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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking Back

and Moving Forward 
a year in review

First a quick shot of my buffet for Christmas this year.
I didn't get it finished. I got sick and gave up.
(I didn't have Christmas dinner at my house)
That white tree in the foreground is a white feather tree given to me by my sister.
I got it just a day or two before Christmas so it didn't get decorated but I'll be anxious
to do it up next year!
That little white tree fence was given to me last year by MVL reader....Belinda.
Hi, Belinda!

I've succumbed to peer pressure....
Everyone is listing all their accomplishments of the last year during this last week of 2013.
I thought I'd list what I got done too.
I'm afraid it was far less than I intended.

I did not get any major projects done but let's review anyway.
January started out with my Mom recuperating from her heart valve surgery in my back bedroom.
Today, she is 100%. That was a great start to the new year but a slow start for me and projects.
I gathered up some vintage pink doilies to make a table runner for Valentine's Day.
I made a lampshade and pillow and dressed up the guest bedroom with a vintage headboard.
Warm weather took me outside on the deck where I fashioned a chandelier out 
of outdoor led candles and a birdcage.
Harvey has been on a big time diet this year. This photo was taken in July. He's lost more weight since then.
Some of you noticed in his Christmas tree decorating photo how thin he is.
more photos to come....this one was in low light. 
He's just about reached his goal weight but he is hungry all the time.
He follows me around the house and demands to be fed.
This summer I did a little painting including this dog portrait for a fellow blogger...
That's Kelly's little Emmett from My Soulful Home.
I made a fun umbrella slipcover for my outdoor umbrella.
Fixed up a Goodwill lamp and made a burlap lampshade and interchangeable lamp jewelry.
In the fall I made lots of sweater pumpkins
and scary little flying bats
For Thanksgiving I sewed up a burlap table runner and gave instructions on how to make one for yourself.
During the fall...I was busy painting my living room.
Lamps.com sent me a pretty lamp to review and it was my first photography 
of the living room's new color - Sherwin Williams: Shoji White.
For Christmas I made lots of little bottle brush trees and included directions.
You can see the new living room color in these photos.
The day I posted photos of these trees it was cloudy so the photos were not as bright as I would have liked.
So I took a few more photos today in the sunlight.
There....that's the ugly truth...those chippy windows.
Still to be painted. First thing on list for 2014.
And the room badly needs drapes.
Another shot of the wall color. More chippy woodwork.
Did I tell you that the piece of furniture I was going to make into a potting bench has
ended up in that far corner? 
The dresser I had there before was too small and this piece
is just right. 
So its going to get painted soon and stay.
I think.
Last year...in January I brought this ottoman home. 
Now, Pier 1 has a new fabric choice in this style.
A solid linen in a color called parchment.
I'll be selling this one and have already got the new one on order.

I wanted a solid when I bought this one and was going to slipcover.
Now I don't have to.

Sometimes it pays to procrastinate.


but rarely

I've got lots I need to get done this year

Here is a new list...

Paint the windows in the living room and dining room and all woodwork.
Paint the dining room to match the living room.
Make drapes for the living room and dining room
paint the shutters I have in the dining room
get the salvaged piece of carrera marble I've got in my car cut for my kitchen island top
find a new piece of furniture to use as a potting bench cause I brought that piece inside and 
and like it in the corner of my living room
paint that piece of furniture for my living room
paint my french dresser which I am now using in the dining room
fix up a mirror that is on that chest
get the thermostat fixed on the oven
fix the garage door...make it work and look better
Paint the front door

Those are just the musts!
There are plenty of other things I just want to do.
And projects that will just come up.

Oh...and I need to figure out what I'm going to do with the rest of my life!

Here's to a full and busy and productive 2014!

Happy New Year!

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Cottage Dreaming and Flea Market Wishing said...

oh how I love your house!!! Your puppies look so good and happy. :) I dig that pink sofa! Happy NEW Year!!!

Loribeth Clark said...

I think you accomplished a lot. And I have to say, I love LOVE your Venician mirror! So jealous of that!

CeCe said...

First off...I love the picture of Emmett. Your painting style is amazing. I also am in awe of all you accomplished WHILE going to work, also...Give yourself more credit in 2014. You deserve it, girl! CeCe

Pam @ Frippery said...

Beautiful photos as always. You had a busy year. Love your paintings and of course your style.
As for the rest of life, I am there with you.

vintage girl at heart said...

