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Friday, October 5, 2012

Harvey the Hero

Yes, It's True!
Harvey Bing a Ling a Ding Dong Dog
Yesterday, Harvey saved Franklin.
You know....Harvey has not been that thrilled with Franklin since he came to live with us.
He likes him ok, but he gets mad at him when he gets near the food especially when I am around.
He also gets jealous if Franklin gets attention from my Mom (his Grandma) and snaps at him.
Harvey never snapped at anything before Franklin came.
Harvey loved Newman the most and you can tell he still misses him.

So yesterday I let all the weenies out while I got ready to go to work.
They'd been out at least 30 minutes when I heard Harvey barking very loudly.
He doesn't usually bark during the day.
He prefers to stand on the deck at night and bark at nothing.
But these are not ferocious barks....more of a Hey! Hey! Hey!

But yesterday I should have known there was something wrong because he was barking
very excitedly and a lot. A whole lot.
He was barking like he does if he sees a dog near their yard.
Violet barked some too in a high pitch...which is her I see something bark.

I don't know what I was thinking. 
I was running late getting ready for work and I just didn't think.
So I'm in the bathroom putting makeup on and doing my hair and Harvey comes 
running in the house in his little roly poly hoppity way.

He came into the bathroom and barked at me several times and then ran back out
through the kitchen to the backyard.
I followed....to see what he was upset about.

When I got to the backdoor and looked out...I could see the gate was wide open! 
Someone had opened the gate...probably when he'd started barking in the first place!
I have no idea who could have done this. 
Harvey stayed on the deck barking. 
Violet came back in through the gate...I don't know where she'd been.
(Sally was hid under the bed during all of this....that is where she is whenever things get exciting.)
And Franklin? Franklin was out on the driveway sniffing all around.
As soon as I went out to the driveway...off he went...nose to the ground.

I chased him a few houses down and finally grabbed him when he stopped to smell something.
He was WAY easier to catch than Newman ever had been.
Newman was impossible to catch.
So I scooped him up and carried him back to the yard.
Harvey was on the deck...no longer barking.

I said, "Oh Harvey! You are such a good boy. You saved the day!"
"You saved Franklin!"

He wiggled all over and smiled. He was very proud of himself.
He really was.
He did a little happy dance and wagged his tail and smiled.

He really had come in the house to tell me something was wrong and to get me to come get Franklin.
Isn't he smart?

So I don't know if he was telling on Franklin to get him in trouble or letting me 
know so I could rescue Franklin. Either way....it was pretty smart of him.

If he hadn't come and got me, it would have been another ten minutes before I'd gone out and 
Franklin would have been long gone and Violet might have decided to go too.

So thanks to Harvey all are safe....he really is a Hero.
I'd like to kill whoever opened the gate.
It was not me. 
I always double check that the gate is latched and we'd been out earlier and it was closed.
But I was so thankful that all were ok and in a rush to get to work...
I was late now...
that I didn't think very much about it. But now...I'm kind of freaked out by it.

Here's a few pics of Harvey's backside. It's so funny because he is the shy one.
He is the one that doesn't take initiative. He usually waits to see what the others are going to do.
He doesn't ever get into trouble.
But yesterday, he was the one who decided -
 To Go Get Momma!
Violet and Harvey snooping around the backyard.
Read here about the other night Harvey was a hero.

I'm so proud of him.

And maybe he likes Franklin more than I thought he did.

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Coloradolady said...

Thank goodness!!! I had to laugh at the prospect of him thinking he was going to get Franklin in trouble!!! Either way...he deserves a tiny treat!!!! So glad it worked out the way it did. If my Dora gets out...she is nearly impossible to catch. Once I thought my husband was going to have a heart attack trying to catch her. And once when she was very little, I ran in front of a car going down our street, cause the dummy was not going to stop while we were going to try and catch her!!

Have a great weekend!!

Cindi Myers said...

First, Good Boy Harvey!!!
He is a Hero and obviously if he didn't care for Franklin, he could have kept quiet and let him get away.
But I'm worried about that gate. Are you saying you think someone opened it while the Weenies were outside?
Now that's frightening. Can you put a lock on the gate and also, how high is that fence? Maybe you need to put up a security camera, even if it's not really hooked up. And a sign posted. something like "All Trespasser's will be SHOT!"...oh! I am going to worry about this!

Stacey said...

