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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Halloween at the White House

Haunted House on Capitol Hill
I never gave any thought to Halloween at the White House until I ran across
these images taken from the 2010 Halloween party held there.
Apparently last year's party got rained on so the photos were not very good.
But this party looks like its loads of fun and filled with loads of pumpkins
of every size, shape and variety.

Towers of squash
All the important dignitaries were there.
Ambassadors of Trick or Treat
A scary band played.
bats in the vestibule.

Hmmm....I might need to copy this idea for my own porch.
Trick or Treaters
Look how impressive this is at night! It looks more like Disneyland than the White House.
There are flying ghosts as well as bats above and looks like the house went purple at night.
President Obama greets one of his predecessors.
The Obamas pass out candy.
Obama's policies include leniency on illegal aliens.
You can see why....They are so cute and obviously friendly!
Looks like lots of fun and of course Michelle is gorgeous as usual.
Here is a little clip about preparations for last year's event.
I had no idea that they went all out for Halloween at the White House.
Did you?
But then I didn't know they turned the place pink for Breast Cancer Awareness either.

I have to say this is so American.
Only in America would we turn our National Home for the President...orange or pink.
It's so Las Vegas. That is what I love about America.
We go all out.

(all white house halloween photos from here)

Oh...and my friend Cindi has some cute Halloween paintings ending on Ebay soon.


Holly Diane said...

I love this post! Halloween at the White House would be awesome

Ivy Lane said...

I might have to try the pumpkin/gourd towers...love that.. I made cachet pots out of orange and white pumpkins for my mums this year... they look great! Found the idea on Martha Stewart's website..

Happy Saturday!

Patty said...

Had no idea either! Love that!! It sure was gorgeous..

Debra@CommonGround said...

Loved the video, fun post, Nita!!!

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Incredible! How awesome would it be to be a designer working on that party? All of those gorgeous pumpkins, oh my. I have always thought that maybe some day I will sign up for their Christmas decorating, I watch it on HGTV every year. Super fun post, Nita!


Very pretty and fun post at the White House for Holloween. Love the bunch of pumpkins stock in a pile at one end. Fun video, thanks for sharing, Nita!

Cindi Myers said...

I was loving this post so much, watching the video and I really like the bats and ghosts! I think it's so great that the White House is made so fun and festive and I think they are such a nice family. Makes me happy to see something positive while all those different political ads are running non-stop.
And then I get to the end and see my paintings!
What a surprise! :D :D :D
I do adore you. Thanks so much for being my biggest supporter and cheerleader.
:D xoxo - Cindi

CraveCute said...

This is just wonderful! Love the images and video. I didn't realize how big an event this really was until I read your post.

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

I had no idea about Halloween at the White House, so thank you for filling me in! I loved the orange icing on the White House cookies, and the presidential m&ms!

Bliss said...

I did not know either that people can trick or treat the white house. Wonder how you get an invite for that? Then again most of my kids costumes these days are very not politically correct they would never make it past the first gate.