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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Flowers

I stayed up late last night doing some Easter decorating.
I did this and I did my mantel.
My goal was to use what I had on hand to do all my Easter decorating.
But I got the mantel all done and it just needed a new rabbit.
None of what I had would do.

So I won't show it till I go buy a new rabbit.
But I'm sharing my pretty spring flowers.
That watering can is special to me.
My Dad brought it to my house one day and said,
"Here, I thought you'd want this."
I don't know where it came from but he knew that I would want it.
That is just one of the things I loved about my Dad...he knew what I liked.
One time he made me earrings and a ring out of old typewriter keys and 
surprised me with them.
Loved those!
This whole thing is all about using what you have.
I bought that nest at Christmas on clearance and it had snow on it...I painted the snow green and 
painted the eggs blue and added a little spanish moss.
Now it's a spring nest.
I love robin's egg blue...don't you?
After I put this together last night...I decided it needed some height.
I brought a small tree limb from the yard and hot glued some silk flowers to it.
Instant....spring stems! 
Forsythia stems would have been lovely in this...but that would have required financial output.
And I was not going to do that.
I just finished painting the frame on this chalkboard.
I was very excited to find this chalkboard at a big price reduction after Christmas at Pier 1.
It was way cheaper than what it would have cost me in materials to make one.

So I painted the frame and then the other night I went to write on it with chalk 
and chalk will not write on it!
It's very smooth and shiny. I think you are suppose to use something else on it.
Anyone have any ideas?

I may end up repainting the board in chalk paint that I have here.
So much for just needing to paint the frame and it being done.

I've been listening to my Songbird's of Spring CD this afternoon.
(I'm really hip)
It really did seem like Spring today. It was so pretty out.

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Debra@CommonGround said...

so pretty, Nita, those branches make it perfect!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's beautiful and the perfect touch is the carrots! Happy Spring!

Stacey said...

That's just beautiful Nita. :)

Denise Marie said...

That is so gorgeous! I have a watering can I could dust off & fix up. tfs!

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Such an inspiring post-the watering can is amazing and such a perfect vessel for your flowers, I am a new follower!


Debby said...

Those pictures are just beautiful. I wouldn't know why you couldn't write. They say to prime it first by covering it with chalk then wiping it off. Not sure if it would let you. But I love it all just the way you have it.

srpprcrftr said...

Very pretty, love all the great stuff you put on your arrangement. I'm sure envious of your awesome watering can.
It would be special to me also if my Dad had given it to me. Was your Dad crafty/artistic? My Dad was, an oil painter.
Some blooming forsythia branches would have been great but what you did is even better, you made it prettier with your talent.
Happy Days gal.

Patricia said...

Love your blog!

Here's the solution to your chalkboard problem: take a piece of chalk, hold it sideways, and cover your entire board with it, then wipe it off. You may need to do this several times. It'll work fine after that!

Anonymous said...

Those spring flowers are lovely.

Sweet Woodruff said...

Birds nest and branches are my favorites.

Unknown said...

Your father sounds like he was very special. I love the watering can too and I have one very much like it. I really use mine to water but it may get a break from its regular duties so I can do an arrangement in it. I can't wait to see your mantle.

Amy Chalmers said...

So pretty~just the watering can is a triumph!! I collect those and have a half dozen. Maybe I can do something with one of them like this. I wish I could have you come out and make my stores look springy!!! I have to get out my easter stuff~I plan to have the kids for dinner. First I will put away the christmas tree stand, good idea huh?

Dewena said...

I've never seen an old watering can that shape. I love it and I know what it means to you, coming from your father. I' so glad you emphasized using what you have, improvising, refurbishing. But I hope the perfect rabbit finds you for it!

Cindy said...

Your flower arrangement is really beautiful! I love spring flowers best, I think. It looks very striking in front of the black board, I won't say chalk board, as it seems that it isn't one? Perhaps you are meant to use a white marker of some sort on it. Who knows?!
Have a beautiful weekend, my friend.
Love and hugs, Cindy

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Looooove this! I might bring my watering cans inside for spring again this year. I love your sweet story about your dad too, I'm sure he's smiling down right now :)

Sweet Auburn Life said...

Just love this! Really great job, love when it costs nothing! Glueing the flowers to the branch is really clever. I brought in a branch covered in blossoms last year, looked great but I spend the whole of Easter sweeping the floor!
Lovely story bout your Dad...

Sonia said...

Hi Nita!

Wasn't it like a summer day today!? I got out and cleaned one flower bed..not much progress but a start! Your spring vignette is adorable and so pretty with that nest and tulips! I love the watering can especially since it was from your Dad! The branch looks like it has real flowers...so great when we use what we already have in new ways!
Enjoy the weekend!
Miss Bloomers

Happy Kitchen. said...


Greetings from Poland :)

Shannon Fox said...

Completely charming Nita! Looks like a little mag vignette ;) Love. Hope your weekend is happy - Shannon

Roeshel said...

Beautiful, Nita! Looks like you're all set for spring. Me too...if only the weather would cooperate. Have a great week!

RobinfromCA said...

That arrangement is just beautiful! I love to tuck bird's nests into my spring arrangements as well but mine never look as nice as yours!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Robin Johnson said...

Your arrangment is so pretty and it looks amazing how you've decorated around it. So stylish.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

SOOO pretty!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Happy to feature you at the party this morning! Thanks so much for joining us NIta!

Pamela said...

Just beautiful Anita! Thanx for partying at my place!

chateau chic said...

This really speaks of spring!! Fresh, pastel colors, and light. Just perfect!
Mary Alice

The Charm of Home said...

Gorgeous! Love it Nita!

Donna Wilkes said...

A truly lovely floral arrangement - perfect to get one in the spring mood.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Simply awesome!
I like it!
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