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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Open House Sunday

Southwest Influenced Cottage
built 1934
Today for Open House Sunday, we look at Stan and Terry's house just down the street from me.
Be sure to check out my post about their yard from yesterday.
See post here.
A dry sink adds a homey charm to the front porch
Stan, the owner created this fireplace mantel.
It covers the original mantel which was tile. Terry, his wife, assured me it was just plain tile and not anything special.
But wanted to protect the original mantel so they built this over it. 
The original is still there if someone wants to uncover it down the road. 
The corbels were found at a local antique shop.
Lovely mermaids
Terry didn't know I'd be taking interior photos that day so a few things are out of place.
But I know you won't mind that. 
Stan's artwork is all over the home.
He's made many kachina dolls inspired by some he saw on travels.
Terry and Stan love visiting Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico and you can see it in their decor.
I especially like this large one. But aren't they fun hung on the wall?
Stan has personalized many of the interior doors in the home by adding 
antique stained glass, moldings and trim to the original doors.
Each different than the next.

Another door turned mirror in the den.
I don't know why I didn't get more shots of the dining room except I was distracted visiting with Terry.
This antique sideboard is gorgeous.
On top, another creation by Stan.
This is Jesus and the apostles. 
Precious...isn't it?
Another Kachina in the breakfast nook.
This time over some artwork Terry bought.
They just finished recovering this banquette made by Stan in this great bird fabric.
More Kachina dolls by Stan on the wall above.
The original built in china cupboard on the wall of the room surrounds a window.
This is unusual. Usually, they don't surround a window.
I love the details on this one. 
So wish my own home had one.
Little desk and arch in the hall. 
Hanging on the wall is a sketch of the home 
done many years ago and left with the house. 
Built ins in the hallway. 
Stan made the headboard for the master bedroom from an old door.
Isn't it great with the lamps included in it? I love that detail.
 He currently is making another one for another bedroom.
A cute Sante Fe style bench sits in the master bedroom.
This stained glass door leads to the small bathroom off the master.
This bathroom's been modernized. Stan did all the woodwork.
I love that wainscoting.
Just behind the door in the master, 
Stan created a jewelry armoire for Terry from doors found at a salvage place. 
It's a very shallow closet.
Opens to reveal pretty knobs holding Terry's necklaces.
Adore this!
The kitchen they redid. I was in this house before Stan and Terry bought it.
It was a rent house for years. I don't remember there being anything special about 
the kitchen before. So it must have been bad because I remember all the good ones.
Terry exposed the brick chimney. She just took a hammer to the plaster one day.
My own kitchen has this as all the kitchens do in my neighborhood.
Makes me very tempted to take a hammer to mine.

The cabinets were installed by Stan, of course.
They came from IKEA.

Stan made the little wine bar that fits perfectly into this nook in the kitchen.
In viewing this home you can tell they love a southwest influence.
And the feeling continues outside in their tropical garden.
Amazing that they are able to achieve this in Oklahoma.
I had several ask yesterday how they kept all this alive in the grueling 
Oklahoma heat and sun.
This back yard has a northern exposure. So that is the main reason.
And an in ground sprinkler system that keeps it lush and green.
Hope you enjoyed this tour. I know I did.


Shannon Fox said...

Oh wow! That fireplace feature is so wonderful! Whimsical... amazing :)

Diane said...

Great home! I love all the personal touches. You can tell that they have put a lot of thought and effort into making it truly their own.

SwedishCorner ~ DownUnder...Pernilla said...

Lovely house tour! So many nice features. Love the exposed brick in the kitchen as well as the jewelry closet! Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

Cathy and Paul @One Creative Couple said...

Thanks for the tour. Stan sounds like a very talented guy!

Cindy said...

Hi Nita, That is a very beautiful house, I love what they have added to it and the way they've furnished it. Gorgeous!
Hugs, Cindy

Ricki Treleaven said...

Thanks for the tour of Terry and Stan's home and garden. Their style is unique, and I love the Kachina dolls! :D

I like the kitchen, and the door truly make the home special. Great Open House!


Patty said...

Great post. Thank you for writing about this home and thank you, Terry and Stan, for allowing us to take a peek at it. It is so unique with your personal additions. Can Stan come and live with me for a while?

Belinda said...

Wow! I love how personal their home is. Stan is quite talented! Does he sell his artwork anywhere or just make it for his personal enjoyment?

Please thank them for sharing!

vintage girl at heart said...

Stan is the MAN! His craftmanship is amazing. I love all of their artwork and personal touches in their home. The corbels were a unique find...wow! Thanks for sharing their lovely Home & gardens.