Wow you really did accomplish a lot!
I missed some of these so this was a great way to go back and admire all of your creativity!!
I am happy that your Mama is doing so well. She looks so familiar but maybe it is because I've met your sister?
Happy New Year and I look forward to following your Mod adventures in 2014!

DreamgirlLisa said...

Wow Nita, you really did some beautiful projects last year, a couple that I would love to try myself. Thanks for your inspiration and wishing you a happy & healthy 2014!

Laurel Stephens said...

There's a lot new to me in your recap, so I'm glad you succumbed to peer pressure. I keep thinking about your mother having surgery last January and now being 100%. That makes such a perfect year! And I love that photo of her with your pups; it really touched me. After that, the rest is frosting on the cake, and you sure do have a year full of gorgeous icing! I'm so impressed you already have a list for 2014. Looking forward to following it all.

Unknown said...

I actually like your chippy windowsills! Everything is very beautiful, especially that white Christmas tree and the chandielier you dolled up. Pretty stuff!!

Custom Comforts said...

I have a list a mile long too. My daughter is leaving in a few days for a 6-month stay in Peru and I am telling myself, "when Katie leaves, I'm going to do this and that". If I get even half of what I want to do by the time she comes back in June, the time will fly like crazy. New Year's is always a time for me to start new projects, so I'm going to end now and go start using my heat gun to get the paint of my old doors.
You did lots more than you think, but most of all I hope you enjoyed your year. Thanks for hosting us every Monday. Happy New Year Nina!

Mari said...

So happy your feeling better, and that your beautiful mom is 100% better....
Your home is beautiful, love your white tree inside the urn, years ago I purchased my tree inside the urn, and I still it after all these years....

Wishing you a very happy New Year 2014~

Laura said...

Everything is so beautiful! I love those sweater pumpkins!! :-)

Happy New Year!

Kim said...

Your house looks like so much fun! I love the paint color on your ceiling in the living room. What color is that? And I love the whole vibe. I think you should be a professional Christmas decorator. You pull things together so well and make it look classy, whimsical, and fun all at the same time.

Here's to getting that list done!


Kit said...

Everything looks so lovely and I have to tell you, and don't think I am being cheeky, but I thought your woodwork looked cool and so shabby chic. I thought you made it that way...LOL Looks good to me. :) Kit

Nancy's Daily Dish said...

Every picture is so pretty. I LOVE the doilies (not sure I spelled that right) for Valentines. I saw some curtains and runner made from vintage doilies…so pretty!
Happy New Year, Nita!

Art and Sand said...

Happy New Year

You were definitely busy in 2013.

Like you, I have a long list of 2014 projects and we bought the supplies today for 2 major projects. I hope we get some time tomorrow to get started.

Enjoy your celebrations tonight.

Cindi Myers said...

Whoa! You have accomplished a lot!
I have a very LONG list but most importantly I'm going to try to remember to be grateful...
and to just be Happy.

Donna Wilkes said...

Wow, what a list of accomplishments. My favorites were the fireplace mantel for Christmas with the trees and the winter frolic vignette. Your puppy is looking quite fit! You are brave to have such a list already for the new year. Good Luck!

pam {simple details} said...

Wow, Nita!! What an inspiring list of projects, I pinned away and hope to add a few to my 2014 list! Love the sweet photo of your mom and pups, glad to hear she is doing well. Happy New Year!!

Unknown said...

Your blog is one of my favorites! Happy New Year!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I love how your sideboard looked like for Christmas, finished or not! I love reading your blog and there definitely was a lot to be inspired by this year. Have a great new year!

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

So glad your sweet momma is doing well! You got more done last year than I did :) Sounds like we both will be painting, fixing our ovens and cutting carrera marble in 2014. Happy New Year! xoxoxo

Unknown said...

It was really a pleasure to visit your blog and see all those fantastic decoration ideas! You have a wonderful house and your style is very beautiful!
My best wishes for 2014!!
Groeten, Vanessa

Beth said...

Wow! Loved seeing all your projects, but now I feel so lazy :). Your Christmas decor is my favourite. Happy 2014!

24 Corners said...

Oh my goodness...I'd say you got more done in 2013 than I've done in three years! Love the picture of your mom with all the weenies...no better healer than lots of puppy loving! So glad she's doing well.
Your paintings are absolutely darling!
All the best with your 2014 list...xo J~

sheri said...

Thanks for pulling all of these pin-worthy pictures together in one post!!! I'm so glad you did, because as much as I try to check your blog every day, it's been a crazy year and I see I've missed some fabulous stuff!!!

Happy 2014!!!