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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Open House Sunday

Tudor in Edgmere Park
built 1928
This home is in my neighborhood. 
It was picked as yard of the month for June and I'll be back later in the week to talk about the yard but 
the night I went to take photos of the yard, I also snapped some of the inside to share.
It was getting late and I was losing light but I hope you can see how fabulous this little cottage is on the inside.
You come in the front door to stairs. Unusual for a home in my neighborhood most of our cottages 
are one story. Or at least were originally one story but not this one.
This home is full of original art as the owner is a metal sculptor and 
has bought and traded for lots of art with fellow artists.
The living room has a balcony over it.
The original iron railings are very attractive.
The fireplace is rough brick. I think the original mantel has been removed. 
This home sat empty for years and years.
The owners moved out but did not want to sell it.
It sat in disrepair inhabited by raccoons and cats!
The new owners Sharon and Randy had wanted to live in Edgemere Park for a long time.
They had kept an eye on this house for years trying to buy it from the owners.
But they did not want to sell.
Finally, they agreed and Randy and Sharon bought it without ever being inside. 
They are still contemplating what to do with the fireplace...so for now, they are ignoring it.
That coffee table was made by Randy from an old door.
I love this built in bookcase in the living room.
Sharon and Randy have great style.
The home is filled with lots of mid century pieces.
Many arched topped doorways and doors in the home.
This is very unusual. I've never seen arched doors in one of the houses in the neighborhood before.
Front doors, yes...inside doors, no.
Mid century flavor in the dining room.
The french doors are original to the home and lead to the quaint backyard.
This backyard was a huge mess when they moved in and they are still working on it.
Very Mad Men
All the curtains in the home are large expanses of linen.
Many times just attached to the wall with nails.
The kitchen is fantastic. It's small but so nice.
I missed getting a photo of the whole space unfortunately.
It is small. I love the original niche above the stove.
Carrara marble for countertops.
The far wall is a plate wall...I meant to get a photo of but I was shooting around people and forgot to go back. 
Don't you love that marble?
The ceiling is covered in old lath from a wall they repaired in the home. 
Randy decided it would be nice on the ceiling of the kitchen.
It was then white washed.
Just off the kitchen is a small room used as a breakfast bar slash pantry.
These shelves cover one wall in there.
Another cute original niche.
Here is the storage missing in the kitchen. 
But it's just around the corner from the kitchen.
This zinc sink was found in the basement. 

I'll be back later in the week to share the yard of this home.
Randy is a landscape architect and this house has a yard of native plants and grasses.
It's drought tolerant and easy maintenance.

Have a Happy Father's Day!

I wish I still had my Dad but today I'm just grateful for what a wonderful one I had.
I wish he'd lived the long life he should have lived.
But...he lived a great life...a good life and is remembered as being the best Dad...
the best husband, best son and friend anyone could want.

I try to remember that this day and not dwell on the fact that he is gone.

Hug your Daddies for me!


Cindi Myers said...

Very Artsy house.
Love it.
So originally and modern.
Adore that niche above the stove.
I wonder if I could cut one into my wall!?

(thinking of you today. and I love what you've written about your Dad. Reminds my of a Dr. Seuss saying -
Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

www.mysoulfulhome.com said...

The houses in your hood are so similar to my house. It is fun for me to see what other people do with the style/architecture. I have the same arched doors & my staircase, while less ornate is much like this one. My house is a two story & it door opens to a small foyer & the stairs. Can't wait to check out the garden.
On another note, my girls & I are still debating over which Emmett photos to send you!
And do focus on the time you had with your dad...

KellyMellyBoBellyBananaFanna said...

fabulous house. i envy is collections and love how he reused so many pieces.

vintage girl at heart said...

LOVE the zinc sink of course and the window treatments are so simple and luxurious at the same time!!!
Love that they are bringing the house back to being a home too. The original details are so sweet! Love the light hanging in the loft area. did he make it?? I also LOVE that rough brick fireplace area. I would keep it like that. And the repurposed ceiling!WOW!! Thanks for the eye candy!
Also what a wonderful tribute to your Dad! I think remembering him is the best way to Honor him and I am sure he is smiling today.

Ricki Treleaven said...

I miss my dad, too, but I'll hug my husband. He is the daddy that any little girl would want. He is so good to our girls!

This is such a cute cottage. I love the dining room! I can't wait 'til you post about the front yard. I gasped when I saw it!


Sonia said...

What a great house! Of course I love the front yard and can't wait to see what they have done in the back! So much detail and character...thanks for sharing.
I miss my Dad too...always a hard day to get through, thinking of him and the great times we had. Hope you are enjoying your fond memories of your Dad!
Miss Bloomers

My Little Bungalow said...

Cute house. I love the arched doorways/steps up into other rooms, the marble counter in the kitchen and the Wassily chair in the living room! The house next door to us had been vacant for 5 years with raccoons living in it. A lovely young couple bought the house last month and have been working to clear out the overgrown back yard and other improvements. We are so glad to have them as neighbors. We were getting worried because the house was a foreclosure.

Dewena said...

This is a lovely house, beginning with that fabulous front garden. So many unique original features and I love the mid-century style inside. It's like a house out of a magazine.

Rebecca said...

Oh, that zinc sink! (I really, REALLY like these interior tours....and can't WAIT to hear/see more about the yard of this fabulous property!)

Cindy said...

That is a very sweet house, Nita, I love every inch of it! The Carrera marble in the kitchen certainly belongs there and that sink! I love it!
The rails are lovely as well as the floors.
I look forward to seeing more of the beautiful gardens.
Hugs, Cindy

Diane said...

What a lovely tudor style home. Love the marble and all the other special features. I love the original details of these older homes, they are so charming. I wish my Dad was still with us as well, but special memories hold him forever close.

Melissa said...

I could day dream about living there all day...

Unknown said...

I was directed to your blog today for several reasons (one being a link party that generates lots of traffic)and I discovered you are from Oklahoma. WOW! I am an OKC blogger as well! I have really made an effort to find other bloggers in the area and I haven't been very successful. I am so happy to have found you. :) I was a Mesta Park girl for many years so I was immediately drawn to the house in Edgmere.

Linked up this week and I am following on all fronts.

Amanda @ www.mommyiscoocoo.com