Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chair Covers

Love these chair covers. You could take any plain chair and make it special.
I'm running around today taking care of stuff that is really stupid but makes life complicated.
Basically it involves a warrant out for my arrest. read that right.
A warrant out for my arrest.
My tag was expired.
I got pulled over back in June after visiting a friend late at night at the hospital.
I was on a deserted road because I'd missed my exit and was trying to find my way 
back to the highway.
Here comes flashing lights...I guess I looked suspicious.
So they laid a huge ticket on me.
I got the tag a week later but didn't go to the court date because I was working.
So then last Friday I get a letter saying there is a warrant out for my arrest.

I warned everyone at work that if the police come in and drag me out - that it's only over a ticket.
I'm not a criminal....but then again, I guess I am.

Anyway...I just called the court and they say if I come in and talk to the judge tomorrow
and show my receipt...he may let me off.

I hope so.
I always get myself in fixes like this because I don't take care of things immediately.

My Mom asked me one time if I did drugs.
Nope, I wish I had that to blame.

Life is hard.

So if you don't hear from me for awhile...I'm in the slammer....the big house....the cooler.


Bev said...

I'll come visit. At least it's not the IRS!

Cheery wave from

Bev (who is currently procrastinating about doing her "real job")

Debby said...

Oh no. That would be something I would do. I am sure this happens alot. Why couldn't they send you something int he mail. Geez.
I just wanted to warn you again about Craig's List. There was a young mom that died here last week. Her last phone call was to a doctor on Craig's list. Something she responded to. She was at his home and then found dead. Sp far they don't know what happened.
So be careful my friend. You are way too trusting.

Unknown said...

I'd suggest bringing the judge a cup cake or something to sweeten his day but the way things are going right now, all kinds of crazy, he might take it as a bribe and then you'd really get into trouble! Good luck!

Amy Chalmers said...

hahaha I love your fun and strange things happening life and your posts~! you are so cute Nita, how could they put you in the slammer?? Sorry I have been so busy, I loved hearing about your dream. we will have to chat. I had a dream I was running around without pants on and I couldn't find them!!! haha! think I must have a lot on my mind...good luck with the judge!

NanaDiana said...

I'll bake you a cake with a file in it!;>) Cry in front of the judge- that always works...or so I am told- xo Diana

Adam Hazlett said...

Sometimes when you show up, the court attorney (I think that's who he was?) will look at your paperwork and sign off on it
and release you before you even get to the judge.
Hopefully that will happen to you. said...

Lol! That is sooooo something i would do. Stay out of trouble...

Cindi Myers said...

If you got my email, you know that a friend of mine DID get taken to the jailhouse and had to be bailed out. (Sometimes people with authority let it go to their head).
But since you called and are able to talk to the judge, it sounds good to me. Just be very apologetic and explain how upsetting your life has been. Turn on your southern charm and I don't know how he could not drop the whole thing. I agree Life is Hard. But don't let it get you down too bad, at least you've got your health and a lot of people who love you!
XOXOXO - Cindi
Oh, I LOVE those chair covers! It does wonders for dressy up the room. Very cool.

vintage girl at heart said...

happened to me back in the 80's. i paid the ticket but did not go to court..loong story but i had to turn myself in and sit in the slammer with hookers all day.:) i got a lot of material for my book.
hope you do too if it comes down to that!

Patty said...

I know this is serious, but you did make me laugh. Anyway, if you feel the urge to cry....heck, go ahead. It might help. I doubt he does anything but fuss at you. Be very remorseful for sure....

Anonymous said...

Oh my word. A warrant? Don't they have real criminals in your state? There are so many details in life, it's easy to let one slip. Don't be too hard on yourself, but go see the judge!

Pamma said... funny. Same thing almost happened to me years ago. It will all be fine. You make me laugh and brighten my day whenever one of your posts come to my in box!

Bliss said...

Hey those are funny!


Unknown said...

I am just positive that we can come up with some creative ways to sneak in a file so you can break out of the pokie.
Have a great weekend.

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