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Monday, March 25, 2013

Mod Mix Monday #94

Mod Vintage Work Table
I thought this room was a craft room at first...but then I looked closer and it's possibly a kitchen!
There is a sink and looks like refrigeration.
Food...dishes...whatever it is...it's wonderful.
I love the boxes on the wall serving as shelves and I usually don't care for shadow boxes
but these as usable shelves?

Thanks to all of you for advice on the hugging situation.
I had to go into work tonight and set up new displays and the hugger 
was there.
Oh! She didn't want to hug me tonight! 
She made no move to do so at all!
What! Afraid I might make you sick?
I told her I was pretty sure I'd caught it from her but she just laughed.

I am REALLY sick tonight!
I have had a sore throat for five days now!
It really hurts when I sneeze which is often.
Usually, I think a cold runs its coarse in seven days.
But this is day five and I feel worse by far!

Oh...well...I'll live. maybe

Here is what struck me as genius from last week's Mod Mix Monday.
There were so many good things that I'm going to pick my favorite general things today
and then later in the week pick my favorite Easter links up.

Rita of Suburb's Mama showed off her newly redone bedroom.
Wow! This bed is amazing! 
I love all of it but the thing that really stopped me was the capiz shells attached to the ceiling fan.
That fan is so much more attractive because os them.
I do hate the way ceiling fans look...but I'm addicted to the one in my bedroom.
I think I might need to do this also.
Oh...had to also share Rita's (Suburb's Mama) pretty gold and milk glass accessories.
A little paint made these super chic!
Tricia of Little Cottage on the Pond was inspired by a Ballard Design bed.
She and her husband made their own complete with a little perched bird.
Kelly of Groovy Green Designs decoupaged this little desk and painted it.
I love the whole effect of it.
Well, it definitely affects me?
Leslie at Paper Daisy Designs transformed this sewing table with a little Milk Paint. 
It has just the right amount of chippiness now. But I'm also loving her little 
pinwheel folded things on the wall. They are very cute, aren't they?
Rachel of Maison de Pax painted this dresser with Milk Paint.
I love the way this turned out.
Lovely shade of red. 

I'll be back with Easter favorites from this party and I'll share my own Easter dining table.
If I can ever have the strength to finish it.
I will.... I will...

Also I got some Milk Paint and am going to paint my shutters in the dining room with it.
Can't wait to do this!

Share your Mod Mixes for this week below.
Remember anything old made over to be new...anything new changed up to look old.
New and old together...
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Use a permalink to your individual post not to your entire blog.

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Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Thanks so much for hosting!!
Wishing you and yours a very happy Easter!!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I couldn't get my link for Silver Leaf Doors to work. If you delete it I'll try again. You will want to do these doors for your bathroom, they are crazy. I'm very impressed with your creativity. Thanks for hosting.

Thanks Sette Design

Melissa@daisymaebelle.com said...

So sorry that you are feeling bad! Hope you are better soon! Thanks for hosting us! Life to the full, Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

It's sure no fun to feel sick when you have to work. Hope you're better soon. That decoupage desk is amazing! Gonna have to go take a closer look at it. Thanks for hosting, Nita.

Unknown said...

Nita, your features are amazing! Yes, the bed is so inviting but that ceiling fan!!!!

Thanks so much for hosting...I've linked up and now I'm off to look at what the others have been up to. :)

Scribbler said...

Go to the doctor1 You might have strep!

Thanks for doing the party, and give that hugger woman a punch in the nose.


Oh Nita, such great features to get inspired! Thank you for hosting and hope you feel better this Easter coming week.

Unknown said...

Thanks for hosting! I'm following along :)

Cottage and Broome said...

Nita, hope you are feeling better, it is never fun to be sick. I love the look of that kitchen too non traditional but, great. Posting on last summer's garden, can't wait to get back in the garden. If a garden post is not in keeping with your theme by all means delete. But I think I've posted garden here before. Thanks for hosting, Laura

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Hi Nita; hope you are feeling somewhat better now and soon kick the cold you have. Thank you for hosting and may sun shine on your week.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Oh my...I LOVE that bedroom that you featured. Thanks for hosting.


Rachel Paxton said...

Thank you so much for hosting and for the feature!! I have really enjoyed your blog.


Denise @ secondtimearoundfinds said...

Thanks for hosting, always look forward to joining in. Have a good week. Enjoyed the features this week.

Cindi Myers said...

Great picks as always.
I'm blown away by that headboard!
I LOVE your first photo...and although I fantasize about white subway tile and marble countertops, this looks more like my real kitchen. (paintbrushes in the dish-drainer and paintings drying on cupcake pans on the stove!)oh well, I do love that photo though because it makes me smile.
Hey, please take care of yourself and get well!

Sweet Auburn Life said...

Hope you're feeling better soon Nita. Maybe yo have to get worse to get better!? I felt worse yesterday than Saturday but better today! On the upside, at least it kept the hugger away!!

One More Time Events said...

Very Nice features. Nita I loved your mantel so much I featured you...thank you so much for sharing.

Shannon Fox said...

Hi Nita! Thanks for the MMM party girl. Always such pretty features and I so enjoy your inspiration photos. You find THE best stuff!

Hugs to you and the weenies ;)

Donna-s Lair said...

Strep throat! Daughter had it last week. First diagnosed as throat virus, then since still sick ...strep. First culture was negative. You REALLY need to get a culture run!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Drink thyme herbal tea... It helps with sore thoat! Also, drinking lemon juice in which you add honey and hot water wroks wonder! Hope you'll feel better soon.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for hosting Nita, have a wonderful Easter!!

xo, Tanya

Cindy said...

New to the party at your blog! I too am in southern Cal and had that dreaded cold. After 3 weeks I can say I'm on the mend. Hang in there... I did take some antibiotics along with other over the counter stuff. Everyone seems to be getting the crud. Can't wait for the next Mod Mix to share here.