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Friday, October 12, 2012

More Scary Fashions

This is all serious fashion but I thought it might be inspiring for your next Halloween costume.
These all look like something straight out of American Horror Story.
Which by the way....starts up next Wednesday the 19th.
FX has been replaying season 1 late at night and I caught 
the last two episodes late the other night.
I need to watch the whole thing again from beginning to end.
Love this show.
I'm wondering if it will be possible for this year's to be as good as last year's.
Can't wait to see Jessica in her new role.

There is a five minute clip of the first episode on FXnetworks.com

Oh...it's a creepy good start.


Holly Diane said...

Very Lady Gaga...

Belinda said...

I wish AHS came on at 7:00 instead of 9:00 - more time for me to think of other things before going to bed and less chance of having nightmares! Can't wait!!!

Bliss said...

Think I want #3 for the next boring party I must attend. If I wear that it will assure I never get invited again.