Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Painted Home

Scrumptious Color
and lots of it!
You just want to eat these rooms up with a spoon.
All of these images from this book -
The Painted Home by Dena
Next design book I'll be buying.
Of course I love the yellow and pink.
precious bathroom walls
This room is my favorite.

Have a Very Pretty Saturday!
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WendyMcLeodMacKnight said...

Oh I die for that powder room! And the chairs!!!!!

Cindi Myers said...

My favorite is that first photo.
Might be because of the white and the dog of course! :D
Yes, this truly looks like YOU!
Love it.

Stacey said...

The colors are definitely eye catching. I think I'd like that book. :)

Thehouseofhampton said...

Such happy colors. I wonder how it would be to live in a home like that? You would never have a bad day! So cheery.

bj said...

love love love all cheery and pretty.
Happy Pinks

Chrissie said...

Beautiful, happy rooms. I love them all!

Unknown said...

Every room is prettier than the last! Oh how I love color. Thanks for sharing Nita, Patti said...

LOVE LOVE it all...the yellow & pink made me so happy just to look at it! But yes, the last photo is THE room. Divine!
Thanks for sharing,

Ricki Treleaven said...

I have this book, and I've some of the projects in it. I love the painted lampshade...I painted one!


Tricia said...

Such beautiful rooms! I would never be brave enough to use that much color, but I sure love to look at it! Happy PS!

Patti Willey said...

Very fun! Id'e be so happy to sit anywhere in those rooms! Feet up and a good book!

Scribbler said...

Oh boy -- I just ordered this book, and I cannot wait for it to get here.

Wait till you see the chairs I have painted! I will be posting them this week.

Cindy said...

Those rooms are perfectly adorable! I love the colours used and the furniture, too. It is your style, isn't it, it looks like you. I noticed in the last image that the window coverings look like an old chenille bedspread.
I used chenille for a while on my guest room windows. Very vintage look, and what a wonderful book.
Hugs, Cindy

Sharon Rexroad's Bringing Creativity 2 Life said...

Such joyful rooms! Thanks, Nita, for sharing them!

Rasonda @ East Conolly Cottage said...

LOVE all those gorgeous colors! So fun and refreshing!

Unknown said...

I am loving these photos....just had to pin them! I am your newest follower!