Sunday, September 30, 2012

Open House Sunday

Bridgehampton, New York
I wish I had a photo of the outside of this home...but alas...I do not.
But it's gorgeous on the inside.
It was designed by
What's not to love in that photo?
Love the board and batten painted different colors. Didn't think I'd like that...but 
I do because it's subtle.
Love that hall table with the marble top.
Very industrial table and I'm not sure what that chandelier is but I like it.
Love the wall of glass front cabinets.
Yes, there is a lot of grey in this home and it's lovely.
I don't know if that is a window or a mirror at the end of the hall.
What do you think? It sure looks good.
Love this room. Light and bright and perfect for by the sea.
Amazing wingback chair.
I really adore this room.
All those windows are great and the colors but you know what I realized 
made me really love this room?....that little bit of purple on the table.
That tiny shot of purple brings life to this room.
Shows how important a little bit of flowers can be.
Here we are in the kitchen.
Wow! That big display case is amazing in this space.
A perfect place to put all your dishes and serving ware.
What do you think about those lights?
Amazing, aren't they?
What a great big kitchen! 
I like the hardware on the cabinets.
There are really some great ideas in this home. 
That wall of what I guess is old steel industrial windows...really adds character.
Looks like the opposite one is filled with old cloudy mirror.
What a great collection of miniature ships on the wall.
Ok, I really love this. I know I say I love a lot but a mirror in front 
of a window is something you'd think you should not do but 
it works here so well.
Serene bedroom with a view.
Not sure which room this is....this is all they showed of it.
I sure would like to see the rest.
And a dramatic powder room.
Isn't that mirror perfect in this spot?

I can just imagine a sea captain living here.
It's nautical without any clichéd choices.


vintage girl at heart said...

I hated it at first then when I looked at it element wise and not overall I really loved some of the pieces. Especially the industrial ones. The kitchen was my faved overall room too. Thanks for showing us and making me think outside of my ordinary!
Enjoy another day of rain and cooler weather with your fur babies...yay!

Pam @ Frippery said...

Totally dreamy. I love every inch, when can I move in?

An Urban Cottage said...

I...LOVE...EVERY...LAST...THING. There's some great inspiration here for me. I think I'm going to paint the inside of my front door and sidelights a dark gray like that. Everything is so handsome.

Unknown said...

I have to agree with Vintage Girl at Heart, I loved some of the ideas and elements but all together it was a little cold for me but I would not turn down a personal tour of the home. Love the mirror over the window and the windows around the staircase.

Diane said...

Too gray.

Cindi Myers said...

I would think that because I love grey, that I would love this but...
I don't.
Just too much.
And I could hardly concentrate on each photo because I felt like the heavy ceilings were weighing down on me. I just feel like it's bad Feng Shui or something. I don't think I couldn't breathe in that house.
Personally, I need more WHITE and more color.
But to each his own! Thanks for showing something different!
:D - Cindi