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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mod Mix Monday # 68

Industrial Stool Craze
I'm crazy for industrial stools like this....aren't you?
I want one for my kitchen.
Hope to find an old one. I'm amazed at the price they are going for on Ebay.
These old stools that no one used to want...are all the rage and have been for
quite some time.

I like the variety of stools mixed in this kitchen and look at that industrial island too.

I posted the other day about the industrial stool we got in at Pier 1.
I think it's pretty nice but at over $80...I'll keep looking for an old one.
Although this price is better than all the other new ones I've seen so maybe when we have
a barstool sale....I'll get it.

Anyway....I keep showing it to customers at Pier 1 and they are NOT impressed.
They look at me like I am joking when I suggest it for their kitchens.

I guess they don't frequent design blogs.

There were so many great things in last week's 
Mod Mix Monday that it was hard for me to only pick a few....
but pick a few or rather a handful I did.

Sorry this post is going up so late....I don't know what happened.
I was working on it last night and all of a sudden got very sleepy.
Then today I had to rush out the door and so it is just now going up.

Please don't give up on me. I do love this party.

My favorites....
Andrea of Opulent Cottage set up this pretty fall table scape.
That crazy quilt is amazing and those are Pier 1 lanterns on the table. 
I like that basket tray thing. 
I can't resist Betsy Speert's powder room that has gone to the dogs.
This mirror embellished with a dog head is so fun.
Hmmmm....I need to collect dog statues instead of dogs.
Never thought of that.
The Style Sisters set up a Country and Western Tablescape that is part Ralph Lauren 
and part Audrey Hepburn with great success. 
I love the aqua and pink mixed with the rustic brown.
The napkin rings they fashioned are super great too!
Sherry of The Charm of Home has decided to decorate for fall without
spending any extra money. Well...I'd say this is a total success.
Whoever would have thought a license plate could look so decorative?
Denise of Bella Dreams painted an old kitchen cart bright white and added it to 
her bathroom. I think the red cross just makes this.
Isn't it cute?
Go over to Denise's blog, she has a big Barn Sale coming up in the month of 
October that sounds like it will be such fun! 
I know I'll be there.
Michelle of Hello Lovely Inc. shared her little side table which is actually an industrial stool.
See how this whole post came back around to the original subject matter?
And you thought I was random.
Well, I love the color of this stool in her living room.
The whole living room is ultra chic.
I adore that lamp too. Love the super romantic mixed with the industrial.
That's a great pillow too, isn't it?

I'm finishing up a painting here for a client and soon will get to my fall decorating myself.
I have big plans for my Halloween decor.

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New and old together...
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Shannon Fox said...

Hi Nita! I am totally laughing about you trying to get people to envision the stools as kitchen seating!

"They don't frequent design blogs." hehehe

Thanks for hosting my dear :)

PS-You are not late, it's STILL Monday ;)

Betsy Speert said...

Nita, you are a woman of great taste, since you featured my entry!!!!!
Even if you didn't like the panels in my dining room.....

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

That's so awesome that you like the tray, it was my first EVER purchase at Pottery Barn when they opened here in 1995 or 96. I was so excited, because we had nothing back then. I still remember it was 6.95 on sale. Why I didn't have the presence of mind then to know that it could have been a charger, I'll never know :) I could have started the trend! Thanks for the feature, I'm glad you like the table!
xo, Andrea

melissa @ daisymaebelle.com said...

You keep talking! They will come around and realize the beauty of the industrial seating! Thanks for hosting! Life to the full, Melissa

michele said...

ooooooh thank you for this nod, beautiful blogger!

my little dollar stool has a fan club now!

smiles to you!


The Charm of Home said...

Thanks again for featuring me! I love the industrial stools!! I don't think my boys could tear those up. Must go to the next school auction! Thanks for hosting!

Unknown said...

Thanks Nita! As always happy to be here linkin:). I love Michelle's style too, great side table! Jen

Tara Dillard said...

Dumpster Diving over a decade ago I pulled one of those great metal industrial stools.

Super for propping a targeted sprinkler in the garden.

Has sat for years near the compost bin to hold my weed bucket.

Now it's in the garage holding the pitcher used for getting feed.

With it's current rise in value it will still be used as needed, though with a smile at the new price it could brink.

Of course dumpster diving is FREE.

More than free I enjoy its incredibly sexy lines. Function, aesthetics from a group of design people it wasn't expected from for a utilitarian object.

Sometimes in spring or fall I bring it inside to the screen door for the cats to sit on and enjoy the day.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Kathryn Ferguson Griffin said...

Thank you for hosting! Wishing you a grand week. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

SwedishCorner ~ DownUnder...Pernilla said...

Adore the industrial look! It's really popular in Europe too.
Thanks for hosting, Nita.
Greetings from Oz

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Hello Nita: Thank you so much for hosting the party today. I love the industrial stools you showed us in this post, as well as all the lovely features. Take care, and have a wonderful week!

Amy Chalmers said...

I totally get what you are dealing with...working at your store and suggesting items you KNOW are hot (at least in blogland) yet some people are still a decade behind. Its the same for me, yet thankfully people are way more in touch in my city store than my suburban store...I love using the little stool as a table, I have a great one right now in my shop. I adore BEtsys dog collection and when I was in that bathroom I noticed her dog mirror and asked her~did it come that way?? Leave it to her to make something look real but still be classically whimsical.

Unknown said...

Hi Nita,
I just linked up my DIY Linen Pumpkin Post but realized my "Not Bad For 10 Bucks" post didn't link the picture, oops, not sure what I did wrond but thanks for hosting!Jen

Unknown said...

Hi Nita,
Sorry just linked up your site, sorry for the delay:). I know I was going to do the white linen too! Jen

Cindi Myers said...

Great picks as always.
Especially the Hello Lovely Inc.
Love her style.
I have an "industrial stool" that has a small back to it. It was my dad's stool that he sat on while working in his workshop. It's on the patio right now with a plant on it. It's very cool... because it was my dad's. If I were you, I'd keep looking and get something with a history rather than something mass produced. More character.
XOXO - Cindi

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Thanks so much for hosting each week!


24 Corners said...

Love the bar stools! We need some desperately...we only have one and it's too short so everyone looks about 3yrs old when the're sitting at the bar...kind of funny, but we still need some new ones! You've got me motivated to start thehunt up again.
xo J~