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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Open House Sunday

Decorating in Wild Abandon!
built 1926
This tudor cottage is the home of an interior designer.
I'm in love with the home from first site of the landscaping.
Inside is a wild cottage mix of colors and textures.
Many wonderful things in this home.
Perhaps too many wonderful things but lots to look at.
I believe the fireplace is tiled in a mosaic of broken china.
color and pattern abound
glasses in jewel colors fill the shelves of the built in bar
Amazing Italian glass chandelier highlights the bits of turquoise in the room.
Many colorful carpets fill this home.
I've never thought about hanging a painting in a window but it works here.
more brick a brack
The person that decorated this home is not afraid of anything it seems.
It's wild abandon in decorating!
Love the marble counters mixed with hand painted cabinets.
The cabinets certainly look old world but appliances are certainly new. 
Colorful carpets even in here.
Love the old log used as a mantel on this fireplace.
Love the beadboard ceiling too.
Why not a little zebra up the stairs?
This fireplace is very unusual.
Many things in this home, I've never seen before.
Even the bathroom has atmosphere with those sconces over the tub.
The touches of red are nice.
A child's room under the eaves.
Another pretty bedroom in what used to be attic space.
Interesting screen behind the bed.
Another embellished bath
I love the choice of pillows used on this outside bench.
A patio full of fun outside.
I'm crazy for those pagoda umbrellas.
You can get them at Pier 1.
A precious garden
What do you think of this cottage?
It is over the top...isn't it?
It's too much for me to live in but I guarantee I'd like the person that designed it and lives here.
There is fun in it's decor. 
I love the wide variety of items in this place.
I'm sure she must be interesting.

see full listing here

Have a Happy Sunday!


Cindi Myers said...

......OK, first I will say something positive.
The outside is very pretty.

The inside is a nightmare to ME.
Maybe others like it but I could hardly breathe looking at it that I can only imagine how I'd feel actually inside that house.
I think there is so MUCH stuff that nothing is special. There's just too many distracting things.
So....kinda hate it actually.
But motivating for me, I think I will go take some stuff of my walls and go donate it.
As always, Thanks for this Sunday Open House!
xoxo - Cindi

Thehouseofhampton said...

That house looks like it has some amazing bones! No stone left unturned to say the least! I noticed some amazing treasures collected over time. I would really like to see the home empty, and once again when the new owner moves in.

paperjunk-lc said...

It might be over the top and cluttered to some but it makes me want to meet the owner. I'm sure she has great stories behind all those collections. I couldn't live with it day to day but it would be a fascinating to visit.


The house itself and grownds are gorgeous...the inside is too crowded for my taste, specially the first fire place, it looks like a gipsy sale display of many, many things! Very wild decor indeed, I might not hire this decorator, lol.. Thanks for sharing, it was fun to see it.

Nita Stacy said...

Yes, it's too much. Lots of pretty things but too much of it! Still I had to show it. I do love the landscape.

Kit said...

Wow! this house is incredible. My first thought was, oh no, she just got it all decorated and now she wants to sell? I hope she isn't leaving and doesn't want too. Yes, it is a bit much, but I so prefer it to bland white walls and a picture over the couch from KMart. :) Thanks! Kit

ANNE said...

I love the gardens and the exterior and the bones of the house. It's beautiful in it's own way but too much going on for me to feel comfortable. I could not relax in that decor, it makes me antsy!

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Wowza! I couldn't live like that but I am fascinated by it. You could style several homes with all the stuff they have! Many, many beautiful things and lots of inspiration here. Definintely a very special house.

My Little Bungalow said...