Nita, you should write children's books about your precious dogs! Seriously...Harvey would be the perfect main character. :)

When we lived in Edmond the gas meter reader would come through our yard. He was always scared of our dachshund, Molly. He told me that he remembered that dog. She never bit him but she made plenty of noise!

Holly Diane said...

What a good boy!!! Our yard guy has left the gate open a few times and it was next to impossible to catch our two little doxies..they were running for it and not looking back. When I'd bend down to pick one up they'd get a burst of energy and run further out of my reach...what a heart starter! So happy yours are home safe and sound thanks to your little hero!

Unknown said...

What a good boy!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I do not have dogs due to hubby's allergies, but I sure love to read about your sweet babies. Definitely agree you should write children's books about them.

Open gate: kids? meter reader? Can you put a lock on it?

Blogless Peggy, Turtlemss@aol.com

Unknown said...

Way to go, Harvey!!! What an awesome smart boy!

My four dogs are some of my favorite people. Reading your post made me want to go double-check my gates, hug Harvey, and give my four treats - all at the same time!

Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations

Ames said...

Maybe Franklin has become Harvey's dog. I love this story. It reminds of the time Tinker did that "hurry up and come see Momma!!" bark when Baby was having another siezure. Dogs are so smart. At least mine are....and Harvey is. Smooches for your pooches!:)~Ames

Belinda said...

I agree with Stacey that you should write books about your puppies! Reading their stories reminds me of reading Beatrix Potter books!

So glad Harvey was diligent!

Lisa said...

What a good boy!!! I hope he got an extra treat today.

Pamela said...

Awe what a sweet story!!

Adam Hazlett said...

What a wonderful story!
Harvey is definitely the Hero!
And I agree with everyone, you need to get a lock on that gate!
Have a great day!

Deserae said...

What a good boy! I'm so glad he came in and got you!!!! The meter reader used to leave our gate open which resulted in a few panic moments. Luckily we were always able to find the boys. Give those weenies a hug for me :o)

Olive said...

Harvey is smart, brave, and loyal. Way to go Harvey:}


Glad to hear they are all okay! Someone opened our gate and our Jack Russells (2) were no where to be found. A policeman found them on the BUSY street a FEW blocks from our home...and that was the next day!!! SCARY! That was a few years ago and it still gives me the "willies"...

Debby said...

What a cute story. Love your dogs. You'll have to read about mine on the school bus. Just realized that Piper, the underweight dog, will get food out of his bowl in his mouth and drops it to the floor for his overweight little sister. These dogs just amaze me, don't they you.

Erin said...

YOu go Harvey. Momma owes you a nice steak bone! Funny they have such personalities. Sound to me like Harvey does like his new friend, he just didn't want to admit it. Know folks like that? Anyway, please put a lock on your fence. I would hate to see anything happen to your babies.

Amy Chalmers said...

Awesome to hear about Harvey's heroics! I worry about the gate and it happening again. Little Franklin toddled off and Harvey knew it was a big no-no!! Its so cute and writing kids books is a great idea. I used to buy a series called Good Dog Carl for my little boys. It was about a Rotweiller named Carl and he would babysit the baby for the busy mom. It was the neatest series.

susan said...

first of all THANK YOU!!! i miss my best friend Josieshe was with me 15 years and i too always knewhat she was thing and why she did certain tings and i just appreciate that to you they r more than dogs they r litttle four legged souls that really do know what id going on great post and u r very lucky u have him in ur life

Anonymous said...

Harvey for President!
Happy that your babies are safe!

Unknown said...

Well done Harvey, what a hero! Years ago we had 5 cats (don't worry, we're dog lovers too!) and two of our little troublemakers got trapped in the boarded up house next door to us. Our usually aloof momcat Enya came and hassled us until we followed her to the house, hubby climbed in a window and found the lads looking very sorry for themselves. Enya, needless to say, never referred to the incident again!

Dewena said...

Oh, I'm so proud of Harvey! And of Violet for not straying far so you only had Franklin to chase. So glad you heeded Harvey's call...sounds like the old Lassie shows! Yes, please try your hand at writing a book about your weenies and illustrating it. I bet you have enough stories for a whole series.

......Michele @ Portlandia Vintage said...

Another reminder for us to pay attention to what our animals are trying to tell us! I love Harvey!

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

What a good pup--yay, Harvey! Glad everyone was okay.