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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Doily Table Runner

A Sad Story
Confession...I really don't care for table runners very much.
I don't know why but...when I started seeing table runners made from vintage doilies online -
Well, I changed my mind. I wanted one of these runners.
Alas....I was stupid and didn't buy doilies every time I saw them over the past 20 years.
I didn't have a collection of them available.
I thought...it will take me quite awhile to amass the collection of doilies I need to make a fabulous runner.
Then, one day late last spring, I went to a small flea market in Norman.
My sister was selling jewelry there and I mainly went to visit with her.
I made the rounds of all the booths and there was one booth selling vintage linens.
It was not a fancy booth...it was mostly junk.
But there was one whole table full of vintage doilies.
The guy at the booth said 25 - 50 cents each!
I got like 30 doilies that day to make my runner. Lots of styles and sizes...much like those seen
in the photo above.

I was thrilled to walk out of there with a bag full for $10.
What a great day!
I'd soon make my runner.

Flash forward to about a month ago.
One day I think..."Hey, I think I'll make that runner today."
"Where are those doilies, anyway?"

I'd brought them home in a plastic grocery sack. 
That is what the flea market vendor had put them in.

I could not find them anywhere!
They are gone. Normally, I would have stuck them somewhere for safe keeping.
But life got busy and I must have forgotten.

I really think I threw them away one day when cleaning house.
One day I was sacking up junk mail and anything that I didn't need in the kitchen and or
breakfast nook and I'm almost positive I accidentally threw them away!

So disappointing.

Anyway when Donna at Funky Junk asked everyone to link up their table runners I immediately
thought about my runner that is never to be so I'm linking up
the inspirations of what it could have been if I hadn't been so careless.

Boo hoo...

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Unknown said...

Oh I hate when you accidentally through something away! I have a pile of doilies that I have been collecting for a while, but they are yet to be made into anything- soon I promise soon!

Sharon Rexroad's Bringing Creativity 2 Life said...

I used to incorporate lots of doilies into my quilts (even writing a book on them back in the day), so I live these images. And I feel for you -- I always put things away in a "very logical place" and then months later when I go to find it, the logic has alluded me!

20 North Ora said...

How sad!! I know you must have felt so bad. I try to put stuff in a place where I will remember where I put it - BUT, it doesn't work. I spend half my time looking for something I know I have. Sign of something, but I forgot what.


Unknown said...

Oh no!!! What a shame. I hope you get to try it another time. They are fun to design. I did one for my mother's day table.


Happy Fall!

Brenda Pruitt said...

Nita, we all do that stuff. And kick ourselves for awhile. Alas, life goes on...

Stacey said...

More than once I've thrown something away accidentally. Other times, I've thought maybe I did that and then the item turns up. Maybe the bag is being overlooked because you are so used to seeing it there??

Cindy said...

Oh Nita, that is a very sad story, I have done that before though. So sorry. If you will give me your address I will send you a few to get started with!
Hugs, Cindy

Carol@6WilsonBlog.com said...

UH!!! Don't you hate that kind of disappointment? So sorry, Nita. I've done that and the hurt from kicking myself doesn't go away quick. But, that said, there will be something new and beautiful to create in your future. I'm not a doily person or a runner person. But I must say these images are great. And I think they would look lovely as a "snowflake" runner on a white Christmas/winter table.

Cindi Myers said...

This makes me laugh! Sorry! :D
But it's because I can relate so much to it. Not the part about throwing it away but the part about not doing it, except in my head. I wait so long that I change my mind and what to do some other project.
Actually I think you are on to something..a virtual reality of what would be if you had the time.
They are pretty though. I'm not usually a big fan of doilies, but these have a nice modern twist to them.
:D - Cindi

Deserae said...

I have a habit of accidentally tossing things out too! I hate it when that happens!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that you come across some beautiful doilies once again so you can create your beautiful table runner :o)

Beach House Living said...

You are not alone in the tossing of things accidentally.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Oh that's too bad...but it has happened to all of us. My husband has even thrown our garage door opener away...accidently. Maybe you will find them...you never know!~Patti

Pam @ Frippery said...

Maybe they will turn up as a little surprise. I have done things like that before. Too busy to put something away immediately and then I never see it again. Today I was getting the tiller out of the garage and discovered a box full of stuff I bought at an estate sale this past spring! See there is still hope. If not maybe you will come across a boxful of doilies at a garage sale this fall. Crossing fingers. Lovely inspiration pictures.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Darn it all! That is the saddest story ever. So sorry for your loss... :)Try again though because your inspiration pictures are really beautiful...so pretty that I think I want to try to make one too! I will try to remember to take them out of the grocery sack though...and put them someplace safe. Really...it sounds like something I could have done...thanks for sharing your sad story! :)

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

That really is such a sad story. I'm pretty sure that I did the same thing with a gorgeous set of aqua pearl-handled flatware that I had just bought at Big Lots. You probably remember them, maybe 3 years ago? Yes, one of your favorite colors. Ugh. And when we were first married, I had taken one each of three pairs of shoes to the mall, in a little bag, to match a dress for the holiday party. Well, you can see where this is going. Maurie threw the bag out and I was left with 3 left shoes, of my favorite, nicest, most expensive pairs. It wasn't a fun party :(
So glad we can all commiserate together!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the pics even though you weren't able to make one yourself. That is a lovely table runner! I've not seen that idea yet and I have a stash of doilies that need to be used. You have such lovely ideas, I always enjoy visiting your blog.