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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Open House Sunday

Tudor Cottage in Miller Neighborhood of OKC
built 1928
Here's the inside of this home I showed last week.
I had so many photos...I couldn't show both inside and outside.
See more of the outside in last week's post here.
Great details to this cottage, like the arched front door.
Pretty diamond pane window
Fabulous door handle
First the living room with it's art tile fireplace.
There are manly touches throughout the home that definitely let you know a bachelor lives here.
Such as the vintage fans on the mantel.
I really like those.
masculine touches all through
Buddha head from Pier 1.
These chairs came from Pier 1.
I like the collection of books on the table. Love the super huge mirror too.
small cabinet from Pier 1. This is how I met Jim.
He came in to shop for his house while I was in the store.
I sold him these chairs.
This sofa is so ugly, it's good...don't you think?
It's so eighties or something...I'm not quite sure what. But it so works in this room.
That rusted old fan on top of this shelving unit is a fave of mine in the room.
Jim painted this little watercolor.
A collection of old cameras on the shelves.
This statue is just amazing. A friend of his found it sitting on someone's front porch 
and bought it from them for a song. He only lent it to Jim. It's fabulous.

On to the dining room
The view from the dining room into the living room.
Jim has quite a few vintage posters he's bought at auctions.
Another view into the living room. You can see the wonderful arched windows from here.
Another great vintage poster and another piece of furniture from Pier 1.
Nice little bar set up.

The kitchen has been redone to open it up to the dining room.
The hanging shelf is very interesting. It divides the room but yet leaves it open too.
This tile is a very bold choice. It certainly goes with his things.
But you know me...I'd prefer an all white backsplash.
Still this is a very cute kitchen.
This vintage milkshake maker works as good today as it did the day it was made.
Jim uses it all the time.

Hall Bath
Original to the house, wedding cake chandelier hangs in the hall.
Precious....original bathroom with all the original details.
The tile is pristine.
So many have had these soap dishes and tooth brush holders broken.
So wonderful to see all of this intact. 
Oh...I hope the new owner does not gut this. I do hope he appreciates these vintage details.
Of course I love the arch over the tub. I so wish I had one of these.

Guest Bedroom
I adore this clock. Works great even though it's very old.
Master Bedroom
The view from the bed out to the back patio.
Nice desk area in the room.

Master Bath
Huge on suite bathroom was added a few years ago.
walk in shower
vintage looking details
And back outside...please be sure to go to my other post on this house to see all of the outside.
Jim's house sold in less than a week but you can see the listing here.
More photos there of the rooms taken at a longer distance.


Anonymous said...

Yay, house tours are always fun - thanks! I liked this home, it has some beautiful touches and you can tell there's been much thought put into it's décor. Have a nice Sunday Nita!

Holly Diane said...

What a beautiful home, I could move right in! :) Very tasteful

Linda said...

Thanks for the tour. Very 60's taste.
I remember!!

vintage girl at heart said...

LOve it. It is so rich yet cozy!
Thanks for the tour.

"Create Beauty" said...

So fun to see! Beautifully staged, beautiful home, no wonder it sold so fast!!! Thanks for the tour!
~ Violet

Amy Chalmers said...

Fun to see a manly house on the tour~and all your pieces from Pier One look great!

Kit said...

Great place! I was at another blog today and saw a home filled with florals and too many knick knacks so this one was refreshing and more my style. I love these tours! Kit

Cindi Myers said...

This is very warm and cozy. You can see all the love and care that went into collecting all the different pieces.
I especially love the vintage posters.
Very nice.

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

What a beautiful home tour this is--this vintage home is just amazing. I love the arch over the shower as well as the lovely tile in both the bathroom and on the fireplace mantel.