Oh my, I wouldn't want to dust and clean that house! It's not my taste, but it sure isn't cookie-cutter design either. Instead it's very personal to the owner, who I agree would be interesting to meet.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the rest of the crowd, I love the exterior and the house itself. It seems quite large. I actually kind of like the kitchen, it looks like a gypsy caravan with the painted cupboards and the carpets (this would never work in my kitchen, because I'm a sloppy cook with a number of dogs, but I like the way it looks in the picture). I love the pagoda umbrella too! I think I might have to wander off to Pier 1 and see if I can rustle one up. I don't so much feel it's too cluttered, as that it's too cluttered with too many conflicting styles. I like some surprises in a decor, but so many different styles and colors all thrown in together makes it hard to see anything, it's like looking for a loved one in a huge crowd. Also, I'm not a fan of the modern style of some of the work that's been done.
(I like your interiors better!!!)
However, it's clearly something that someone had a HEAP of fun with, and I totally agree with another comment that it's a huge improvement over white walls and a mass produced landscape over the couch in a cheap frame. The place has a ton of personality, and I gotta love that! Thanks for sharing it! (stunned at the price! Wow!!).

Diane said...

This house looks like a fairy tale cottage from the outside. I love all the landscaping and the colorful flowers. I was expecting something special inside and it is so overly decorated and cluttered that you lose sight of the decor. Your eyes have nowhere to focus, it is so busy! I agree with you that they decorated with wild abandon! You can't appreciate the home for what it truly is because of all the stuff! I think the front of the home and the outdoor area in back are quite lovely though! I'll have to check out the listing.

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

For me... the inside is way to busy, but the outside I adore.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

I think my eyes hurt and my head is spinning! WOW! now that is too much to look out. They will have to find the right buyer that can imagine those things out of there and streamlined..WOW again

"Create Beauty" said...

I LOVE the outside of this house and the landscaping, it looks like a FAIRY HOUSE!!!!

~ Violet

Sonia said...

Wow! Now that is some decorating..a little too much for my interior taste..but lots of great color and pretties. The exterior is fabulous...the landscaping just perfect. Great open house!
Miss Bloomers

Donna said...

I’m really glad you featured this house. It is definitely over the top but loaded with personality. It’s evident that the owner has a passion for beautiful things and has placed them with great care. What struck me most about this house is the fearless use of color. Notice the room with the tangerine walls, brown chesterfield sofa, vibrant turquoise oriental carpet which pulls the color of the chandelier in the adjacent eating area and the artwork. Wowser! Not for the faint of heart. Also, the landscape is adorable but the colorful flowers and orange umbrella really make it pop.
I would love to meet the owner because anyone who paints walls tangerine, has zebra print carpet on their stairs and has a well-stocked bar with jewel tone glass wear must be a lot of fun.
Bottom line: definitely would not want to clean it but fun to look.

srpprcrftr said...

As usual I am being too practical, my first thought was "who has to clean all that"? It was pretty claustrophobic to me but quite interesting. It would take awhile to look to see everything in every room.
Bet she doesn't do her own packing, whoa what a job that would be. Love the outside, landscaping, back yard.
The person whom owns this place sure isn't afraid of color. I absolutely love that turqouise chandy, wow. Fun to look at though, thanks for sharing.

CeCe said...

Well, I will just ditto the first commentor... UGH... I cannot imagine having this person as an interior designer....Your Open House Sundays, are my favorite posts! Thanks much for this.....Like others..love the outside...would just have to stay outside! :)

CeCe said...

Well, I will just ditto the first commentor... UGH... I cannot imagine having this person as an interior designer....Your Open House Sundays, are my favorite posts! Thanks much for this.....Like others..love the outside...would just have to stay outside! :)

Unknown said...

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Ricki Treleaven said...

I would like to see what she's done with some of her clients' homes. I like a lot of what she's done to her home, but I'd probably hate to dust her home. That's probably why I don't have as much displayed because I'm lazy when it comes to dusting!

I love those pagoda umbrellas. We bought the aqua colored one last year from Pier 1. :D


Laurel Stephens said...

I love that zebra runner up the stairs!

LivingVintage said...

Oh, this house makes my head hurt.