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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mod Mix Monday #14

Easy and Pretty
I love the casual prettiness of this room. 
Oh...that tub! 
Whew! I finally managed to post without it being sad.
I'm thinking about redoing my bedroom. It's a very bad mess.
Why is it that our sanctuary is the last room we decorate in our homes?
I have pretty furniture but have been living or rather sleeping with dirty toothpaste mint green walls 
from the previous owner. 
Have I really lived here seven years now with a hideous bedroom?
So....I'm going to try to work a bit on it today.
But, things are all topsy turvy in my life...so this room makeover may take awhile.

I know I am super late with Mod Mix Monday.
But I'm doing good to do at all.

Now on to what I thought was super great from two weeks ago's Mod Mix Monday.
I really appreciate each and every one of you that link up.
I look at each one although of late I have not had time to comment, but know I do view all of them.
I can not resist this fabulous piece from
I don't know that I've ever seen a buffet quite like this one.
It's so feminine! I'd like to have this sitting behind my sofa I think as a sofa table.
Penny at
placed together two antique English pedestal tables to create a nice long entry table.
What a great idea...and it's perfect in the space.
Very pretty stencil wall from
I'd paint that mirror white. And I bet she will....
she was still playing with the arrangement when she posted.
Great stencil pattern in a great color.
Janet's stack of vintage suitcases and phonograph at
I love her little cottage so much. 
If I could ever get a grip on my love of pastels....my house would look just like her's.
But alas....I cannot.
And finally, Nancy at
fixed an ugly husband situation.
She turned a not attractive change jar into this highly decorative demijohn.
It's no longer an eye sore but a lovely addition to her kitchen.
I love stuff like that.
Basically, her whole house is like this.
She recently moved into a not so great house and she is using her ingenuity and elbow grease 
to make it a dream home.

Fall is just about here. 
I can't believe we went from 105 degree days to 75 degree days over night.
My plants in the backyard instantly perked up.
My impatiens started blooming again after two months of nothing.

I have to say I am very happy for this summer to end. 
I had so looked forward to it and it just turned out so awful that I am happy to see it go 
whereas I normally would be melancholic about it.

Ok, on to this week....I've missed a lot in Blogland the last two weeks.
Help me catch up and post your Mod Mixes this week.
Remember to link to the actual post not your whole blog.

I want to see anything new mixed with something old.
Antique and Modern side by side.
Something old made to be new or something new made to look old. 
Vintage and Modern going hand and hand.
I like it that way.


Unknown said...

Thank you Nita!

HollyM said...

I love Nancy's Daily Dish! And, I purchased a lovely piece of transferware from her!

Isn't it wonderful to open the windows today and get that breeze? People who haven't lived in OK and TX (and maybe AZ) this summer have no clue what we've been through. To be even 10 degrees under 100 is a cool wave!

The fires in the hill country of TX are very worrying, though. They are very bad today. Lots of folks losing their homes - - and they were such beautiful homes, too. Keep us in your prayers. You are still in mine. ;)

Nita Stacy said...

Holly M -
I am so glad to see you posting and you aren't anonymous any more! I have greatly appreciated your comments the last few days. I wanted to email you...but emails go to no reply on your comments. So you don't have it where I can. I hope you come back and read.

We had fires all around last week and I wasn't really aware of it. A building burned down not far from me...which scared me. It happened one night late when I was off to the hospital and now I could not tell you what night it was. Thank goodness the fire dept kept it from spreading.

I will be thinking of all those in danger of losing their homes. This has just been the worst summer. We are used to a few weeks or even a month of 100 plus but this year was just unbelievable. My plants had barely started growing good when they got hit with the scorching heat. So I didn't have the lush days we usually get before the heat wave comes. But just a couple of days of cool weather and they have sprung to life.

Nancy's Daily Dish said...

Hi Nita,

I just sent you another email...sorry!

Thank you for featuring my demijohn.

I too, am so glad to see Summer go. Holly is right, I don't think many people who aren't in TX, OK have been hit with the heat and drought like we have. This summer has been downright miserable! A few days ago when it was still in the 90's it was welcomed. Yesterday and today have been so very beautiful! I have the windows opened today to let some fresh air in and it feels so nice!

Thanks again for the sweet feature!



Amy Chalmers said...

HI Nita, thanks for hosting! glad to see you here. I grabbed a button to show the Mod Mix feature, but could only find the one that says I am loved at Mod Mix...which I know I am! But am I missing the linky button?

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Nita, thought I'd share my 80's chandy update, thanks for hosting, hope you're having a good weekend!
xo Debra

Karena said...

Nita you are not alone in being glad that summer is over! Onward and upward!

Be sure to join my Fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce!!


Art by Karena

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Hi Nita~ I linked up today- a new bedskirt made into a tablecloth with vintage china and silver.... hope that works!! If not- no worries about deleting. I have been thinking of you much lately... sending you hugs and love.
Thank you for hosting!

Ricki Treleaven said...

Super features, Nita! i agree with you....I can't give up pastels, either! But Janet's house is drop dead gorgeous. Thanks for hosting Mod Mix Monday!


Connie said...

So thrilled to find you back. I've missed you.
We share that love of pretty pastels along with white. That's one of the things that makes your home so pretty.

Every day is going to get better so look to the future. God's word says that His mercies are new every morning.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Nita...A bedroom redo project sounds like the perfect thing for you right now! I know it will be fabulous when it is done! ~Hugs, Patti

LeAnn said...

Hi Nita,
Glad to see you are finding your way back:) Stop by and see my mod makeover!!

HollyM said...

Nita, I'm no longer at my previous email address. You can reach me anytime at hollym1959@gmail.com.

Anonymous said...

Nita, I'm glad you found enough strength to post. Although I am very new to your blog, your story touched me, and I've worried about your heartache.

I totally get your comment about our sanctuaries being the last room we decorate. I swore that would not be me when we bought this house seven years ago, and guess what? The master bedroom is a total disaster! I may have to devote all of 2012 to it.

Thanks for the inspiration and all you put into your blog.

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Hey Nita. Catching up on your blog today. My heart is so heavy after reading all you are enduring. But kuddos to you for finding courage to keep being strong and coming right back to blogging. I've been struggling with motivation to blog after taking such a long hiatus but miss my friends terribly. It truly is an encouraging place to be. Hoping to return this week. Think of you often and pray for you much. Love and hugs, Tammy

Cindy said...

What a pretty image that you posted! It looks like it is in a lovely old home, and what a great bathtub!
You always have such wonderful entries to your party. I shall go enjoy them now!
Glad to see you posting again, dear friend.
Love and hugs, Cindy

very merry vintage style said...

All linked up! Thanks for hosting--

Cindi Myers said...

I'm so happy to see this post!
Glad that you are coming back to all of us who adore and care for you!
I like the idea of the tub. I could knock down a wall and I would have my clawfoot tub in plain view...but the potty would be just feet away...eeeeew! LOL!
I love all your picks, everyone is SO talented. The Gardeners Cottage is my dream home. I sit and stare at her kitchen. She has in down to perfection. Totally my style!
Someday I will get something finished around HERE and link it up, in the meantime I'll just enjoy everyone else's amazing homes.
XOXO - Cindi