk and find this 
pretty fun pattern stenciled inside!
Trois Petites Filles is back with another fabulous piece of furniture.
Her house is full of them! This vanity is extra special. 
She painted it and embellished it
in an unusual way.

I'm really struggling with the new job schedule.
I'm working seven days straight then I'll have two days off and then work another seven days straight.
I'm not sure why it goes this way. 
Doesn't make sense to me.
I know why they have a rotating schedule but don't know why I have to work seven 
days in between days off.

I'll be off a couple of days this week and hope to take in this movie.
I love Wes Anderson films and the reviews are great for this one.
Am I crazy for wanting this poster to hang in my house?
That is the prettiest hotel, ever!

So lots for me to do this week. 

I do like my new job...but to be honest I like being home more. 

I do....

I'm at my happiest creating and puttering around my cottage with the weenies.

I also liked it when I worked close to home. 
I'm not super far away now but I'm in a totally different part of town and I'm partial to my part of town.

So it's an adjustment and not all roses.

Share your Mod Mix's in this week's party below.

Remember anything old made over to be new...anything new changed up to look old.
New and old together...
Please include the Mod Mix Monday logo and back link to me.
Use a permalink to your individual post not to your entire blog.

If you link up...I'd appreciate it, if you'd follow me.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Open House Sunday

Morningside Neighborhood in Atlanta
Guess how old this house is...

yep....it's new!

I just love these new houses built to look like they've been around 100 years. 
 pretty built ins with fireplace
I love all the wide moldings in this house
 open floor plan family room and kitchen
 This is a beautiful gray kitchen
I really like the color of the cabinets
Super cute banquette seating to the side 
I know everyone loves these open floor plans 
 but I prefer a more traditional layout where the kitchen is more separate
still this is a wonderful big room
 more built ins around a fireplace.
do not like the choice of black granite around the fireplace
 cute butler's pantry
I never tire of those
love the wainscoting in the dining room
don't love the wall color 
 pretty marble in the bathroom and gray cabinets
 a beauty of a bath tub
 now that is quite the shower!
 this bathroom is different with the dark subway tile
 one of many bedrooms
 another bath
 oh...i'd love a closet such as this
a screen in porch complete with fireplace
and carriage garage doors

Many good details in this house.
Almost makes me want a new house...if it was one like this...almost.

see full listing here

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Potted Hyacinths

My hyacinths have come up outside. 
I planted a few in my front flower bed several years ago.
I so look forward to them coming up each spring.
But I think perhaps for next spring I need to plant some in a container.
Aren't they delightful in that blue pan?
Oh...I wish I'd planted some hyacinth bulbs in a big outdoor planter to come up this spring!
perhaps next year

So this week I've just been working every day at my new career.
I must say...this job so far is much easier than past jobs I've had.

My co-workers are SUPER nice!
Not that they weren't at other places but everyone is very lighthearted at this new job
and that's important to me. 
I don't take anything too seriously.

I work hard and try to execute everything perfectly...but life is too short to be serious all day.

I have to say...my co-workers are fun and I've found many things to laugh about 
with customers too.

And...I'm doing very well so far.

I promise I'll have photos soon of my favorite things in the store.

I had one older lady customer this week that came in and bought a house full
of furniture for her brand new home.

Her son was paying for it all.
Honestly she didn't seem that excited about it till I suggested adding aqua as an 
accent color to all the brown she was picking out.

It was then she came to life and we had great fun picking out lamps, vases, pillows and other 
accessories in that color.

Of course the son didn't get it. They'd come for furniture and he didn't know why 
she was so giddy when I started helping her pick out accessories.

But she was....and she left thanking me and saying she was going to have so much fun 
getting more things in that color to add all over the house. 

That was good.

I'll try to be a better blogger next week.

Oh....my Mom is going on vacation and bringing her dogs up.

I'll have seven weenies here next week!

Oh My!

Last night I had a customer and we started talking dogs.
They were dog crazy like me....they had four dogs too but...

Their dogs were a 180 lb Bull Mastiff
a 110 lb Bull Mastiff
a 90 lb American Bull Dog
and a 138 lb English Bull Dog

Plus they fostered puppies too!

They said they only slept with the English Bull Dog because the others were such bed hogs.

Can you imagine?

Too funny....

She said all stayed inside except for the really big one because he preferred to be out a lot of the time.

Obviously, they are better behaved than my weenies.

Must be.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Vintage Wicker Headboards

Remember these vintage wicker headboards from the seventies?
I had one as a teenager. That one above to be exact.
My Mom brought it to me last summer to use in my guest room.
They came in a natural color when you bought them. 
I painted mine white while I was still in high school.
But they are even better when painted a luscious color.
I saw a couple of these on Craigslist last fall. 
They wanted like $25 for each.
I wanted them but I didn't need them...so I didn't go get them.
Someone got a great deal.
I wonder what color they ended up?
I really do love them in turquoise!
They are just right for a little girl's room.
Stunning in red.
This one  reminds me of a peacock.
You can never go wrong with white.
Most of these probably only came in a double size.
Go ahead and use a double size headboard if you have a queen bed.
A queen is only 6 inches wider. 
That means three inches on each side wider than a double size headboard.
My own headboard on my personal bed is a vintage wrought iron.
A double bed sized headboard looks just fine with my queen sized mattress.
Really it does so don't let having a queen size bed discourage you from buying a double size headboard.
They work well in a bohemian chic room.

So I've wondering why isn't anyone making new ones like these vintage ones?

Well, Land of Nod is - 
 This one is new from Land of Nod.
This whole room set up looks straight out of "Alice in Wonderland".
Their peacock shaped one is really nice.

My original one came Pier 1.
I wondered why Pier 1 doesn't do these again?

They are so fabulous aren't they?

So work is going well.
I'm meeting lots of nice people. 

I finished my cabinet I was painting.

It turned out nice.

I'll take a photo the next time I'm home and have the right light. 

I painted this in the living room and I had stuff everywhere while doing it.

I've vowed to myself not to tear up the living room again for a long long time.

Of course next on the list is to paint is the dining room which will involve me moving furniture 
into the living room while I paint but maybe that won't be so bad.

I always think its not going to be too bad or take very long.

And it always turns out to be worse than I thought and take longer than I imagined. 

Photos to come of furniture from the store soon.

I'm just not comfortable yet taking random photos of the merchandise.

But I'm sure I will that will change.