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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Open House Sunday

California Bungalow
built 1913
This is an early photo of the property.
Obviously, more vegetation is in style now than it used to be in early landscapes.
front porch
front room
dining room
living room
I like the kitchen best. Just look at that vintage stove.
breakfast nook
Vintage bathroom...but it is bland....except for the tile around the bath tub.
nice built ins in this bedroom. 
I'd make this the master
Upstairs kitchenette
bedroom under the eaves
nice built ins
fun bathroom
And a nice big deck
See full listing here

Franklin is really a mess....
Last night I was working on my Halloween decorations in the dining room.
I heard a jumping sound and looked over to find Franklin
standing on top of the ironing board!
He can jump like no one's business.
Bloop....bloop....he's up.
He jumped up on a basket of laundry and then up to the ironing board.
I quickly ran in and grabbed the iron.

He wanted to be where he could watch me.
So I let him lie up on the ironing board for a little while.

I have to watch that boy like a hawk.
Oh...the trouble he can get in to.


Ivy Lane said...

This house could really use someone to come in and stage it... could be so cute with colorful area rugs, art, lighting... .... Really charming though...

Happy Sunday!

Cindi Myers said...

I agree with Ivy.
Some loud colors and lots of Folk Art and I would be in love.

and Franklin, Whoa! at least none of mine go that high.
Oh, wait...I guess the cats do, but they are just helping me get into the "minimalism" mood. :)
xoxo - Cindi

ANNE said...

lol - life with cats, never a dull moment!

Love the bones of this house but boy oh boy, would I be getting out the paint!! Have a great Sunday!

Cindy said...

Your Franklin is so funny, so much personality!
I love Craftsmans, they are my very favourite style of home. And that is a lovely example of one that's been taken care of and loved, I would guess. I do notice though that it is very stark with no soft colours, draperies or rugs. I hope that whoever buys it is someone who will dress it beautifully.
Hugs, Cindy

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

I have a soft spot for bungalows and this one did not disappoint! Funny story about Franklin. He sounds like a lotta fun!

Unknown said...

This house needs someone that loves houses from that era. It looks a little sad as it is but it has tons of potental.
Invisioning Franklin on the ironing board gave me a good giggle. What a clown he is! How are the other weenies?

Dewena said...

Do love the vintage oven, wonder if it works. Always enjoy the Sunday houses you show, Nita. And I can't believe a dachshund jumps that high! But I do know that all they want is to be right there with their person. Can't fuss about that, can we? Looking forward to seeing your Halloween pics!