Friday, August 31, 2012

Paranormal Activity

I know its early for Halloween stuff.
Believe me I am no where near in the mood yet but
there is scary stuff going on here the last few days.
Two days ago, I came in and turned the tv on with the two remotes that it takes to turn on my tv.
Why is this? Why does it take two remotes to turn on one tv?
Anyway I happened to stop the tv on the SyFy channel.
I never watch the SyFy channel but the program I wanted to watch was not on yet....
and I skimmed through looking for something else to watch and landed on 
Paranormal Witness.

I left it on that channel and went in to make myself dinner.
When I came back to the tv to change the channel...I could not find the cable remote ..... anywhere! 
It usually sits in the same spot, always. Although sometimes it ends up on the sofa 
and sometimes I carry it into the kitchen.
But I have looked up and down, in and out - everywhere!
And it is no where to be found.

So I am stuck watching the SyFy channel 24/7!
You'd think this would give me reason to stop watching tv...but's put me into
some sort of weird paranormal trance.
I can't stop watching.
 I watched hours of Paranormal Witness last night and then a two part....yes....two part 
terrible tv movie called "Impact" that involved the moon colliding with the earth.
I think there has to be something supernatural involved here.
Why would my tv become stuck on a channel I never watch?
And why would that be a channel that has so many shows about ghosts?
Coincidence? I think not.
Why am I unable to turn the tv off and just not watch?
Why am I feeling brain dead after watching the SyFy channel so much?
Why am I hearing strange sounds in the house and everything is starting to glow?

Really, I'm losing it if I don't find the remote soon.

If it's disappearance doesn't have anything to do with poltergeists 
then I'm pretty sure it has to do with
This little monster.
There is a chance that Franklin has carried it out into the backyard.
I do hope it reappears soon.


An Urban Cottage said...

I'm scared! said...

LOL! The shot of Franklin is so cute. I was always, still am, convinced that their was a ghost in our old house. It loved moving my husband's tools around. And one day, I came home to find a picture that I'd recently hung in the dining room, off the wall and leaning against a chair. When I left, it was hanging , when I came home, it was down. My husband was out of town and my girls were little. Go figure! Hope those remotes reappear before Halloween.

Shelia said...

I'm scared too! Now I know that precious little fuzzy face didn't get your remote so it must have been a ghost! ;)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Stacey said...

I don't even like to hear the music that goes with those shows. It's scary! I'd have to sleep with the lights on...and that's no good!

Adam Hazlett said...

I don't know what it is but whenever I try to watch those ghost shows I end up falling asleep, every time....It's strange, I really want to watch the show but within minutes I'm out. It may be the slow monotone narration or the lack of action or the dark moody images and that music. I just can't stay awake long enough to see the end of any of their stories. Maybe I just get bored or maybe it's supernatural?

Unknown said...

He looks waayy too innocent to me. Like "what, little old me?" My votes for Franklin. I hope he didn't bury it somewhere. SyFy 24/7 is enough to make anyone wonky!

Bliss said...

Franklin! Bring it back. Your people are counting on you.


Debby said...

Oh Franklin you little stinker. You will see that I posted on your latest post. I almost said something about you being surrounded by weinies.....and then thought that would be seen in the wrong way. Well, I will say that here.
Can you unplug the TV.
So Funny.

Unknown said...

Does that make Sally a poltergist?