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Friday, June 21, 2013

July Fourth Decor

Independence Day Decorating
Fourth of July will be here before you know it and it's time to figure out how you'll 
decorate for it. These are some of my favorite ideas I've pinned.
That one above is just classic....hydrangeas, white furniture and an old flag.
It can't get any better than that.
This one - equally as great. 
A red wagon, red and white sacks stuffed with blue hydrangeas.
Super simple and super pretty.
Get out the blue and white china and hang a banner.
Red, white and blue flowers fill a window box dressed with bunting.
Cute pillows. They are the flag and then they aren't but they ARE patriotic!
How about a red, white and blue margarita? 
I think this sounds like the perfect drink for the day.

Don't feel like making anything?
Pier 1 has some awfully cute Fourth of July decorations this year...here are just a few.
Giant firecrackers. The biggest one stands three feet tall. 
Here's a table all dressed up in Pier 1 Fourth of July stuff.

There is also a clump of tabletop firecrackers....

And a table top rocket!

All of this perfect for setting a bang up picnic for the 4th.

In dog news....
The other night all the dogs ran out of the house.
It was about midnight and Franklin immediately grabbed something round and furry in the yard and started shaking it.

At first I thought it was one of Sally's stuffed toys.
She's been leaving them lying around everywhere including outside.

But I went over to see what it was and discovered it was a baby possum.

I yelled, "Drop it!" and he did.
I picked Franklin up and told all the other dogs to go in the house, which they did.
They only did this because they didn't realize there was a possum and I don't think
Franklin really knew what he had.

He was not anxious to get back to it.

So I put them in the house and went to check the possum.
There was no blood...but he was lying very still with his eyes open and mouth open panting.
He was wet around the middle but I didn't see blood.

I decided to go water my flower beds out front and come back later to deal with it.
After about 30 minutes of watering I went back to the spot where the possum had been 
and he was no longer there.
I'm hoping he was just stunned and after I left, got up and went back to wherever he lives.

The dogs came out and sniffed all around but couldn't find him.
Thank goodness.

I was just thankful I didn't have to deal with a dead possum.


Rasonda @ East Conolly Cottage said...

Love all the festive decor... possums often played dead as a defense mechanism so hopefully he was just faking ;)

Ricki Treleaven said...

Love the Independence Day inspiration! :D I would love to make a banner like that. So festive!


Sonia said...

Beautiful 4th decorations! I love the holiday and red white and blue! Wow that Pier one table is great! Your little possum is kinda of cute...our dogs got a hold of a squirrel and we weren't sure if it was just stunned so we put in it a sheltered area and when we went back to check on it thankfully it was gone too. Enjoy your weekend!
Miss Bloomers

Unknown said...

Gosh..I keep seeing 4th of july on the blogs and just can't believe it's already here!! This year seems to have flown by!Love your photos here!

Amy Chalmers said...

HI Nita, I love the dog adventures. Boy they are well trained. Sounds like he ran off and was fine. Colin told me that a possum wandered into his lovely college house apartment.. the boys all herded the thing outside. I got two huge vintage flags at the auction two weeks ago and put them in the boston shop.Justin hung them up they look so great. I love flags at the 4th of july and you had some great ideas with your pics here.

Cindi Myers said...

Yes, I agree with the others, sounds like he was "playing possum".
I've heard that they have wicked teeth so I'm glad to hear that neither you or Franklin got hurt.
I like the 4th of July decorations!
Adore that little wagon and would love one of those margaritas. :D
Years ago I had a little white picket fence around my front yard and I attached little flags on each post only to come home to find someone had broken every single one off!

Unknown said...

He was playing possum. And it worked. There is never a dull moment with dogs in your life. Love the patriotic decorations.